I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 117 – 118

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 117 – 118

Chapter 117

As soon as Linda was out of the rehearsal room, she couldnt help but burst into tears.

Linda knew alright that what she had said just would hurt Ethan considerably .

Ethan cared about his dignity such a lot , but Linda said those wards ahead of a crowd.

It was an enormous humiliation for Ethan, and not soon after, the entire campus would realize it,
which would embarrass Ethan even more.

Linda knew what she had hurt Ethan an excellent deal, which also pained herself, and she or he hoped
Ethan could hate her due to it.

And eventually, Ethan could ditch her. it might be good for him, albeit it hurt within the

Ethan’s family was powerful enough to form any quite rumors departure . So this humiliating
experience wouldnt hurt Ethan for the end of the day anyway.

If that was the case, Linda would be free from the guilt of injuring Ethan, and Ethan’s life would
continue as nothing had ever happened.

Linda didn’t mind if Ethan hated her. As long as Ethan could have an honest future, Linda felt it
would be worth her sacrifice.

Thinking of this, Linda wiped off her tears and walked out of the campus.
She visited the hospital to bring lunch to her mom.

After coming back from Ocean City, Linda had checked her mom out of the private room, which
Ethan had purchased , and put her mom into a typical room instead.

Linda had put the refund to the bank. She hoped to return the cash ta Ethan but worried he
might refuse to simply accept it. Linda was thinking of giving the cash to Maggie once they met and
asked Maggie to offer it back to Ethan.

Since that they had ended up like this, Linda didnt want to owe Ethan anything, albeit she
knew that there have been things that she could never repay Ethan.

When Linda need to her mom’s room, she was surprised to seek out out there was an individual who Is
sitting by her mom’s bed.

It was a tall and handsome man. From the design of his appearance, he was wealthy.

“Excuse me?” Linda checked out the person in surprise. But suddenly, she smiled, “Connor? Why are
you here?”

The man was peeling a tangerine for Linda’s mom. When he saw Linda, he quickly stood up and
greeted her with a smile.

“Linda, here you are! Haha, I’m so happy you continue to remember me!”

Linda smiled and reached out her hands, “Haha, how could | forget you? You wont to be my best
friend, but… | remembered that your family maved to Catsey, Why are you here?”

Connor laughed and said, “Yes, due to my parents’ business, we moved to Catsey when |
was in my fifth grade. | began to help them with their business full-time after | graduated from
high school. Recently my parents want to expand their business in Buckeye, in order that they sent me

Linda’s mom smiled happily and praised Connor, “Linda, you recognize how great Connor is? He will
invest millions for his parent. Their business is certainly very successful”

Hearing this, Linda looked surprised, “Really? Congratulations, Connor! Who would have thought,
the snotty kid has became a successful businessman!”

Hearing this, Connor scratched his head and smiled, “| was only a child back then! Let’s mention
you. Aunt told me you’re in college? You were an honest student once we were kids. | bet you’re
doing alright in college also . | heard you’re making money already?”

Linda smiled bitterly, “Don’t hear her. I’m just performing some performance and earn some pocket

“How much are you able to make?” Connor suddenly asked, “Five or 600 per day?”

Linda blushed, “It’s… It’s not that much. It’s just a couple of dozens of greenbacks . Enough for our grocery”
Linda was holding back ahead of her childhood friend. She didn’t want Connar ta tease her.
“Only that?’ Connor was a touch surprised. He couldnt help but chuckle but quickly put it back.
Linda noticed it, and she or he was embarrassed.

Linda felt the change in Connor.

Years back, Connor would never have laughed at people.

Linda felt self-conscious. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

Connor realized how rude he was. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Linda. | didn’t mean that.”

He continued, “Linda, | think aunt deserves better than what you’re earning currently. Let’s make
a deal. You come to figure on behalf of me . The work isn’t hard, just push-papers, sort of a secretary, plus
attending some business parties. But | pays you more, like five thousand per month. How do

you say?”

Linda was excited about the chance . Push- paper was a simple job for Linda. The most
important thing was that the salary is tempting.

It’s quite what a recent graduate can earn.

However, Linda was also aware that Connor gave her the work out of pity.
She didn’t want to owe anyone anything, so she hesitated.

“|… but | have classes, and..!

“And what? Linda, you dont got to overthink. I’m not just helping you. |’m also helping myself. A
lot of my paperwork is confidential, and | want someone | trust to handle them, and | trust you!”

Linda was relieved upon hearing Connor’s words,
“Linda, do not be ungrateful” Linda’s mom encouraged her.
Linda was really curious about Connor’s offer.

She and her morm’s financial situation wasn’t great. Five thousand per month meant an excellent deal
for them.

Linda made up her mind. She smiled at Connor and said, “Deal, boss!”

Connor smiled and handed Linda a card , “Well, come to the present address once you have
Connor stood up and smiled at Linda’s mom, “I’ll leave you guys thereto , and I’ll come to see
you up another time.

Linda’s mom nodded and tried to urge out of bed to ascertain Connor off, but Connar tald her to remain

After Connor left, Linda’s mom checked out her and asked carefully, “Linda, how does one believe

“What? Mom, what does one mean?”

Linda’s mom sighed. “Linda, | know you. | can see you’re still brooding about Ethan. But you said
yourself that you simply two don’t belong to an equivalent world, and you’re leaving him for his own good.
But you furthermore may got to believe your own future. Mom knows that Connor may be a good man, and
you’ve known one another since you were kids. Maybe you would like to require the chance to…

“What are you talking about?’ Linda was disturbed when she heard Ethan’s name. She
interrupted, “Stop it, mom. | can lookout of myself!”

Then Linda went out with a bottle .

Looking at Linda, Linda’s mom sighed. She could tell Linda was still brooding about Ethan, whom
Linda should stand back from.

Meanwhile, when Ethan ran out of the rehearsal room, Linda had disappeared.

Ethan felt down since he wanted to speak to Linda.

He wanted to inform Linda that he wanted ta be with Linda, and he wanted them to start out once again .
Ethan sighed. He wanted to seem for Linda but was worried it’d be blunt.

Ethan scratched his head and suddenly remembered that Linda’s quitar was broken. He thought
he could buy a replacement one for Linda and use the guitar as an excuse to speak to Linda.

Ethan remembered that he had seen an excellent guitar within the instrument store when he
bought the music rack .

He knew that Linda loved music. Ethan believed that Linda would be very happy when she saw a
new guitar.

Thinking of this, Ethan rushed to the Moonlight Piano Store.

Chapter 118

At Moonlight Plano Store, Jerry was lazily leaning on the counter and twiddling with her telephone .
She was bored.

Jerry was the sole one performing at the shop that day. She was getting to shopping together with her
friends. But one among her colleagues had an emergency and had to require a leave, so Jerry had to
give up the plan and came to figure .

Jerry had been posing for help fram that colleague, So when this colleaque washed for her help,
Jerry was too embarrassed to refuse. But she wasnt happy.

Moonlight Piano Store was a high-end music instrument store, so there weren’t many of us
who come to buy . So Jerry wasn’t busy.

Generally, there have been only three to 5 customers a day . And nearly every sale would be
hundreds of thousands worth.

Jerry yawned and took a glance at the watch. She was getting to order lunch, but someone walked

Not everyone was Wealthy enough to go to the shop .

Jerry welcomed the visitor with a smile on her face, “Hello, welcome to…

Jerry suddenly stopped. She acknowledged the visitor was one among her acquaintances.

“What are you doing here?” Jerry checked out Ethan angrily and questioned, “Buy another music
stand? Go elsewhere . | won’t sell you anything!”

Jerry was horrible to Ethan. She wished to kick Ethan out of the door.

Since there have been security cameras within the store, Jerry couldn’t do anything to Ethan. She didnt
want her awful behavior toward customers acknowledged by her boss.

Ethan wasnit surprised by Jerry’s attitude toward him. He said indifferently, ‘I’m here to shop for a
guitar. If you do not want to lose a customer, please step away!”

Hearing this, Jerry smiled disdainfully and said sarcastically, “How interesting! A customer? Do
you really think you’re an enormous shot?”

At now , Jerry remembered what happened at Nina’s family party. Ethan said he knew Mr.
Paker but been beat up by Mr. Paker’s men,

She thought Ethan didn’t learn anything from the last time and was pretending to be an upscale guy

She wanted to humiliate him.

Jerry said sarcastically, “| see you’re recovered from the bruise caused by Mr. Paker’s men.
Otherwise, you would not be here to pretend to be rich again.”

Jerry then giggled complacently.
Ethan was angry at her attitude but didn’t show it on his face.

He had been wont to this type of humillation and Insult. Ethan didn’t care about therm as he had
used to. He thought if people laughed at him, he would prove them to be wrong.

It’s none of your business, I’ll say this one last time. I’m here to shop for a guitar. If you would like ta lose a
big customer, say any nonsense as you wish!” Ethan stared at Jerry.
Ethan knew Moonlight Piano Store was selling the simplest musical instruments in Buckeye.
He had to be there if he wanted to shop for a top-notch guitar.

Ethan had mentally prepared for the likelihood that Jerry was at the shop . He would ignore her
insults altogether.

But he also had an idea B. Ethan remembered Yura said she knew the owner of the Moonlight
Piano Store. within the worst scenario that Jerry was unhinged, Ethan would ask Yura to contact the
owner to shop for a guitar.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Jerry let loose a sneer, “Okay then. I’ll see what proportion money you’ll spend

Jerry didn’t believe Ethan could afford anything from the shop .

Ever since the incident at Nina’s family party, Jerry was convinced that Ethan was an
incompetent moran who liked to bluff.

She thought Ethan probably bluffed ahead of samebody and came to the shop to pretend to be
rich again.

Jerry decided to show Ethan and humiliate hin.
“What does one want to buy?” Jerry asked.
“A guitar!” Ethan said as he walked toward the guitar area.

Hearing this, Jerry smiled evilly. She toak Ethan to the world where a bunch of pricy acoustic
guitars was displayed. She pointed at a guitar that had Latin engraving.

Jerry sald with a smile, “This one. Made in Spain. Great acoustic, sturdy and cheap. Fifty-seven

Jerry smirked, She was waiting to ascertain a stunned expression on Ethan’s face.
However, Ethan looked calm. He was checking the guitar, frowned. Ethan shook his head.
“No, this one looks just okay’ Ethan said.

‘Just okay?” Jerry was irritated at Ethan’s comment, “How are you able to say that? this is often an authentic
imported guitar. it’s one among the simplest . How dare you call it just okay?”

Jerry thought that Ethan was ridiculous. She sneered, “| see, you cannot afford an imported guitar.
But aren’t you a customer? Fifty-seven thousand is just too much for you? What a shame!”

In Jerry’s mind, Ethan’s words were his excuse for not buying. The one she showed to Ethan was
a high-end guitar, and Jerry didn’t think Ethan could afford it.

Jerry thought Ethan was directing a parody ahead of her,
“Keep acting! I’ll see how the shaw will end!”

A hint of insidiousness flashed in Jerry’s eyes. She said, “All right. you think that this one is just too
ordinary? Let me show you something non-ordinary:

Jerry leaded Ethan to the opposite side.

lt was far more spacious than the previous area, Guitars weren’t persisted the wall anymore.
Each one had its own showcase, and there was an outline written on the glass case.

Ethan remembered this place. He saw the Yamaha quitar here last time.
Jerry loaked sinister. She pointed to a guitar and said with a sneer, “This one, Baton Rouge from
Italy, handmade, with musician signature!”

Ethan checked out the quitar with a satisfactory smile on his face. The guitar looked great.
It was made from exquisite wood, and therefore the craft was meticulous,

Ethan nodded and asked, “How much is it?”

‘It’s not expensive!” Jerry said. “A hundred and twenty-five thousand!”

Jerry handed Ethan the quitar.

Ethan checked out it and nodded with satisfaction.

Ethan knew nothing about the musical instruments. But he thought the costlier the worth ,
the better the standard . Also, the worth couldn’t be too excessive. Otherwise, the economic and
Commercial Bureau wouldn’t allow the shop to be still in business.

Ethan liked this guitar. But he was still a touch hesitant. He asked, “Anything else?’

Jerry rolled her eyes at Ethan and said in disdain, “What’s the problem? Didnt you say the fifty-
seven thousand one wasn’t ok ? what is wrong with this one? Still not good enough for

Jerry’s face dropped, “Can you only cut It off. Stop pretending ahead of me. | know who you’re .
Net ina million years are you able to afford one among these. return and take a better check out yourself.

Jerry was getting to shovel Ethan out of the door, “Get out. you’re not welcome herel”
Jerry didnt want to affect Ethan anymore.
Ethan pushed her away.

“What are you doing? If you do not leave now, I’ll call the cops!” Jerry shouted with a face filled with

Ethan said calmly, ‘I’m a customer. Why are you pushing me out? If you are doing that again, I’ll file a
complaint against you”

Ethan’s threat dampened Jerry’s harsh attitude. Ethan continued, “| know you do not think | can
afford things here. Listen, I’m taking this Italian guitar. And | remembered that there was a
Yamaha guitar the last time | was here. Please pack that one on behalf of me toa.”

Ethan’s words shocked Jerry!
Ethan was getting to buy two very expensive guitars.

The Yamaha guitar was a edition . there have been only a few of hundred of them
worldwide. The owner of the shop pulled tons of strings to get the guitar.

The price tag of it had been 100 and seventy thousand. Can Ethan afford it?

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