I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 115

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 115

Chapter 115

Saxon’s words gave everyone another shock!
Everyone was watching Saxon, stunned. This wasn’t who vice chairman Walton was.
Jennifer, who hoped to ascertain Saxon tortured Ethan, was petrified by what she was hearing.

“What the hell goes on? What does vice chairman Walton mean? Shauldnt he expel Linda
and Ethan? What..”

Jennifer couldn’t understand why Saxon was saying that.
Everyone couldn’t help but mention Saxon’s stunning words.
Pally kept rubbing her ears and hoped that she had heard it wrong.

“saxon, what did you say? you would like to shut my mouth?” Polly questioned Saxon in disbelief and
anger, “What does one mean? | asked you to affect that slt which bstard, but you said you
wanted to affect me? Are you crazy?”

Saxon looked anxious when he heard Polly’s words.

In fact, he had been trying to connive at Polly from the instant he walked into the rehearsal room.
However, Polly didn’t concentrate to him and kept behaving in her own horrible way.

Saxon was on the verge of a breakdown. His signal was so obvious, how could Pally not get It?

He was imitated. an individual with sense would catch his drift directly and stop being

“Shut up!” Saxon scalded Polly, “Are you crazy. Bo you recognize where you are? you’re at a faculty ,
not your own kitchen, and it isn’t the place to unravel your personal problem. revisit home now,
and don’t make a fool of yourself!”

Saxon then glared at Professor Price and yelled, “Greg, did you hear me? Take your wife out of

Pally was completely dumbfounded upon hearing Saxon’s words.
Professor Price caught Saxon’s intention. He quickly dragged Polly away.

Professor Price had been surprised to ascertain that Saxon was acting inferior to Ethan. He also
noticed that Saxon kept winking at Polly. So Professor Price understood something had
happened to Saxon.

Saxon ignored Polly and rushed to Ethan with an enormous smile on his face, “I’m sorry. this is often my sister.
It’s all my fault that | didn’t teach her well. Please forgive her…

Ethan interrupted him.

“Forgive her?” Ethan sneered, “How does one want me to try to to that? Since she’s your sister, let’s make
it clear today. Professor Price, please abandoning of your wife!”

Ethan checked out Pally with a strict face, “You’d better explain yourself before you ga!”

Saxon’s face stiffened. He knew that Ethan wouldnt hand over until he need to rock bottom of the

Ethan had seen through Saxon fram the instant he walked into the space . Saxon was trying to
get Polly away then to slight the incident over like nothing had happened.

But what about Polly’s humiliating words to Linda?

The humiliation was directly pointed at Linda. Ethan wouldn’t abandoning of Polly easily.
lf Ethan didnt clear the incident once far all, Linda’s reputation would be ruined.
Polly was angry at Saxon for not helping her. After hearing Ethan’s wards, she exploded.

She pushed Professor Price away and rushed towards Ethan during a threatening manner, shouting,
“Explain what? You son of a bi*ch isn’t worth my time. you do not allow me ta go? | wouldn’t want
to go before you give me an explanation!”

Polly put her hands on her waist, as if she was ready for an argument, “I’m handling that tiny
sl*t. you’re not happy about it? Well, let’s examine what you’ll do to me!”

Polly checked out Ethan contemptuously. She turned to Saxon, “What’s wrong with you? Someone is
bullying your sister, and you will not say a word? What does one scare of? I’m telling you. It won’t be
over until these two b*ches kneel before me and say they’re sorry!”

Polly made Saxon furious.
Saxon blamed himself for spoiling her.
But he couldn’t keep spoiling her anymore.

Saxon knew alright that If he continued to indulge Polly, Polly could get him into serious

Out of utmost anger, Saxon slapped Polly,

“AAHH!” Pally let loose a scream. She was knocked down on the ground , and there was a trace of
blood at the corner of her lip.

“Shut the f**k up!” Saxon screamed at Pally, “What’s your problem? I’ve told you to close up , and
you have ta keep screaming? Say another word, and I’ll cause you to pay!”

Polly was stunned.

After she came back to herself, Polly sprang up from the ground and yelled at Saxon furiausly, “You
hit me? How dare you hit me! Don’t you remember what you said on dad’s death bed? Are you
also have a thing thereupon sl*t? You…’

She pointed at Professor Price and Saxon and screamed, “You motherf**kers, all men are jerks!”
Polly reached out her hand to scratch Saxon’s face,
Saxon punched her out of anger. Polly fell on the ground again.

“You are f**king psycho!” Saxon shouted at Professor Price angrily, “Take your wife out of here,
now! What a shame!”

Professor Price hurried to tug Pally out of the space .

He could tell that Ethan wasn’t just any ordinary person. Saxon had never acted this manner before.
It definitely due to Ethan that Saxon acted so abnormal.

However, the thought scared Professor Price even more.

Since his wife had offended Ethan, Professor Price was scared that he wouldn’t escape with
Ethan’s wrath.

Thinking of this, Professor Price dragged his wife harder.

However, Pally was still struggling to remain within the room. Professor Price couldnt help but slapped

her, “Enough already! Are you f**king stupid? Can’t you see what’s going on?”

This was the primary time Professor Price even touched Polly. Polly was totally stunned.
Professor Price kept dragging Pally.

At this moment, Ethan shouted, “Wait a moment . Did | say it’s okay for her to leave?”

Hearing this, Professor Price stopped. Ethan said, “I’ve told you all. nobody can leave this room
before there’s an evidence of the entire incident. She has been slandering Linda’s name. Until
| know what is going on on, nobody leaves.”

Ethan’s words were loud and clear. Saxon broke call at a chilly sweat after hearing that.

“It is all a misunderstanding. You see… Let’s just forget it all! She is crazy, and nobody will belleve


Before Saxon finished his words, Ethan gave him a flerce stare and questioned, “Vice President
Walton, excuse me, | should call you Mr. Walton. If | say your wife is cheating on you, would you
just ditch it and move on? the way to let someone just ditch slander toward
themselves? does one ever believe an individual aside from yourself at all? Today, someone is
calling Linda a sl*t. | want to seek out out if it’s true or it’s slander. But if Linda is wronged, | want
your sister to apologize to her!’

Ethan glanced at Polly and sald angrily, “Otherwise, it’ll not be over!”
Ethan’s tone of voice gave Saxon a jump.

Ethan had already made him knee-deep in trouble. Saxon couldnt imagine what’s worse was
going to happen to him.

Thinking of this, Saxon hated Polly to death,

“Come over here!” Saxon shouted at Polly, “Tell everyone, what is the evidence made you call
Linda a slut! If you dant tell the reality , Ml hit you again!”

Polly was close to lose her temper, but Professor Price quickly whispered something in her ear.
Polly’s eyes suddenly widened. She stared at Ethan with astonishment, and every one her arrogance
suddenly disappeared.

She lowered her head reluctantly.

“Greg lent her my dad’s guitar, but she smashed it. When | asked Greg, he couldnt give me an
explanation, Polly said.

“And?” Saxon frowned.

“And…there’s no and. |… 1 dragged him to high school .

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