Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2530 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2530 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2530

As he said, Donald Webbb said again: “If the Bank’s Family really fights against Charlie, maybe Charlie can kill Lord Banks by himself.

With his ability, it’ll not be in China to kill all the Bank’s Family one by one.

In my opinion, the rationale why he still kept this old guy alive could be an equivalent as a cat catching a mouse but not eating it.

the most reason isn’t to eat the mouse, but to play with him and torture him.”
Donald’s son couldn’t help but panic.

Seeing him pale, Donald Webbb reminded him sternly: “I will see Master Wade later, and you want to give him enough respect and keep your posture to rock bottom level.

I won’t allow you to talk, don’t say anything. does one understand?!”
Donald’s son nodded hurriedly: “I know Dad…”

The helicopter landed on the roof of the hotel, and Isaac Cameron was already waiting here.

Donald Webbb took his son off the plane, and hurriedly walked to Isaac Cameron, and said respectfully: “Mr. isaac, I should bother you to satisfy him personally. i’m really flattered…”

With that said, he gave Donald’s son a color and said, “Don’t YOU say hello to Mr. Isaac!”

Donald’s son hurriedly said, “HELLO Mr Isaac…”

Isaac Cameron nodded and said: “You two accompany me.

Master is already waiting in my office.”

Donald Webbb hurriedly followed behind Isaac Cameron and came to Isaac Cameron’s office on the highest floor of the hotel.

At this moment, Charlie was standing together with his hand ahead of the glass window of the office.

After Isaac Cameron brought the people in, Donald Webbb hurried forward, progressed , respectfully said: “Hello, Master Wade!”

Donald’s son also learned something, respectfully said: “Charlie is good!”
Charlie nodded slightly and said, “Donald Webbb, does one know why i’m trying to find you today?”

Donald Webbb couldn’t help but shook his head and said: “Master Wade, i actually do not know what you’re trying to find , Master Wade, please tell me.”

Charlie said indifferently: “I saved the Bank’s Family’s eldest daughter-in-law and eldest granddaughter yesterday, then tied the Bank’s Family’s second son James. you ought to have seen this stuff within the news, right?”

Donald Webbb’s body was shocked, and he hurriedly said, “Master Wade, we already know what you said.”

Charlie gave a hum and continued: “Early this morning, Lord Banks, the top of the Bank’s Family, went quietly to southern region.

i assume that he wants to travel to southern region to cover from the limelight this point , but also wants to use southern region as a frontline position to return to Aurous Hill.

Investigate these matters, especially trying to find the whereabouts of his second son.”
Donald Webbb asked hurriedly,

“Master Wade, are you getting to declare war with the Bank’s Family?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Declare war? Declaring war is meaningless.
The Bank’s Family has always liked to play yin, so naturally i will be able to not tell them.”

Webb took a breakthrough on the ocean , clasped his fist and said, “Master Wade, if there’s anything which will be spent or down, please let me know!”

Charlie nodded and said, “There are some things , i actually need your help.”
Donald Webbb hurriedly said, “Master Wade, please tell me.”

Charlie said: “I guess that Lord Banks will take the initiative to contact the large families in southern region this point , including your Webbb family.

They may ask you about things in Aurous Hill, or they’ll throw an peace offering to you.
allow you to become an affiliated family of the Bank’s Family and work for the Bank’s Family.”

Donald Webbb hurriedly stated: “You can rest assured, Mr. Wade, that I, Donald Webbb, will take care of your head and can never have any contact with the Bank’s Family!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Don’t, I just need you to determine contact with the Bank’s Family!”

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