Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2525 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2525 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2525

Zara’s inspiration suddenly appeared, so that Deana was also stunned.

She nodded approvingly and said: “Since this benefactor wants to properly settle us and strictly guard the secret that we are still alive, then he will not just casually place us in a hotel that has nothing to do with it… ..”

“Besides, he has sent so many people at the door, it’s probably like you said, this hotel is his property.”

“Even if it’s not, then he should have a deep relationship with this hotel.”

Zara nodded, and ran to the desk in the living room of the suite with some excitement, and opened the drawer in it.

Generally, hotels will put some letter paper for guests to write on their desks, and the name of the hotel will be printed on it.

When he saw the words “Aurous Hill  Buckingham Palace Hotel” above the letter paper, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “Mom! The hotel we are in is called Buckingham Palace.

 I remember, Buckingham Palace seems to be the property of the Wade family?”

Deana was horrified at once: “Buckingham Palace?! Could it be…Is it really him…”

Originally, Deana had also thought about whether the benefactor in his daughter’s mouth was Bruce’s son.

But she also overturned her own guess. After all, Bruce’s son had been missing in the early years, and he had never returned to the Wade family.

 It is unlikely that a fallen young master who has fallen outside has such a powerful ability.

But now, when she heard that the hotel she was in was Buckingham Palace, she immediately began to doubt it again.

Here, Zara saw her mother in shock, and even said a “him”, so he subconsciously asked: “Mom, do you know what? Who are you talking about?”

Deana came back to his senses, and said with a complicated expression: “Actually, the Wade family also has a son who has been missing for many years…”

Zara suddenly realized and blurted out: “Mom, what you said should be the son of Uncle Wade’s son?”

Deana counted and nodded, and said frankly: “That’s wrong, it’s him.”

As a woman, Zara knows her mother’s heart very well.

Amazing Son in Law

She knew that her mother had always loved Bruce for so many years. It could be said that she was extremely infatuated with Bruce. 

Even if Bruce had been dead for nearly 20 years, her mother still missed him.

Because of this, the mother came to Aurous Hill  after learning the fact that her father had cheated, and then she was murdered because she wanted to buy Bruce’s former residence.

Deana did not conceal anything from her daughter, so she was not surprised when Zara mentioned it.

Zara asked in surprise, “Mom, didn’t that Uncle Wade’s son disappeared after Uncle Wade’s death? I remember that the Wade family didn’t even find his whereabouts. Why do you think he is the benefactor?”

Deana  nodded and said seriously: “At your old Uncle’s house that day, I saw a boy who looked almost exactly the same as your Uncle Wade when he was young. 

He looked like six or seven years old, older than you. How old are you, about the same age as your brother, and the age is very similar to your Uncle Wade’s son.”

Zara couldn’t help asking: “Could it be a coincidence? After all, there are still many people who look like…”

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