Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2514 (Charlie Wade)


Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2514 (Charlie Wade)
Chapter 2514

The butler looked terrified and blurted out: “You mean, the mysterious master saved the older woman last time in Japan, this time at Aurous Hill, or saved the oldest woman ?! ” “Wrong!” Lord Banks nodded and blurted: “I feel that way! I always feel she’s dead! If she is truly alive, the person who rescued her must be in Japan. The mystery man once saved her! ” The housekeeper asked in surprise:” Sir, if the man behind the Aurous Hill this time is the mysterious man in Japan, I understand that he is saving the eldest. women. What was his intention to kidnap his second son? “The Lord Banks opened their mouths and said,” Knock James, Is there any possibility to avenge Zara and his wife? After all, James goes to Aurous Hill on behalf of the Bank family to deal with this issue, and naturally the easiest thing is for him to act on. Butler hesitated. “Why is that mysterious person so good for Miss ? Not only did he save her twice, but to help her get out? Lord Banks said sadly, “I can’t tell you that. If my guess is true, this time I took a really stinky action… ” As he said, Roadbanks sighed and said to himself. I will kill me I will not kill Deana. After all, she was Zaras’ mother. She killed. If Zara is alive, she will not forgive me for this life…” Soon, Lord Bankss’s expression became very annoyed, and he said painfully: “If my guess is wrong, Then this mysterious person had the opportunity to meet my bank family! How can it grow to where it is today! ” The butler hurriedly asked: “Master, if this is the case, is there still room for recovery?” ” “Recover? “Lord Banks wrinkled his old face into wrinkles. A ball said angrily: “How can I recover now?” I expelled her father and killed her mother again. What’s more nonsense, James and the damn John Garrett, I also threw Zaras black pot on my head. How did Zara forgive me? He does not want my life, I burn incense … ” The man thought for a moment, and quickly said:” Master, I have an idea, I do not know if it is possible. … ” Lord The merchants hastily said,” Say it! ” ! On the one hand, you should apologize to him and explain to that you did it to Deana in order to protect the reputation of the family. For the older woman, simply someone who wants to plant and blame Here you are! On the other hand, if you let him come back and keep sitting in his previous job, you are tantamount to taking a step back and showing him good. ” Lord Bankss’s expression immediately became very strange. The cupbearer continued at this time: “Sir, if your estimate is correct, and as long as the old woman is alive, so should her mother. You expelled the eldest son to Australia before, and today you drove the oldest son out. Family, this is almost the crime of all four members of the grandson’s family … ” As he said, he remembered something, and added urgently: ” Oh, yes, and Xion! still missing, if this mysterious person is actually Aurous Hill, then Xion could probably return it. Survive, maybe even next to him … ” ” So it looks like, sir, what you are ashamed of is their family of five … ” ” So, The most important thing for you now, Dad, is to hit them one by one and try to save them one by one. As long as there is someone in the family of four and someone is speaking up for you, you have the chance to break the game rather than end up! Lord Banks was silent for a long time. He understands what steward means. He knew he had offended his eldest son Zaynes family too much. If Zayne is called back to Eastcliff, confesses to him, and resumes his work, then this problem will happen again. .

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