I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 119 – 120

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 119 – 120

Chapter 119

“He is lying!”
“He must be bluffing” Jerry thought.

How could Ethan afford these two guitars? The last time he was here, he just bought a music
stand, and eventually, Yura was the one who paid the bill.

Ethan and Jerry’s cousin, Nina, were classmates. Nina had told Jerry about how poor Ethan

Ethan was from the agricultural town of Buckeye. He had no father. His mom was doing odd jobs to
feed the family.

The last time Jerry saw Ethan, he was still wearing rags.

Jerry could never believe that Ethan could afford such expensive guitars.
She was convinced Ethan was lying about buying the twe guitars.
Thinking of this, Jerry had a thought . She smiled coldly.

Jerry was getting to do what Ethan had asked, packing the guitars.

She was sure when she asked Ethan to pay, he wouldn’t be ready to roll in the hay . At that point , Jerry could
insult Ethan the maximum amount as she wanted.

And Ethan had no excuse to argue.
Jerry believed her plan was perfect.
When the time came, if Ethan dared to speak back, Jerry would call her boss to complain.

The owner of Moonlight Piano Store had some influence in Buckeye. When he acknowledged that
Ethan was causing trouble at his store, nobody could help Ethan.

“What are you standing here for? Didn’t you hear what | said?” Ethan interrupted Jerry’s thoughts.

Jerry was irritated. She rolled her eyes at Ethan and asked, “Are you sure you would like to shop for them?
This is the last time to vary your mind!”

Ethan was impatient. He retorted, “Don’t you waste my time! Do what | told you to do!”
Jerry hurried to package the 2 guitars. She then asked, “Card or cash?”

Ethan handed Jerry his mastercard without speaking a word.

Jerry was close to insert the cardboard but saw that Ethan was watching something else.
The thing Ethan was watching was an exquisite guitar .

“What are you looking at? does one think you’ll afford it?” Jerry continued, “That’s an antique. My
boss got it from an auction in Europe. it’s going to look ordinary, but it’s extremely precious!”

Jerry thought there is no way Ethan could afford this one. Her boss spent a million and three
hundred thousand on the guitar.

This guitar was far more expensive than the opposite two guitars combined,

Hearing Jerry’s words, Ethan nodded. It clothed to be a treasure. No wonder Ethan thought
there was something special about the quitar the primary time he saw it.

Ethan glanced at Jerry with a sneer and said, “Well, | don’t need these two anymore!”

As soon as Ethan finished his words, Jerry suddenly jumped bent scold Ethan.

“What? you do not want them? Who does one think you’re to mess with me?” Jerry screamed at
Ethan angrily.

However, Ethan didn’t concentrate to Jerry. He pointed at the antique guitar and said with a
smile, “I dont want these two, | want that one!”

Ethan didn’t care about pocket money , He wanted the gift for Linda to be special.
Jerry was stunned for an extended time.

“What… What did you say?”

“Dan’t you understand?” Ethan sneered, “I sald | don’t need these two. | want that one!’
She frowned and considered it for an extended time, then her face dropped.

‘| warn you. You’d better not mess with me!” Jerry checked out Ethan and said seriously, “| don’t
have time to play games with you. Leave, right now. | know what you’re doing!”

At this point , Jerry’s patience had been completely warn out. She was filled with hatred for Ethan. She
felt that Ethan was messing with her!

First, Ethan wanted to shop for the 2 very expensive guitars, and before the deal was done. He then
wanted the foremost expensive guitar within the store Instead.

Jerry was sure Ethan was trying to form trouble for her.

So she decided to prevent playing games with Ethan.

Ethan was surprised!

He didn’t understand why it had been so hard for him to shop for a guitar.

He sighed and said to Jerry, “What are you trying to da? | just want to shop for a guitar, and i am going
to buy the worth . Your attitude is irritating!”

“How much? I’ll pay right now!” Ethan said, “One million? Ten million?”

Judging fram Ethan’s tone of voice, he was definitely getting to buy the guitar. Jerry couldn’t make
up her mind.

“Are you sure you are not messing with me? you would like to shop for the guitar?” Jerry asked Ethan.

Ethan nodded. “Do you think that I’m lying? i have been telling you from the instant | walked within the

Hearing this, Jerry still looked dubious. She rolled her eyes and said, “To tell you the reality . | can
sell the guitar. But it’s extremely expensive, the worth is quite 1,000,000 , and that is why it’s locked
in the bulletproof glass case. And my boss will need to affect the guitar personally”

Jerry hesitated for a short time and continued, “| think I’ve made myself clear. You’d better structure
your mind. My boss may be a cranky guy. If you modify your mind after he gets here, you will be In

Jerry wanted Ethan to be in trouble. But she didn’t want to be responsible when something bad
happened to Ethan.

“Please call him!” Ethan urged impatiently, “I’ll be waiting’

Ethan’s calmness confused Jerry. She was curious lf he was on a martyr operation .

Jerry thought there is no got to stop Ethan if he asked for it.

“Okay! Wait here. | warn you. When my boss comes, don’t say that you simply do not have enough money.
I’ll make your life like mad lf you dare to mess with mel’ Jerry said.

Ethan didnt answer her He found himself a seat and checked his phone.

Ethan just wanted to shop for a guitar. He wasn’t within the mood to argue with Jerry.

Jerry ralled her eyes at Ethan and turned to call her boss.

“Hello, Mr. Bailey. this is often Jerry Cox. I’m sorry to disturb you…”

“What’s up? Talk ta me. I’m within the middle of something!” a deep voice interrupted Jerry.

Jerry quickly said, “Yes, | da have something to ask you. Well, does one remember the antique
guitar you purchased from Europe? Someone wants to shop for It”

Mr. Bailey chuckled sneeringly, “Tell that person who it isn’t purchasable . Wait, tell that person I’ll sell
it as long as that person pays quite three million dollars.’

Mr. Bailey cherished the guitar as a priceless treasure.

However, he didn’t want to offer up an opportunity to form money. If he could sell the guitar triple the
price he bought it, he would earn a lot!

Mr. Bailey chuckled on the opposite side of the phone. Jerry smiled and turned to Ethan, “Hey, my
boss sald, if you actually want that guitar, he’ll sell it to you in three million, not a penny less!”

“Three millian? Didn’t you say that he spent one million? So he’s gonna sell me in triple the
price?” Ethan was surprised at how cunning the boss was.

“Cant afford it? So why asked?” Jerry sneered and said, “It’s a waste of your time . You dant want it
anymore? I’ll let my boss know!”

Ethan stopped her.

Three million was nothing to Ethan.

He said firmly, Tell your boss. | want it, and | pays it right now!”

Hearing that Ethan answered so quickly, Jerry was stunned.

It was three million dollars, And Ethan knew that Mr. Balley overcharged him.
Even so, Ethan agreed without hesitation.

Jerry couldn’t believe what she just heard, She suspected that Ethan was scheming something

“What are you waiting for? Tell him!” Ethan urged.
Looking at Ethan, Jerry was a touch worried. She said on the phone, “Mr. Bailey, he…”
“He declined?” Mr. Bailey said complacently, “Just as | thought!”

Jerry interrupted, “No… he accepted

Chapter 120

“Accepted?” Tate was surprised. After an extended pause, he asked, “Really?”

Jerry frowned and said, “Yes, he’s by my side. Mr. Bailey… why don’t you come over?”

Tate scratched his head and said, “Okay, we actually have a wealthy customer. I’m on my way
Jerry hung up the phone.

She let loose a sigh of relief and glanced at Ethan.

Jerry was secretly smiling. She wanted to ascertain her boss give Ethan a difficult time.

If Tate came all the thanks to the shop , and Ethan changed his mind, Tate would sure be furious.
Ethan would definitely be in trouble then.

Jerry smiled meaningfully and said to Ethan, “Well, my boss said that he would be here soon.’

She sized Ethan up maliciously and said, ‘| just want to form sure if you’ll afford It. De you
really have three million?”

Ethan checked out Jerry with a dark face, “That’s none of your business. You’d better be
prepared to close up the guitar!”

Jerry rolled her eyes at Ethan and walked away, She texted Nina,

After a short time , Nina replied, “Yes, what’s up?”

Jerry smiled and secretly took an image of Ethan and sent it to Nina.
“Who does one think this is? Haha…”

After a short time , Nina sent an astonished face emojl and followed by, “Where are you? Why are you
with him?”
Nina was surprised by Ethan’s photo sent by Jerry.

Jerry replied, “I’m at work, of course. Guess why this guy is here? | bet you can’t!”

Nina hesitated for a short time then replied, “What is he doing at your store? Dont tell me he’s
buying instruments. The instruments at your stare are all so expensive. What can he afford?”

Seeing the text, Jerry smiled and replied, “Haha, you’re right. He’s here to shop for a guitar. And guess
what, he wants the foremost expensive one!”

“What?” Nina sent a voice message, saying in astonishment, “You mean the seven hundred
thousand dollars plano? you’re joking! The piano is costlier than that moron.”

Jerry giggled at Nina’s voice message. She whispered back, “Come on, the piano is history. My
boss just bought a guitar from Europe. It cost him quite 1,000,000 . That moron wants that

“Really? Jerry, take care . We are taking classes together for years. | know him. He can afford

nothing! do not be tricked by him.” Nina sent out another voice message.

“It’s okay. don’t be concerned . My boss is caming over. | don’t think that moron has the gut to trick Mr.
Bailey” Jerry smiled evilly and continued, “Do you recognize that Bailey wants to sell the guitar in
three million, which moron said yes! ditch if he can afford it or not, he’s simply


Nina replied in laughter, “Anyway, you’re taking care. Send me some videos. | want to send them to
our class group chat and to humiliate him..*

“Sure, dont worry, | hate his gut. Pretentious bum! Wait to ascertain what he will say once my boss is

At this moment, the front entrance of the shop was pushed open, Jerry quickly said, “Well, Nina, my
boss is here. ask you later!”

Jerry replace her telephone and hurried to the door.
Tate Bailey just walked into the shop . he’s a brief , rounded mid-aged man.

He wore a pair of thick prescription glasses. The pair of glasses didnt make him look suave
rather hideous.

Jerry heard the rumor that Tate was quite gangster when he was younger. After retiring from
his previous business, Tate started the musical instruments store.

And he had been doing alright for himself.
Jerry greeted him respectfully, “Good evening, Mr. Bailey”
Tate nodded, He looked around and asked, “Where js the person?”

“Right here…’ Jerry pointed to the side. She was shocked when she tumed around, “He was here
just now!”

Jerry was during a panic. Ethan had disappeared.
Jerry thought Ethan had bailed.

“Nina was right. Ethan wasn’t here to shop for a guitar. He was here to prank me!” Jerry thought to

“He sneaked away the instant my boss came . So my boss would be mad at me.

Thinking of this, Jerry swore angrily, ‘He ran away. This son of a b*tch. How dare he mess with

Jerry’s face turned red, and Tate’s face dropped instantly. He glared at Jerry and shouted, “What
the hell does one mean? |’m asking you who wants to shop for the guitar. Didn’t you say that somebody
wants to shop for the guitar? Now you tell me that the guy has run away? Are you kidding me?”

Tate was so angry that he screamed at Jerry furiously.

Jerry was as angry as she was worried.

Things seemed like she tricked Tate deliberately. Jerry would be in huge trouble.

“Tm going ta find him! How dare | mislead you? Just await me. I’ll go and find him directly …”
Jerry was running toward the front entrance .

Suddenly, there was a sound of piano playing coming from inside the shop .

Jerry and Tate checked out one another confused. They walked toward the piano display area.
Ethan was checking up a grand there. He casually pressed the keys, looking very serious.
Seeing Ethan, Jerry let aut an extended sigh of rellef. She then walked over to Ethan with anger.

She pulled Ethan’s hand faraway from the keyboard and said angrily, “What are you doing here? Are
you crazy?”

Ethan checked out her and said displeased, “Is this a musical instruments store? So you tell me
why |’m here! in fact for purchasing Instruments. Or what? Having dinner?”

“You…” Jerry couldnt find the word to speak back. She said fiercely, “Didnt you hear me earlier?
Can’t you only make a sound? | thought you were gone, and | was scolded by my boss!”

Apparently, Jerry blamed Ethan for her being scolded.

Ethan laughed scornfully and replied, “What did you say? Weirdly you talk that way. Im a
customer. | can come and go as | wish, and | don’t got to invite your permission, What’s there
have to do with me if you’re scolded?”

“You… Jerry was speechless. She glared at Ethan with hatred.

Jerry had wanted to humiliate Ethan. But at this moment, Jerry couldn’t find a thing to retort

Ethan smiled disdainfully. He pushed Jerry away and keep playing the plano.

“Stop. does one skills much the piano is? No touching. are you able to afford it if you damage it?”
Jerry yelled at Ethan.

Ethan found it ridiculous. He was getting to spend three million on a guitar. Why can’t he afford an
ordinary piano?

Ethan retorted, “How much is it? Three million? It doesnt matter. I’ll pip out too. It’s none of your
business if | accidentally broke it, or | smash it intentionally .” Ethan despised Jerry. He didn’t even
look at Jerry when he said those words.

Hearing this, Jerry qnashed her teeth in anger. She couldnt find wards to mention to Ethan, so she
muttered to herself, “Dmn it! Keep bullshting. I’ll see how long you’ll keep doing it. You can’t
even afford the guitar, buying them together? In your dreams! My boss is here anyway. I’ll see
how you are going to finish yaur sick little shaw!”

Jerry then said, “Well, | do not have time to speak to you. I’m here to allow you to know that my boss, Tate
Bailey, is here. he’s asking you to return over!”

Hearing this, Ethan looked toward the direction Jerry was indicting and saw Tate, who was
looking at him up and down

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