Chapter 12


Back home, Zhu Linlin was very happy. After all, they won the bid and got all the pharmaceutical projects of Xuanyuan group. In the future, the development of the company will be better and better.

However, when they arrived at home, all the people of Zhu’s family were waiting for them in the room, and their faces were not good.

In addition to the old man who was still in the hospital, Zhu Sandao, all the people in Zhu’s family gathered together, as if they were going to have a meeting.

As soon as Zhu Linlin came in, all the people glared.

“Zhu Linlin! You are really promising. Look at what you have done

Zhu Ming stares, blushes, has a thick neck, and looks angry.

Zhu Linlin frowned, “what did I do?”

“What have you done? You were seen with Qin Jun in the meeting hall. Now it’s OK. The three families ordered that all the families in Donghai should isolate us. I wish you a happy family

“Now all partners of Zhushi group have terminated their cooperation with us. Do you know how much we have lost?”

“Zhu Linlin, you are so disappointing. I have warned you many times to stay away from him, but you just don’t listen to me. Now it’s OK, it’s affecting our family!”

“What do you want to do now?”

Zhu Linlin frowned. Unexpectedly, the three families were angry at their Zhu family?

Seeing Qin Jun, Zhu Sangu was very angry.

“Qin is so bold that even the young master of Qi family dares to fight him. He is not far away from death. Zhu Linlin, if you want to be a member of my Zhu family, you should stay away from her as soon as possible, or no one will collect your body when you die!”

So many people taught Zhu Linlin a lesson together. Zhu Yong couldn’t listen any more and stood up and frowned.

“What are you doing! It’s all happened. What’s the use of saying that now! ”

Zhu Ming hums coldly, “your father and daughter, bring so big loss to our Zhu family, still don’t allow to say?”

Zhu Yong said, “the three families insist on this, and we have no way. Now we can only find a way to remedy it.”

Zhu Ming said, “remedy? What you said is simple. Now the whole East China Sea is afraid to cooperate with us. How can we remedy it? ”

All of a sudden, Zhu’s family fell into silence.

Originally, I wish my family a prosperous life. As soon as Qin Jun came back, they were targeted like this. Qin Jun is really a bad luck!

Zhu Linlin’s face is as deep as water. She didn’t expect that things would turn out like this.

“Uncle, what do you want to do?”

Zhu Ming snorted coldly, “I heard you won the bid? 4.9 billion projects? It’s all because our Zhushi group didn’t participate in the bidding. You can only get it in the face of Zhujia. ”

“Now we can only cooperate with Meng’s Xuanyuan group. If you give this project to Zhu’s family, you can make up for it.”

Zhu Linlin’s face sank down. The uncle talked hard, but it was for Xuanyuan group’s project.

This uncle is so shameless that he can say such a thing.

Zhu Linlin won the bid. Does it have a dime relationship with Zhu group? Still rely on wish family face? Don’t you know that their father and son have been thrown out?

This project of Xuanyuan group is the future of Zhu Linlin company. Of course, it will not give up.

“Uncle, don’t think about it. I won’t transfer the project of Xuanyuan group to anyone.”

Zhu Ming’s face was gloomy. “Well, well, your father and daughter are really powerful. Now, on behalf of the Zhu family, I announce that from today on, Zhu Yong and Zhu Linlin’s family will be expelled from their homes! ”


Zhu Yong’s face changed, “what qualifications do you have to drive us out of the house?”

Zhu Ming said, “hum! I’m not qualified? I’m the eldest son of my family, and the eldest brother is my father! My father is sick in bed. I am the manager of Zhu’s family. I have the right to decide anything, including whether you go or stay! ”

“If you don’t hand over the project of Xuanyuan group, then your father and daughter, get out of the house!”


Unexpectedly, Zhu Ming went so far as to threaten them to hand over the project.

Zhu Linlin’s face is livid, and his grandfather is not here. It’s too much for him to dare to do so recklessly!

Qin Jun sneered, “Linlin, such wish home, stay also have no meaning.”

“In that case, let’s go.”

The three left Zhu’s home. Before they left, Qin Jun looked back at Zhu’s family and said.

“It’s easy to drive them out. If you want to come back, I want you to kneel down and beg her.”

Zhu Ming snorted coldly, “you have a dream! Out of this door, you can’t go back home again! ”

Qin Jun showed a funny smile and left here with Zhu’s father and daughter.

“Linlin, don’t worry. In a few days, they will ask you to go back.”

With a bitter smile, Zhu Linlin was driven out of the family. How could she come back so easily?

Because of Qin Jun’s relationship, Zhu’s family is isolated. Even if my grandfather comes back, I’m afraid they can’t keep them.Brother Jun is just talking. Please comfort her.

Now Zhu’s family has been targeted by the whole Donghai family. It can be said that there is no place for them. Zhu Ming’s purpose of driving them out of the family is to draw a clear line between them and avoid implicating Zhu’s family.

Zhu Linlin is heartbroken. She devotes herself to Zhu’s family. In business, Zhu’s group is the main group, and her small company is the second.

But even so, in the end, it was the fate of being driven out of the family.

Zhu Linlin looks gloomy.

Zhu Yong patted Qin Jun on the shoulder and said earnestly.

“Don’t worry, Xiaojun. With Zhu Shu, you won’t suffer any losses. If I do some small business, I can support you and Linlin.”

Although it’s all because of Qin Jun, Zhu Yong doesn’t complain about him at all. Instead, he treats him as his own child.

Qin Jun was deeply moved.

“Don’t worry, uncle. I’ll take care of this.”

Zhu Yong and Zhu Linlin are forced to smile a few times, did not put in mind.

Although Qin Jun has a heart, it’s a pity that he doesn’t have the ability.

Back at Qin’s house, looking at the three dog chains still hanging in the yard, Qin Jun remembered.

Three days later, the Tang family has not come to apologize to Aunt Feng.

It seems that there was a lot of blood in that time. The warning was not enough.

Qin Jun asked, “aunt Feng, the people of the Tang family have never been here, have they?”

Aunt Feng nodded, “young master Why don’t you forget it? ”

Qin Jun wants the Tang family to kneel down and apologize to Aunt Feng. This kind of request would not have been fulfilled. Aunt Feng doesn’t care about that. It’s God’s greatest gift that the young master can come back safely.

But for Qin Jun, the Tang family must kneel down.

If the Tang family doesn’t let them pay a price, Qin Jun will learn nothing.

“Aunt Feng, come with me to the Tang family.”

Aunt Feng sighed and could only obey the young master’s orders.


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