I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 111

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter
Chapter 111

“Ah? Stratyer Residence? My God, does Justin’s family have a gold mine? How can they even
afford a house there? | heard that the most cost effective location would cost twenty-five thousand per
square meter, and a house would cost a minimum of six to seven million. and that they would still got to
pay for the remodeling”

“So expensive! My God, Nina. | guess you’d be an upscale housewife after graduation. Not like us,
we still got to search for jabs”

“Stratyer Residence has great transportation, and it’s on the brink of the river. | heard the community
was divided into three ring-areas. The closer to the middle , the costlier . | quess Justin’s
family just bought from the outer area. Rumor has It that the middle area has one among the simplest and
largest houses, and |t cost quite seventy million!”

Upon hearing this, the women were all stunned.
Seventy million was an astronomical number for them.

Nina had thought that to shop for a house in Stratyer Residence was something deserved to point out

But comparing with the mast expensive one, the worth tag of the house of Justin’s family looked
like a price for a dollhouse.

Hearing the girls’ talkings, Ethan sighed,

Realizing nobody was listening to Ethan, he tried to slip away . Ethan didn’t want to
waste longer with them.

Ethan just wanted to urge faraway from them.
He was checking the important estate ads to seek out himself an honest place to measure .

However, Nina had torn the ads into pieces. So Ethan had no information on choosing his

Ethan took a sigh. the sole name he could recall was the Stratyer Residence he overheard from

Ethan remembered that he heard of how great the important estate there was before.
So he decided to see out Stratyer Resident for his own house.

On Ethan’s way back to the dorm, he saw many students were running toward the rehearsal

People were talking.

‘It’s getting to be an honest show! | think it might be the amount one news of Buckeye University this

‘The professar has an affair with a student, and therefore the professor’s wife came to schoal to
fight. this is often epic! | say we are having an excellent show!”

“Shut up. Let’s go. | heard they’ve started the fight. If we do not get there fast, the fight would be
over before we get there!”

They walked past Ethan. one among them dragged Ethan along side them, “Hey, buddy, let’s go and
see the show. you will not be ready to see this in another ten years at Buckeye University!”

Looking at these enthusiastic people, Ethan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “No, I’m
okay. You guys go and celebrate . |… | got to revisit to my dorm.’

Ethan was close to leave, and therefore the quy said with a smile, “You dont want to miss a show like that!
| heard it had been a student from the department of music who had an affair together with her advisor. The girl
is pretty”

The guy’s words got Ethan thinking.

Although he knew that there have been many female students within the department of music at
Buckeye University, Ethan had a sense that it had been Linda they were talking about!

But Ethan didn’t really believe that Linda could become involved in people’s marriages.
And Linda was during a relationship with a senior student already.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldnt help but laugh bitterly. He wanted to travel back to the dorm, but his
legs sald otherwise.

Ethan’s heart was burning with curiosity.

“Maybe just take a look? revisit to the dorm later if nothing serious has happened!” Ethan
thought to himself. He then followed everyone to the rehearsal room.

The rehearsal room wasn’t big. it had been around seventy square meters. Usually, only the people
fram the department of music came here to rehearse.

But thereon day, it had been filled with people.

At least thirty people were stuffed within the raom, and there have been even more people standing within the

Ethan pushed through the gang and heard harsh shouting sounds beginning of the space .
“You sl*t, you think that you’re so young and are available to seduce my husband? You disgust me!”

In the middle of the rehearsal room, a lady in her forties was yelling at a female student in
frant of her.

Ethan remembered that he saw her before he had left campus. She was yelling at her husband

At this moment, Professor Price was awkwardly trying to comfort his wife, and clumsily
explained himself.

“Dant talk nonsense. this is often the varsity . You say things like this here. does one want me to stay
working here? Let’s head home and talk things through.

Professor Price was watching his wife with a red and shameful face. He was angry and

He knew his own wife better than anyone, She wouldnt let things go that easily.
She would need to get someone hurt.

“Now you are feeling shameful. Were you feeling shameful once you were messing around thereupon
sl*t?” the lady pointed at the feminine student ahead of her with a face filled with resentment, “I’m
telling you. you want to give me an evidence today, otherwise, I’ll cause you to suffer!”

“What on earth does one want?” Professor Price asked angrily.

His wife answered, “What do | want? It’s simple. | want her stripped naked and kneel ahead of
me. | want her to kowtow 100 times and say she is guilty and she or he won’t seduce men

anymore, If she will do this , | will let her go.”
The woman’s words got booed by the gang .
What she was asking was way overboard.

It was cruel and inhuman!

Even if the scholar was really having an affair together with her husband, she didn’t deserve a punishment
like that.

Everyone was watching the scholar . She was full of tears.

She raised her head stubbornly and checked out the lady . She said with a furious tone of voice,
“Why would | do that? you’re slandering my name. Why would | be the one to apologize?”

Ethan was stunned by the vaice.

From where Ethan was standing, he could only see Professor Price’s wife.

He couldnt see Linda. Before she spoke, Ethan had no idea the one been humiliated was Linda.
How could this be? How could Linda do that kind of thing?

Ethan didn’t believe Linda was capable of doing such a thing.

He was sure Linda was wronged.

Hearing Linda’s sobbing voice, Ethan lost his mind. He rushed forward sort of a beast.

None of Professor Price, his wife, or Linda noticed Ethan.

Professor Price’s wife was furious after hearing Linda’s words. She slapped Linda.

“You refuse it? You sl*t! 1 acknowledged about you two, and you’re telling me nothing goes on
between you two? What? Should | kneel for you to apologize? Is that it?”

As she spoke, she pulled Linda’s hair and dragged her down on the ground .

Linda Was screaming with pain. She tried to guard her head, but Professor Price’s wife was still
dragging her on the ground .

Professor Price sighed helplessly He wanted to plead for Linda but didn’t dare. After hesitating
for an extended time, he said, “Linda, just say you sorry. you do not want everyone within the school to understand ,
right? Let’s quiet this thing down before everyone believes it’s true”

Hearing this, Linda’s tears began to flow down her face.
Why asked her to apologize for something she didnt da?

Professor Price’s wife was insulting Linda and physically violent to her from the start .
Shouldn’t she the one to apologize?

Linda refused to offer in, but she was desperate. nobody within the crowd stood up to assist her.

But at this moment, she saw a well-known figure rushing out of the gang …

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