Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2527 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2527 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2527


Charlie settled Deana and Zara mother and daughter within the Buckingham Palace Hotel, he didn’t expect that the hotel would reveal his identity to a particular extent.

After he posted the video on the web last night, he didn’t pay much attention to the present matter.

Because he knew that this video would definitely drag Lord Banks and therefore the entire Bank family into the quagmire of the entire people’s crusade.

And he uploaded the video to the short video platform acquired by the Wade family, in order that there’s no got to worry that the Bank family will publicize this video.

Because for the Wade family, regardless of what proportion money they gave, it might be impossible for them to try to to business with Bank’s Group.

Lord Wade would never miss this chance to humiliate and attack the Bank family.

When Clarlie got up within the morning, Claire was still asleep, Charlie got out of bed gently to scrub , and when he came to the primary floor, Elaine was already cooking with crutches.

Although Elaine had broken her leg, she was very active during this era . As long because it was housework within her ability, she didn’t shirk in the least .

At this point , Elaine was watching Video while holding his mobile , while guarding the egg Chinese fried rice within the wok, and under the armpit of his right arm was an aluminum crutches.

Hearing Charlie coming downstairs, she hurriedly recovered, and said joyfully: “Oh my son-in-law, come and see, we’ve something serious in Aurous Hill!”

Charlie had basically guessed what she said after hearing her words what is the matter.

However, he still pretended to be curious and asked: “Mom, what is the matter?”

Elaine said solemnly: “Do you recognize that Eastcliff features a very powerful family? The Bank family!”

Charlie Nodded: “Oh… I’ve heard of it.”

Elaine hurriedly said, “This old man from the Bank family, who is so f*cking puss and bad sh*t, hired someone to kill his daughter-in-law. does one think this person may be a b*stard?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I heard you say that, this old thing named Banks is basically a scumbag!”

“More than that!” Elaine gritted his teeth and said, “It’s punishable by everyone! Now the law It’s civilized, otherwise it’s to be left in feudal society.

“Good son-in-law, does one know? It’s just the executioner employing a knife to scratch him constantly, a bit like a Western-style chef movie on TV. just like the ham, one slice was thinly sliced at a time, and therefore the slices lasted for 3 or five thousand dollars to form him breathless!”

Charlie saw that Elaine was almost crushing his mouthful of teeth, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously. “Mom, why are you so emotional?”

Elaine said annoyedly: “When I f*king read your news, I remembered that b*stard grandma from the beginning!”

“That dead old woman, a bit like this surnamed Banks It’s as bad as a dead old man!”

“Damn, when she was within the prison , does one skills cruel her heart was? The old thing couldn’t walk smoothly. When he hit me, he tried to die, wishing to kill me within the prison . ! “

“! these two old things are so bad for the daughter, is just a pair of popular indignation of b*tches, ”

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