Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2513 (Charlie Wade)


Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2513 (Charlie Wade)
Chapter 2513

At this moment, Lord Banks has completely lost his position. It is true because of this that his needs start to vary, and even slightly jump out. In the dark, he felt that the master behind this incident might be the super master who rescued Fits and Zara in Japan. But the housekeepers seem to forget. He euphemently said: “Master, the eldest daughter I met in Japan has not yet confirmed her identity. We do not even know if he is Chinese or Chinese living in Japan. ” ” Also, Kyoto and Aurous Hill are thousands of miles apart. In the vast crowd, how can the two people overlap so coincidentally. Despite this opportunity, the chances are very low … ” Lord Banks shook his head and said earnestly,” The basis of my judgment is not right, but the feeling! “:” Aurous Hill, a secret person, gave me such a powerful feeling. I have only experienced this feeling before. “The last time I felt was after hearing about the deeds of the super master in Japan! ” ” That guy can easily kill many top Japanese ninjas. It only takes one person to fight in hand-to-hand combat without being injured. I have never heard of this kind of teacher in such a long time! ” ” Heard of many duels between Chinese and Japanese teachers, but most of them were won by Chinese teachers. To be honest, I have never heard of a I Sino-Japanese Master Confrontation. Victory without injury. Even if Bruce Lee faces a Western master, it is impossible to guarantee that he will win unscathed. Once the opponent can be unharmed, he will prove that his strength is geometrically ahead of the opponent! ” ” In other words, this mysterious person can be unharmed with one enemy and seven, so it’s not a problem to be scared of one enemy. Even if the number of competitors doubles, it may still pay some price. victory! ” ” One person killed 14 top ninjas. How many people do you think there are in the world ?! The killer fell into a trance. After a long time, he nodded seriously and said, “Master, you are right… He can kill seven Japanese ninjas safely, so his maximum limit is far from seven. If you count it this way, this human power is unprecedented… ” Lord Banks said: Take James under the nose of more than 20 owners of the Bank family. I’ve never even heard of this toughness.” “So, the man behind the scenes feels like a mysterious master of Japan.” “Two mysterious people who don’t know who they are can give me the same feeling. . So you need to connect the two! ” Sir Banks said firmly about this.” The connection between these two mysterious people is that not only are they the same, but that they have completely overlapping clues! ” butler is in a hurry” Master, what is the clue?! Lord Banks Spit two words cold: “Know the fish!”

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