Chapter 1


“The heart rate is only 45, and the patient’s vital signs are weakening.”

“Lower respiratory rate, increase oxygen!”

“Pacemaker ready!”

“No, get ready to inform the family.”

At this time, in the emergency room of the first people’s Hospital of Donghai City, several experts were surrounded by the operating table, looking at the dying patients on the stage, and all of them were sweating.

On the operating table, but Zhu Sandao, Zhu Laozi, is second to none in the East China Sea. He does not dare to say that he covers the sky with one hand, but he also has the right to one side.

If such a big man dies on their operating table, the jobs of these experts will not be wanted.

“What should we do? Acute left heart failure. The patient has dyspnea and cardiogenic shock. We can’t recover at all.”

“Even if it’s too late to have an operation now, it’s too late to miss the golden time, and Hua Tuo can’t be saved alive.”

“Why don’t we have an operation now?”

“No! Now it’s too late to have an operation. Once the operation makes the patient die on the operating table, it’s our medical accident. Who can bear the anger of my family? ”

Several doctors are silent down, are the famous expert level attending doctors in Donghai City, now the disease is helpless.

First of all, this acute left heart failure is a complicated disease, which is difficult to treat. Second, the disease is sudden, and it’s not delivered in time. Third, I wish you are too old. Even an appendectomy is dangerous at this age, let alone a heart operation.

I tried my best.

That’s all I can say.

Even if it’s as expensive as Zhu, there’s no way to deal with life and death.

Several doctors all sighed. Now, they can only hope that their anger will not be involved in them.

Open the door of the operating room, said the doctor.

“Mr. Zhu, we’ve tried our best. I wish the old man no more.”

The man named Zhu Zong is nearly 50 years old. He is Zhu Yong, the second son of Zhu Zong Zi, and Zhu’s real estate manager.

Zhu Yong heard the speech, suddenly angry, a grasp of the doctor’s neck collar.

“What are you talking about! My dad was fine before he went into the operating room! Why not? ”

Doctor Liu was startled and his legs were a little shivering.

“I wish President I wish my father is suffering from acute left heart failure. I really can’t help it. It’s too late. Even if Hua Tuo is alive, he can’t be saved. Please be patient and prepare for the future . ”

“You fart!”

Zhu Yong is very angry. He can’t accept this reality. He just had a meal with his father and had a good conversation. In a twinkling of an eye, in less than two hours, his father fell on the operating table?!

Zhu Yong was a little excited at this time. He turned around and stared at the doctors.

“Who! Who can save my father? I’ll give you as much as you want! ”

Doctor Liu frowned. Although Zhu was not an ordinary person, he was angry.

“I wish you all the best! You don’t have to shout. As for the whole people’s Hospital and even the whole Donghai, Liu Bufan is the head of cardiac surgery department. It’s useless to find someone else for the diseases I can’ t cure. ”

Dr. Liu has made outstanding achievements in cardiac surgery. Even if he looks at the whole city and even the whole province, he is a top professional. It’s no exaggeration for him to say so.

Zhu Yong’s behavior just now made him a little angry. No one can cure Liu Bufan’s patients who have been “sentenced to death”!

Zhu Yong glared, “can no one cure it?”

Voice down, a cold voice came from the end of the corridor.

“I can.”

Although the voice is not big, but it is very penetrating. Looking along the voice, a 20-year-old young man, dressed in plain casual clothes, with a cloth bag slung on his back, came step by step.

The young man is handsome, his hair is a little messy, his eyes are bright, his face is expressionless, but it gives people a sense of unfathomability.

Zhu Yong was stunned for a moment. He thought the young man was familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was.

“What are you talking about?”

Qin Jun went to Zhu Yong, “I said, I can cure.”

Zhu Yong’s eyes brightened, “are you sure?”

Without waiting for Qin Jun to answer, Liu Bufan took the lead.

“Where are you from? How dare you run wild in our hospital! Is this where you can come in? ”

Qin Jun’s clothes and what he said just now make him look like a quack.

Liu Bufan just said that no one can cure Master Zhu’s illness, but he said that he can. Isn’t that to hit him in the face?

Qin Jun did not pay attention to Liu Bufan, but looked at Zhu Yong and said.

“Uncle Zhu, time is running out. I can still have a trace of life if I go in now.”

Uncle Zhu?

Zhu Yong was puzzled that the young man obviously knew him, but he could not remember who he was.Time doesn’t wait. Now that it’s time, it’s hard to say that a dead horse is a living horse doctor. It’s OK to let him have a try.

“Good! You go in! ”

Liu Bufan frowned, “I wish you all the best! It’s not a joke. He’s a little hairy boy. What can he do? No one can cure a disease that Liu Bufan can’t cure. If something happens, I’m not responsible for it! ”

Zhu Yong snorted coldly, “people are dying. What worse result can we have? Get out of the way

Liu Bufan bit his teeth and made way, but his face was very gloomy.

Qin Jun looked at him, light way.

“It’s taboo to practice medicine to be arrogant at night. If you don’t have any skills, you feel like you are the best in the world. It’s really a quack.”

After that, Qin Jun went into the operating room.

Liu Bufan was stunned and didn’t respond for a long time.

“What did he say? He said I was a quack? He’s a kid who does not have hair. How dare he say I’m a quack ?! Son of a bitch

In front of so many people, some people even questioned his medical skills. It’s like looking for death!

“No, you can’t let him fool around. Go in!”

Several doctors rushed into the operating room for fear that something might happen to Qin Jun.

Just entering the operating room, I saw Qin Jun standing beside Mr. Zhu, his right fingers together, and he poked hard.

Two fingers on his right chest.


Donghai people’s hospital is a hospital integrating traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. Several experts present were from traditional Chinese medicine. Seeing ye Bai’s finger, they were shocked.

Is this really a point?

It’s extremely profound to treat diseases by acupoints. Even the old TCM doctors who have been wandering in the rivers and lakes for decades dare not do it easily.

However, at a critical moment, acupoint pressing can save lives, which is one of the most powerful first aid measures of traditional Chinese medicine.

Qin Jun this, wish old man son suddenly snorted.

“What are you doing! Get the hell out of here, this is not the place you can run wild Liu Bufan is furious!

Liu Bufan just finished, the nurse of the narrator suddenly called out.

“Breathing! I wish you a breath


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