I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 114

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter 114

Hanging up the phone, Polly smiled proudly, She could tell from the call that Saxon was
angry. Polly thought that Saxon would definitely kick both Ethan and Linda out of the schoal.

However, she could never imagine that Saxon was angry at her!

“You stay right here. My brother is on his thanks to affect youl” Polly smiled and said, “As a
student, you do not know the slightest etiquette. Whatever will happen, you invite it!”

Polly was picturing how Ethan would suffer.

She was sure that Linda and Ethan would have it coming!

‘That’s the result of offending me and my bother!” Polly thought to herself.
Ethan found Polly’s wards very amusing.

He knew that Saxon daren’t to mention something like that.

And he had been fired from Buckeye University.

Ethan smiled at Linda and comforted her, ‘Dont worry, nothing will happen to you.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Linda felt warm in her heart. She wanted such a lot to leap into Ethans
arms. Ethan was here to guard her the instant she needed the foremost .

Linda knew that Ethan wasn’t over her. But it made her feel worse.
“Why haven’t you moved on? Comparing to your future, I’m nothing” Linda thought to herself.

Linda thought that na matter how rich and powerful Ethan’s dad was, Saxon was the Vice
President of the university.

It was probably difficult for Ethan to affect matters within Buckeye University,

What’s worried Linda the foremost was that Ethan might get inte trouble for the involvement.
One thing harder for Linda to ascertain than herself expelled was Ethan was expelled too.
“Please go. It’s none of your business.” Linda frawned and said to Ethan.

Hearing this, Ethan shook his head with no expression on his face. He didn’t say a word.
Ethan knew that Linda would say that.

And Ethan had made up his mind that he wouldn’t leave regardless of what Linda said.

Ethan could easily handle Saxon. albeit he couldnt, Ethan found no reason to go away Linda all by

Maybe they would not be lovers, but as a lover , Ethan wouldn’t leave a lover in need.
This wasn’t what he was.

But Ethan could tell himself that he was over Linda, but he couldn’t lle to his heart.
The moment he saw Linda, there was a desire to guard her that he couldn’t get obviate .
“These two idiots are so into one another . It’s really disgusting!”

Jennifer saw the way Linda and Ethan watching one another and said during a strange tone of vaice,
“Im curious how long they will pretend to be tough. let’s examine what they’re like when Vice
President Walton Is here!”

The other girls fram the Music Club chimed in.

“Yes, | bet they’re going to activate one another when the hell is upon them. If you inquire from me , it’d better if
they get expelled together. | really dont want to ascertain Linda again!”

Jennifer nodded and said, “Don’t worry. they only offended vice chairman Walton, and there is no
way they will keep staying at Buckeye University!”

Jennifer found herself an honest waiting spot.
The rehearsal room was in chaos.

After hearing Ethan’s words, everyone was interested by what would happen when Saxon was

And Saxon was on his way. He lived shortly faraway from the campus, only a few of minutes of

Saxon was panicked.

He hadn’t addressed his own trouble. After Saxon had called everyone he knew throughout his
more than a decade of career, he finally realized how powerful Ethan’s background was.

Of all the peaple he had called,
No one could offer any help.

Saxon was in such trouble, but his younger sister was offending Ethan, Saxon wondered if his
sister was trying to kill him,

Saxon couldnt imagine what he would tell Ethan.

After he arrived on campus, Saxon did not have time to park his car properly, He pulled aver in
front of the bullding where the rehearsal roam was |n and rushed inside.

At this moment, inside and out of doors of the rehearsal room was crammed with people. Everyone was

Some were teasing and laughing.

The crowd suddenly went quiet after seeing Saxon walked in.
They squeezed out a passage for Saxon.

He walked in with a countenance .

Someone shouted, “Vice President Walton is here!”

Everyone turned to seem at him.

And then the gang burst into another round of chaos.

“Here comes the climax of the show. So interesting. How will vice chairman Walton affect

“Its game over for Ethan. Professor Price’s wife will certainly repeat anything Ethan said to Vice
President Walton. vice chairman Walton will explode out of anger!’

As soon as Polly saw Saxon, she immediately smiled brightly. Polly checked out Ethan with
contempt as if saying, ‘I’ll see you burning in hell!”

“Saxon, you’re finally here!’ Polly smiled as she walked toward Saxon.
Professor Price was scared to death, but he had no choice but to follow along.

He had no idea what Saxon would do to him.

Saxon made him Professor Price. So Professor Price was frightened of his wife and inferior to

Moreover, Saxon had punished Professor Price before. So Professor Price knew the result could
only be worse.

Seeing Saxon’s coming, Linda subconsciously clenched her fists as if expecting her own

She peeped at Ethan, only to seek out that he looked ike nothing had happened. Linda was worried
about Ethan.

Linda felt bad about getting Ethan into trouble!

Polly walked up to Saxon. She pointed to Ethan and Linda, “You need to help me. That btch seduces Greg, and | want her to apologize to me. But that bstard jumped bent protect the
b*tch, saying she is his girlfriend. What’s quite people they are? they’re your students, right?
You have to punish them!”

Polly spoke as if she was suffering tons of grievances.

Professor Price tried to elucidate , “Saxon, it is a misunderstanding. She is simply a student. Nothing is
going on between us. I’m telling the truth!”

Professor Price haped that Saxon wouldn’t wrong him as Polly did.
Hearing this, Saxon checked out Polly then Ethan with a sophisticated expression.

Ethan, however, smiled and said, “Vice President Walton, we meet again. Haha, what a
coincidence. She clothed to be your sister. does one believe her words? What does one want to try to to
to me?”

Ethan said during a calm tone of voice. He wanted to question Saxon like that, for he was curlous
what Saxon would say.

Saxon broke call at a chilly sweat and said hastily, “| think… this must be a misunderstanding. How
could | do anything to you? Don’t werry, | will certainly offer you an evidence . Please don’t

Saxon’s words stunned everyone.

Everyone checked out Saxon in disbelief.

Saxon sounded respectful and even apologetic toward Ethan.

“What’s going on?” Some people muttered in surprise, then the gang was in chaos again.

“Saxon, you… what did you say?” Polly asked with a surprised face, “I acknowledged that slt was having an affair with Greg. Why did you say that thereto son of a btch? what is wrong with you?
You are the vice chairman …”

Before Pally could finish, Saxon glared at her and scolded during a low voice, “Shut up. What are you
talking about? Don’t make me shut your mouth!”

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