Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2506 (Charlie Wade)


Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2506 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2506

    Aurous Hill police immediately reported this situation to the higher-level department and asked the higher-level department to investigate and deal with it severely.

    At this moment, Lord Banks, who was exhausted, just fell asleep.

    A rapid knock on the door awakened him from his dream.

    “Master! Master!

    Something has happened !” It was the chief butler of the Bank family who yelled outside the door.

    Lord Banks opened his eyes suddenly and sat up from the bed.

    At this time, his heart was very nervous, because everything that happened today was almost completely out of control for him, so that even his son was still missing, so he was afraid that he would suddenly have some other bad news.

    He got up in a hurry, put on a nightgown, stepped to the door and opened it.

    Outside the door, the butler’s face was pale, and his face was covered with fine beads of sweat. It could be seen that he was in a state of high tension and fear.

    Lord Banks shook his heart, watching the posture of the butler, knowing that something very serious must have happened.

    So, he hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter?!”

    The butler said without tears, “Master just a few minutes ago, someone on the short video platform suddenly posted a video. This video was taken by John Garrett and Young Master “

    “What?!” When

Lord Banks heard that the video was of John Garrett and his second son James, he was panicked!

    Both John Garrett and James are missing, and there is no valuable clue yet.

    When a video related to the two of them is exposed on the Internet, then this is definitely not easy!

    So he hurriedly asked: “What video?! Let me see it!”

    The butler tremblingly took out his mobile phone, opened the short video platform, and played the video that had been close to 100 million clicks.

    As soon as he saw the scene of the car accident, Lord Banks panicked!

    When John Garrett said in front of the camera that it was when Lord Banks wanted to kill Deana, Lord Banks’s face was as pale as paper!

    His mood has been somewhat out of control, warble and roared: “This in the end is who shot who shot me I will kill him kill his family?!?!!!”

    The butler hesitated, said: “Sir, you You will

    continue to look back. ” Lord Banks swallowed his saliva subconsciously and continued to look back.

    At this time, John Garrett pushed  Zara’s death to Lord Banks’s head in front of the camera.

    Lord Banks was furious instantly!

    “What nonsense is John Garrett talking about?! When did I want to kill Zara?! This bastard! I have raised him for so many years, and he betrayed me! I must smash him into pieces!”

    “More! The person in the video must be the one who is against me behind the scenes, and I will find him no matter what, and kill him soon!”

    The butler said, “Master, the second son is also in the hands of this mysterious man!”

    As soon as the voice fell, the video was switched to James’s part.

    James in the picture is so miserable.

    He is a fifty-year-old middle-aged fat man who was stripped of his body with only a pair of pants left, his body was poured over with cold water, and his head was still covered with ice ball.

    And his expression is full of fear and pleading, there is no slightest aura of the second son of the Bank family, it is completely a middle-aged iron waste.

    Lord Banks couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.

    After all, he was his own son, and after the eldest son was abandoned by himself, the second son became the best candidate for heir in his mind.

    Seeing him being tortured in this way, Lord Banks naturally felt a sense of affection.

    However, when James in the video spoke, Lord Banks’s distress for him disappeared without a trace!

    After a while, his whole person was almost like an erupting active volcano, roaring 

furiously: “This beast! He sold his father for glory!


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