Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2526 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2526 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2526

“No.” Deana said seriously: “If everything is basically just a coincidence, most of it’ll only happen in one dimension.

For example, if you happen to satisfy someone who looks very almost like me, this is often normal.

I accidentally It’s normal to satisfy someone who looks tons like your Uncle Wade…”

When Deana said this, his tone and expression were a touch serious, and he continued: “But, I unexpectedly met this young man in Aurous Hill .

Your Uncle Wade was killed in Aurous Hill that year, and his son also disappeared in Aurous Hill . , So this is often the second coincidence.”

“Also! I met him not only in Aurous Hill , but also at the gate of your Uncle Wade’s former residence! If he has nothing to try to to together with your Uncle Wade, why did he appear there?”

Zara was silent for a flash , nodded, and said seriously: “Mom, i feel your analysis is sensible .

The young man you saw at the gate of Uncle Wade’s former residence is extremely likely to be Uncle Wade’s son… ..”

Speaking of this, Zara’s conversation rotated and said: “Mom, Uncle Wade’s son, if he had disappeared in Aurous Hill that year, he had been in Aurous Hill .

So the one you saw may indeed be Uncle Wade’s son, but Ye Uncle’s son might not be the benefactor! does one have any clear evidence of this?”

Deana shook his head and said, “I do not have any evidence either.

After all, i have never seen the benefactor you mentioned so far .
However, since the benefactor arranged us within the Wade family hotel, Then i think that he must have a deep relationship with the Wade family.”

Zara fell into deep thought, and muttered: “If it’s like what you said, Uncle Wade’s son is that the benefactor, then he has been alone in Aurous Hill for therefore a few years , how can he be helpless? Is there such a robust strength?”

“This… it doesn’t add up at all! A master like this cannot be cultivated even by a top martial arts family.”

“You see that the Elms family is so powerful, and that they cultivated Xion wholeheartedly, but Xon’s strength is tens of thousands of miles faraway from Bien.

The ninjas who kidnapped me in Japan, i assume Xion may be a couple One can barely win, and one-to-two will undoubtedly lose…”

Deana smiled slightly: “I can’t say this, but my instinct tells me that the benefactor you’re trying to find is probably going to be him.”

Zara sighed and said, “But I still don’t understand. If he’s really Uncle Wade’s son, then he should hate the Banks family…

within the anti-Wade alliance, the Banksfamily has been unable to measure with the Wade family for therefore a few years .

How can he save us? Especially my brother and that i , both folks surnamed Banks. To him, we are the youngsters of our enemies… …”

Deana shook his head: “I don’t believe these questions, but i think it’ll be clear sooner or later.

After all, this benefactor won’t ditch us after he rescued us. He settled us here. it’s like having maintained a bond with us. i think it’ll not be long before he will reveal truth face of Lushan!”

Amazing Son in Law

Zara couldn’t help getting a touch excited, and muttered to himself during a low voice: “My benefactor has saved our family of three numerous times.

If I can see him, i will be able to definitely be a cow and a horse in my life to repay his kindness. !”
With that said, in her expression, she couldn’t help showing a touch of the shyness and fascination that the girl had for her sweetheart.

She isn’t responsible .

Any woman who has experienced two life and death junctures, and therefore the same face saved her twice, i’m afraid that she is going to feel good in her heart.

What’s more, after Zara returned from Japan, he has been hooked in to Charlie.

This time, not only saw Charlie, but was also rescued by Charlie, and even Charlie saved her mother with him.

This has completely captured Zara’s proud young girl’s heart.
Deana checked out his daughter in his eyes and couldn’t help thinking of the young man he saw outside the door of Bruce’s former residence.

When I consider him, i can not help but consider the love of my life, Bruce.

For a flash , her eyes suddenly crammed with tears, and she or he sighed in her heart: “Zara, this girl, is afraid that she has already been moved by the benefactor. If she is trying to find a son who is basically long, it’s really fate. …..”

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