Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2515 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2515 (Charlie Wade) 
Chapter 2515

At this moment, Zayne was talking on the phone with his son Fitz .


Fitz  drove from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill  late at night, but as soon as he arrived in Aurous Hill , he immediately fell into a predicament at a loss.


He came to Aurous Hill  to find the whereabouts of his mother and sister.


 However, the Aurous Hill  police sent thousands of people to search the city for a whole day, and there was no result. 

Fitz  did not know what to do with his own efforts. Where to start.


He originally planned to go back to Thorn’s old house in Aurous Hill  first and ask the old housekeeper for help. In that case, he still has a place to stay.


However, when he thought that he had just offended his grandfather, and his grandfather still let people look for his whereabouts, 

he suddenly felt a little worried.

Therefore, he called Zayne, who was far away in Australia, for help, and 


said to him: “Dad, grandpa knows that grandpa has an old house in Aurous Hill , maybe he has already sent someone there to wait for me to pass. 


If I go to the old housekeeper for help, I may still not come in, and I will be caught by the Bank family…”


Zayne said solemnly, “There is indeed a risk! I think you should be more cautious, don’t contact the old housekeeper yet.”


Fitz  hurriedly asked, “Dad, what should I do now?”

As he said, he couldn’t help feeling a little excited, and choked up and said, “Dad…I don’t know what to do now… Mom and Zara


 are missing, I want to find them. But I don’t have the ability to find them at all, and I don’t even have a helper by my side…I…I…I feel like a complete waste… .”


Zayne sighed and said with relief: “Know your fault, don’t blame yourself too much. This kind

 of thing is far beyond the scope of your control. I would say something bad, even your grandfather can’t grasp the whole thing anymore. Go, how about you?”


Fitz  cried and said, “I don’t want to care about him! I just want to find Mom and Zara as soon as possible, and they must be safe, otherwise, I will never forgive that old thing in my life!”

After that, Fitz  hurriedly said: “Dad! Come back and help me out, Dad! You are not here, I am too limited alone…”


Zayne hesitated for a moment and then said: “Knowledge, you should find a place to stay in Aurous Hill  first, but don’t expose your whereabouts to the outside world.


 I will wait for your grandpa’s movement to see which flag he is going to take next. …..”


In fact, for Zayne, although he had seen the news reports and the videos uploaded by Charlie, and hated Lord Banks, he still did not dare to turn his face with Lord Banks directly.


The reason why he didn’t dare to turn his face was also very simple. It was completely lack of ability.



What’s more, Zayne doesn’t even have the position of the head of the Bank family, and Lord Banks is the real decision maker of the Bank family.


Moreover, modern society is very different from feudal society.


Feudal society can seek to usurp the throne, but in modern society, everything pays attention to the legal system. Almost all the assets of

 the Banks Group are in the name of the father. Even if other shareholders hold the shares of the Banks Group,


 the shares correspond to the vote. The right is completely handed over to the old man.

It is impossible to seize the power of the old man. Even if the old man is killed, the shares in the old man’s name are all listed in the major trust funds



 The rest of the Bank family can only take some living expenses from the trust funds on a regular basis. Take control of the Bank family.



Therefore, even if Zayne knew that the old man was going to kill his wife and would kill his other daughter by the way, he still had the guts to go back to the old man and desperately.


Because as long as he dared to leave Australia without the permission of his father, he might be put under house arrest directly.

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