I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 116

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 116

Chapter 116

“That’s it?” Saxon asked in surprise, “Just because a broken guitar, and you say they’re having
an affair? Are you out of your mind?”

Saxon was so angry that he didn’t know what to mention anymore.
“You… you, what is wrong with you?” Saxon scolded Polly fiercely.
Saxon couldn’t believe that his sister would be so evil-minded.

She suspected without evidence and came to the varsity to form an enormous loiter her

Saxon had thought Polly had evidence for her claim, but it clothed she was working on a

Ethan had made Saxon’s life like mad . Adding Polly’s shenanigans, Saxon was certain an enormous

Saxon slapped Polly again aut of utmost anger.
Everyone was stunned.

In fact, nobody had recovered from the previous shock after they saw Saxon’s timid attitude
toward Ethan. What had happened to the flerce vice chairman Walton?

Jennifer, especially , was too shocked to mention a word. She had planned to enjoy watehing Ethan
tortured, but never could she predicted this was the result .

“Mr. Walton, so your sister’s accusation to Linda is fake , right?” Ethan said to Saxon.

Saxon scratched his head and nodded with hesitation, “This… it seems that this is often really a

Ethan sneered, “Misunderstanding? The way | see it, the incident may be a complete set-up. How can
someone thraw accusations supported a whimsical thought? Maybe you don’t’ know this, but
your sister requested Linda kneel ahead of her strip naked. Is that also a misunderstanding?’

Hearing Ethan’s words, Saxon was dumbfounded. He turned to seem at Polly with a horrified face.
He couldnt believe haw cruel Pally was.
How could Polly lynch someone on a baseless accusation?

‘Is there something wrong together with your head?” Saxon said sullenly, “You are really a bit of labor .
Kneel ahead of you? | think you ought to kneel now!”

After finishing speaking, Saxon kicked Polly on the rear of her knees and made her kneel on the
floor, in disregard of everyone’s watching.

“Do you recognize how absurd you are? Apologize right now!” Saxon yelled.

Saxon was afraid it had been too late for Polly to apologize. Ethan had been irritated.
Professor Price was trying very hard to push Polly’s head down, “Apologies! Hurry up!”
Polly finally realized things she was In, She checked out Saxon, scared.

Before Polly saying her apologies, Ethan said, “Forget it, Mr. Walton. | just got to hear from
Polly, Does she accuse Linda supported fact or fiction? As for apologies, she isn’t worthy!”
Saxon’s face turned red. He ordered Polly, “Do you hear that? Speak!”

Polly nodded awkwardly, “Yes… | was mad, so | lost my mind. | do not have any evidence. | was
just guessing’

Hearing this, Ethan turned over and announced to the gang , “Everyone, does one all hear it. Now
the whole Incident is obvious . | don’t need to listen to any rumors about Linda regarding this matter

Then Ethan took Linda’s hand and was close to leave the scene.

But Linda pulled back her hand.

Ethan was surprised, ‘What’s wrong?”

Linda appeared to be struggling. After a short time , she said gently, “Thank you!
Ethan smiled, “Not in the least . |.”

“Ethan!” Linda interrupted, “| have a boyfriend, so… so | really appreciate what you probably did today, but
| don’t need to ascertain you again”

Linda slightly bowed to Ethan and ran away.

Ethan stood motionless,

People were surprised.

“She…has a boyfriend? Didn’t he say that he was her boyfriend? what is going on on?”

“What the f*k? What a twist! albeit she’s not the guy’s girlfriend, she can’t just say it ahead of
everyone. Where does she put this guy?”

“| guess it is a nonreciprocal romance . it is so humiliating for the guy”
The rehearsal room was in chaos again.
Most of the people were laughing at Ethan.

After everything that Ethan had done, and after Ethan had claimed publicly that Linda was his
girlfriend, Linda told everyone she was the girlfriend of another.

Ethan was still motionless. There was a bitter smile on his face.
Among all the talking sounds, a burst of loud laughter attracted everyone’s attention.

“It’s so funny. She already features a boyfriend! Pretending to be a hero but clothed to be a pug.

The laughter was from Jennifer.

Jennifer had been interested by why Saxon wauld treat Ethan like that. What happened just
made Jennifer hated Ethan even more.

She thought her scheme had failed. Ethan came to ruin her plan, and Linda had gotten

So she was extremely happy when Jennifer heard what Linda said to Ethan. |t was because after
Linda had made Ethan into a public fool, Jennifer was longer the sole one feeling bad.

Hearing Jennifer’s words, many of the people couldn’t twiddling my thumbs their laughter any more .

“Stop, what are you laughing at?” Saxon tried to prevent people from further humiliating Ethan, “Get
out, all of you, or I’ll put a disciplinary on every single one among you.”

Saxon was still playing the role of a fierce vice chairman . albeit he had been fired, most of

the students hadn’t known about it yet.
So his words were still effective. the gang dispersed after his threat.

On her answer , Jennifer stopped ahead of Ethan. She said sarcastically, “Some people will
always be a joke, regardless of where they’re .

Jennifer rolled her eyes at Ethan and mimicked Linda, “Little pug, | have already got a boyfriend. |
don’t want to ascertain your disgusting face again”

Ethan checked out Jennifer’s leaving, gritting his teeth.

Ethan wanted to argue together with her , but on reconsideration , he didn’t want to waste his time.
It was true he had been humiliated publicly .

Trying to shut off people from laughing at him would only cause more humiliation.

The humiliation actually served as a stimulator for Ethan.

Ethan swore he would earn back his pride, which might be the right revenge for people that
laughed at him.

Thinking of this, Ethan suddenly felt a touch more indignant toward himself. Why did he abandoning of
Linda? He loved her, and he shotild try harder to realize her heart back.

Linda just said she had a boyfriend, but she hadn’t married yet.

Which meant Ethan still had chances.

Ethan felt an Impulse and rushed out of the rehearsal room.

‘Ethan… Ethan had disappeared before Saxon could ask him. Saxon signed with fear.

He didnt Know whether Polly’s shenanigans would make Ethan hate him more. Saxon had hoped
to beg Ethan for merey.

But Saxon hadn’t given up his hope yet.

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