I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 112

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter
Chapter 112

“Stop!” Ethan suddenly shouted. He rushed in and pushed Professor Price’s wife faraway from

Ethan yelled angrily, “What are you doing? Why are you pulling her hair?”
Linda was crying.

And that pained Ethan.

Ethan could put up the humiliation and hurt toward himself.

But not those toward Linda.

Seeing Linda been treated like this made Ethan mad.

Even though there was a voice in his head telling him that Linda had nothing to try to to with him

“Who are you? You hurt me! Don’t mess with other people’s business!” the lady yelled at
Ethan angrily, “Why are you asking me? Why don’t you ask that tiny s/*t?”

Ethan ignored her question. He visited help Linda up and his eyes were filled with pity for her.
“Are you all right?” Ethan asked during a trembling voice.

Seeing Ethan, Linda’s emotion flooded through, and tears burst out of her eyes.

Linda had an impulse to throw herself into Ethan’s arms.

But her sanity told her no. Otherwise, all her efforts would be vainly .

Linda had to carry back her emotions.

She had to stay her composure while watching the one she loved watching her amorously in his

“So you guys are together?” Professor Price’s wife yelled again, “Is this your girlfriend? What a
joke! Don’t tell me you only acknowledged she has been cheating on you!”

The woman suddenly burst into sarcastic laughter.

Ethan checked out her with a dark face, “| am her boyfriend, and you’d better watch your tongue.
Linda wont cheat me, and if you still talk like that, | won’t be this nice to me

After finishing his words, Ethan was close to leave with Linda.
However, Professor Price’s wife stopped them.

The woman sized up Ethan and laughed sarcastically. “So she really is your girlfriend. Why are
you still protecting her? You donit know what she’s been doing behind your back? Let me tell you

Ethan didn’t believe a word from this woman. He grabbed Linda’s hand and tried to go away .

But Professor Price’s wife wouldnt hand over . She shouted, “Why are you leaving? You appear as if a
coward, and you’ve got no self-respect. Your girlfriend here is cheating on you, and you’re still
protecting her. does one know she has been seducing my husband? God knows who else is on her

The woman checked out Linda with disdain and said fiercely, “St, How dare you ruin my
farnily, (Il cause you to lose everything!”

Professor Price couldnt stand his wife’s behavior anymore. He pulled her aside and shouted
angrily, “That’s enough, Polly! What on earth are you trying to achieve?”

Polly slapped Professor Price, “What are you saying to me? Greg, did you forget how you get to
where you are? If it werent for my brother’s help, does one think you’ll get pramoted fram a
lecturer to an professor in only a couple of years? You not only aren’t grateful on behalf of me , but you
are dating your own student? And you dare to speak to me like this?”

Polly was furious. She took out her telephone and said, “SI*t, this is often your last chance. Kneel and
apologize to me. | need a hundred kowtows. Otherwise, | will call someone to expel you.”

She smiled and said proudly, “I’m not bluffing. this is often your last warming. just in case you dont know,
my brother is your vice chairman Walton! So believe it!”

People were stunned by Polly’s wards.
Vice President Walton was very likely to be subsequent President.

And everyone in Buckeye University knew how insidiaus Saxon Walton was. Anyone whe got inte
his way, he would confirm to bring that person a miserable end!

From faculties to students, nobody could escape from his schemes.

The one Linda had offended was his younger sister. Saxon was bound to torture Linda the maximum amount as
he could.

Professor Price was petrified to listen to that his wife was getting to contact Saxon.

He knew who Saxon was alright . If Saxon acknowledged about this, every single one who was
Involved would be ruined!

Thinking of this, Professor Price’s head was close to explode.

He had to form sure this incident wouldn’t be heard by his brother-in-law.
Professor Pricé checked out Linda and frowned.

Linda also flinched when she heard Saxon’s name.

She heard about the achievements of this vice chairman .

Rumor had it he had an upscale student expelled simply because the scholar offended him.
Linda had no money or power. She would have a good worse ending.

Linda was extremely panicked.

She didn’t want to be expelled. To send her to school was her parents’ only hope.

No one believed Linda could get into Buckeye University. They were laughing at Linda’s parents
for wasting money on Linda’s education.

Linda used Buckeye University admission letter to defend her parents and to humiliate those
who laughed at her and her parents.

So she couldnt allow herself to be expelled.
It would mean that each one her hard works were wasted, and her parents would be laughed at again.
So for herself and her parent, Linda had to continue studying at Buckeye University,

But how could she bear to be humiliated.

Linda cared about her honor quite her life, and she or he would haven’t any honor when the rumor
that she was having an affair with a husband went out.

And things would be worse once her parents and relatives acknowledged about the rumor.
Linda couldn’t imagine how bad things would be.

She locked at Polly with tears in her eyes, helpless and desperate.

However, Ethan looked very calm.

The moment he heard that Polly was Saxon’s sister, Ethan knew Polly wasnt capable of creating
any trouble.

Ethan had ripped off everything from Saxon. It seemed that Polly hadn’t known about It yet.
So if Polly wanted to call Saxon, Ethan wouldn’t care less.

Saxon had been begging Ethan. Ethan was interested by what Saxon would do when he got

“Now, you’re scared?” Polly checked out Linda and sneered, “Kneel before me then and say you
sorry! otherwise you know the consequence!”

Linda clenched her fists tightly, with a glance of reluctance on her face.
Professor Price leaned over and said to Linda, “Please say you sorry. Let’s not blow the thing up!’

Professor Price knew that to let Linda apologize would mean to acknowledge his wife’s

However, he had no other choice. It wasnt like his wife’s usual suspicion of his having an affair,
which would pass after she acknowledged it had been a misunderstanding.

But if Saxon was involved, it might be a disaster.
His brother-in-law would eat him alive.
He had to settle on the smallest amount harmful option.

Linda was stunned by Professor Price’s suggestion. She questioned him, “Professor Price, what
do you mean? you would like me to apologize for having an affair with you? We are not! How could
you inquire from me to try to to that?”

Linda couldn’t believe Professor Price would say that.
In the face of threats, how could he contribute the towel that easily while Linda was fighting hard?

Linda could never apologize to Polly, which was to her to acknowledge that she was having an
affair with Professor Price.

It would bring another quite disaster to her.
And the strain would be together with her forever regardless of how hard she would attempt to explain.

She would never allow such a thing to happen!

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