I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 113

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter
Chapter 113

“| didn’t ask you to admit that we are having an affair. | just ask you to apologize ta my wife;
Professor Price said harshly.

Linda checked out Professor Price, devasted, ‘| didn’t do anything wrong. What does one want me to
apologize for? If | apologize, it might mean what your wife is saying is real. Is that what you

Professor Price couldn’t answer Linda’s question. He checked out Linda with anger.
‘lf she wants you to apologize, you are doing it! Both folks are going to be over once she calls Saxon Walton’
Professor Price yelled, “Just say you’ll apologize or not!”

Linda wiped off her tears and shook her head, “No, | won’t apologize for things | didn’t do. You
can’t sacrifice my reputation simply because you’re frightened of your wife.’

Professor Price was furious that Linda said those words aloud . to mention he was frightened of his
wife ahead of everyone equaled to humiliate him.

“You…” Professor Price stammered. He was angry that Linda didn’t cooperate.
Right at this moment, someone shouted within the crowd.

‘Mrs. Price, dont waste some time . Call vice chairman Walton! People like her will ruin the
reputation of our university!”

The voice was ear-piercing.
It was Jennifer Campbell who shouted. She was watching Linda with an evil smile on her face.

She continued, “Don’t forget that Linda smashed your guitar! Professor Price mentioned that it
was left by your late father. That sl*t broke the guitar. you cannot let her escape with that!”

Jennifer was trying to form things even harder for Linda.

Hearing her words, Linda’s face turned pale, and Professor Price was stunned.
No one had mentioned the guitar, which was the trigger for everything.

Now that Jennifer brought it up. She was trying to offer Linda hell.

After seeing Ethan getting involved, Jennifer decided to blow the incident as huge as
possible. She wanted to ascertain both Linda and Ethan taking place .

Jennifer had wanted to require revenge on Ethan, and Ethan just handed her over the chance .

After hearing Ethan claimed that he was Linda’s boyfriend, Jennifer’s desire for revenge had

Pally remembered the braken guitar. Her face turned even more gloomy, ‘If it werent for her
reminder, | would have forgotten all about the quitar. You little b*tch, you will not escape with
that! | don’t need your apologies anymore. I’m calling my brother. | want you totally ruined, and |
want you to pay back the cash for the guitar!”

After finishing her words, Polly called Saxon.

Professor Price rushed over to prevent Polly in horror, “Honey, please dont call him. If he knows
about it, | also will be in trouble! does one want to ascertain me lose my job?”

Pally wouldn’t change her mind.

Professor Price was dumbfounded. He turned to seem at Linda angrily and shouted, “What did |
tell you? Now she is making the call! If | lose my job, you’ll be in big trouble!”

Professor Price had lost his mind completely.

It was he who was scared of his wife and couldn’t handle his wife’s crazy behavior. But at this
moment, he blamed everything on Linda and pretended to be a victim!

Hearing his ridiculous and illogical blames, Linda gave up hopes. She was expecting her

At this moment, Ethan stood out. He checked out Professor Price with a sneer and said, “Professor
Price, you and your wife are really something. Did you guys think that Linda was a simple target,
so you’ll bully her and humiliate her as you please?’

Ethan checked out Polly and continued, “You want to call Saxon, then roll in the hay now! do not forget to inform
him Ethan Humphrey is here too. I’m interested by his reaction.’

“You people think that you simply can do anything you would like once you’ve got power. What a grotesque
thought! If you think that Saxon Walton is powerful, call him. | want to ascertain what he can do to mel”

Ethan’s words shocked everyone.

Polly couldn’t believe a student had the gut to mention something like that,

She was even more surprised that Ethan wasn’t scared of Saxon.

Polly was angry at the very fact she was challenged!

She stared at Ethan coldly and said, “I’ll cause you to regret what you only said!”

Polly was getting to dial the number!

She rolled her eyes at Ethan and murmured, “Bluffing ahead of me? I’ll cause you to cry!”
Jennifer was laughing at Ethan’s words.

In her eyes, Ethan’s words were shockingly stupid.

‘Is he crazy?” Jennifer sneered, “If you’re on a martyr operation , don’t cry once you end up
in hell!”

The girls who Jennifer was with chimed in.

“Just hear him! What a moron. await vice chairman Walton’s here. He will skills
stupid he is!”

“Is he a joker? He basically can say any quite bullsh*t! Linda which moron are really a pair!
Would it be interesting if they get expelled together?”

In fact, everyone was laughing at Ethan.
They all thought Ethan was stupid and naive to mention such things,

And even the foremost foolish person could imagine what would happen to Ethan after Vice
President Saxon had heard Ethan’s words.

Vice President Walton probably wouldn’t even punish him under the table. He would kick Ethan
out in the open.

Polly resented Ethan, for she had been pleased with her brother.
But Ethan had just disdained Saxon. No wonder Pally was furious.

She swore to punish Ethan as harshly as she could. Otherwise, she and her brother would lose
respect at Buckeye University.

Thinking of this, Polly dialed Saxon’s number with none hesitation.
After a short time , Saxon picked up the phone. His voice sounded depressed.
He was still worrying about himself.

He knew his younger sister well. Polly had been wayward growing up, and she or he hadn’t changed a
bit. Saxon knew that the call was to ask him to unravel her problem again!

But Saxon did not have extra energy on another persan’s business anymore.

Polly tald Saxon that day’s incident. She then glanced at Ethan and said, “The student said
his name Is Ethan Humphrey, and he said that he was interested by what you’ll do te him! You
cant let him walk off with that!”

Saxon interrupted Polly.
Saxon sounded surprised, “Who are you talking about? Ethan Humphrey?”
Polly was stunned by the question, “Yes, what’s wrong? I’m telling you. He…

Ethan’s name got Saxon excited. At the time that he didnt skills to please Ethan, why his
own sister was provoking Ethan?

Saxon suddenly became angry and shouted, “Shut up! you retain Ethan there. i will be there asap!”

Saxon hung up the phone, grabbed a coat, and rushed to the rehearsal room at Buckeye

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