I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 121 – 122

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 121 – 122

Chapter 121

Tate, who was looking at Ethan from a distance, was frowning.

He didnt expect that the person who would accept his three million dollars deal would be such a
young kid.

Tate couldn’t help but wonder that if Ethan was able to pay for the guitar.

Based on his years of experience, Tate didnt think Ethan was capable of offering that much

Three million was a huge amount of money for a young person. Unless backing up by a super-
rich family, it was impossible for Ethan to buy the guitar.

However, to Tate, Ethan didn’t strike him as someone from a rich family at all.

“Hey!” Tate shouted at Ethan abruptly, “She’s right. You’d better stay away fram that piano. It was
antique, and you can’t afford it if you break it…”

Before Tate could finish his words, Ethan raised his fist and pounded it on the keyboard heavily.
“Dant worry. ll pay for it If It’s broken!” Ethan sald coldly.

Ethan noticed the arrogance of Tate’s voice. He deliberately did that to irritate Tate.

Ethan wanted to send Tate a message that Tate was nothing In his eyes.

Tate’s face twitched in pain. He bought the piano from a collector from the south, and it was
more than a hundred years ago. It pained Tate so much to watch Ethan smashed the piano with
his fist.

As a total layman to musical instruments, Ethan could never understand what an antique
instrument meant to Tate.

Tate was almost furious at Ethan’s behavior.

But Ethan didnt care about Tate’s attitude toward him. He just wanted to buy the guitar and

Tate glared at Ethan angrily. He asked, “You want to buy that guitar?”

Ethan nodded and walked over from the piano, “Yes, three million, right?”

Tate smiled and said, “Want to ask for a discount? Not a penny less, pay or leave!”

Tate didn’t even want to try to be nice to Ethan.

He thought Ethan was a con, and there’s no way he could afford the guitar.

Ethan smiled and said, “You misunderstood me. | just want to know you want a card or cash.”
Hearing Ethan’s words, Tate sneered, “Rich guy? Whatever you like. But..”

Tate’s face suddenly dropped, ‘We don’t do lease or monthly payment. You’d better pay
everything up and front. It can save the trouble of both of us. Otherwise, | suggest you leave right


Ethan said with disdain, “Who told you that | wanted to lease your guitar or to pay it on
installments? I’m here to buy the guitar in full payment! |’m telling you. Both you and your
salesperson have a horrible attitude, and I’m having the most terrible experience ever. If you
dont want to sell the guitar, | can go somewhere else. You are not the only place that sells

musical instruments!”
Ethan sneered and then was walking toward the front doar.

In Buckeye, not many people dared to talk to Tate like that. Ethan was not the first one, but he
could be said the most annoying one!

Tate was furious at the way Ethan talked to him.

Tate knew a couple of rich families’ kids in Buckeye, but Ethan wasn’t among them. Tate was
sure Ethan wasn’t from the upper-class.

If Ethan dared to talk to Tate like that, either he was bluffing, or he was a rich person fram out-of-

Either way, Ethan was playing his own life by talking to Tate like that.

Tate wasn’t some person who could let go of that kind of disrespect easily.
He called Jerry over and asked, “Do you know him?”

Jerry nodded, “Yes, Mr. Bailey. He is my cousin’s classmate.’

Tate was curious, “Do you know anything about him? Rich family?”

Hearing this, Jerry couldnt help but laugh, “To tell you the truth, | heard he is very poor. He is the
class clown. Everyone likes to make fun of him because he is so poor. | don’t know what’s got
into him to come here bluffing today!”

“So you are telling me he can’t afford the guitar?” Tate asked with a frown.

Jerry nodded, “No way! He was famously poor. | would be surprised if he could afford a thirty-
five hundred dollars guitar!”

Jerry thought maybe after hearing her words, Tate would kick Ethan out straight away.
However, Jerry saw Tate was staring at her angrily. She was frightened.

Tate snorted and said, “Why the f*k you called me if you’ve known that he doesnt have any money? What’s your fking problem?”

Tate scolded Jerry He thought that either Jerry was stupid or she deliberately messed with him.
“You moron!”

“Til deal with you later! Tate glared at Jerry and scolded, He then tried to catch up with Ethan
and murmured to himself, “You bum Is trying to mess with me? Okay, Let’s do what you are
asking. You’d better buy this guitar today. Otherwise, we’ll see what’s gonna happen!”

Tate caught up with Ethan in the lobby,

“lll take cards!” Tate looked at Ethan teasingly and asked.
Ethan nodded and handed him the credit card.

Tate looked at Ethan’s card and laughed.

Ethan’s card wasn’t a platinum one or a black one. It was one of the most ordinary bank cards
that were predominantly used by college students. Moreover, those cards usually had a lower
spending limit.

It might be true, but after Ethan’s donation hiccup at the school auditorium, Ethan had informed
Maggie about the spending limit on his card.

Maggie had suggested getting Ethan a new card to match his true identity.

However, Ethan refused the suggestion. Because he had been using this card for quite a while,
and many of his accounts were associated with this card, Ethan didn’t want to be troubled by the
setups of changing to another card.

So, Maggie had the bank upgrade the services of Ethan’s card.

At this moment, even though Ethan’s card looked like an ordinary one, it had similar services as
any premium cards.

“Can your card handle three million dollars? Tate smiled and asked, “According to my
knowledge, your card can only withdraw a couple of tens of thousands.’

Ethan smiled, “Why don’t you try it?”

Tate snorted and inserted the card into the reader angrily. He handed Ethan the reader and said,

Tate sneered and waited to see what would happen next. Either Ethan wauld refuse to enter the
password, or the card would decline the transaction.

Whichever the result was, Tate was ready to give Ethan a hard time.
Ethan’s behavior had triggered Tate.

He was waiting for Ethan’s scheme to fall apart.

So he could go after Ethan with the warst measures.

Jerry was walking over with anticipation!

Jerry had known that Tate would be sure to find ways to punish her. She blamed everything an

So she was eager to find out what disaster Tate would bring on Ethan.

Both Jerry and Tate were waiting to hear the beeping sound of the card reader to indicate a
declined transaction.

Ethan looked calm. After punching in the password, he was waiting patiently.

There was a slight delay of the reader. Tate thought that the transaction was declined. Before he
started yelling, on the screen of the reader read “transaction completed!”

Tate was dumbfounded.
Upon seeing Tate’s expression, Jerry got closer to take a look at the screen herself.

Jerry was stunned by what she saw.

Chapter 122

For a very long time, Jerry couldn’t say a word.

She felt like she was in a dream!

Instead of laughing at Ethan, Jerry felt like she was a laughing stock at this moment.
Ethan wasn’t a bum as she had been calling him.

“So he was pretending to be poor the whole time?” Jerry thought to herself.

Jerry was totally blown away by Ethan’s wealth.

Tate was ina similar status as Jerry,

He had been ready to give Ethan a hard time if the transaction had failed.

But what was he going to do at this moment?

“Everything okay?” Ethan suddenly asked.

Tate was called back to himself. His face suddenly changed. He smiled pleasingly and said,
“Sure, no problem.”

Ethan was amused by the attitude shift. He pointed at the guitar and said, “Can | take it with me

Tate immediately smiled and said respectfully “Of course, I’ll let someone wrap it up for you
right away. Are you interested in a store gift card?”

Ethan nodded and said, “Whatever you say, | don’t care. | Just want a receipt. One more thing, I
want a piece of certification to ensure that this guitar is genuine.

Tate immediately replied, “Of course it’s genuine. | bought this guitar from an authentic auction,
The guitar comes with all the certificates. You probably dont know. | was the talk of the town
when | bought the guitar. You could ask around. There are definitely people who have heard of
this guitar!”

Tate couldn’t help but talk to Ethan respectfully. At this moment, he was finally convinced that
Ethan wasn’t an ordinary young man.

Tate couldn’t slight a customer like Ethan. A couple of businesses with Ethan every year would
bring quite a few profits to Tate’s business.

However, Ethan wasnt paying any attention to what Tate was saying. He was looking at Jerry’s
wrapping up the guitar.

Jerry was very careful.

She didnt want to scratch the guitar. It was tao expensive for her to pay if broken. Jerry thought
that she couldn’t afford the guitar even if she sald herself.

However, Jerry was secretly excited about the thought.
She didn’t know that Ethan was that rich. Three million dollars looked like nothing to him.

Jerry thought if she could sell herself to Ethan, she could live a very wealthy life for the rest of
her life.

“So it might not be a bad thing to sell myself. Moreover, maybe Ethan looked like a hillbilly, but
with some styling, he could look handsome.”
“He is younger than I’m, just in his early twenties…”

As she was fantasizing about Ethan, Jerry’s smile brightened. Eventually, Jerry lost in her thought
and stopped working altogether.

“Please hurry up!

All of a sudden, Ethan shouted at Jerry impatiently.

Jerry was waked up from her dream. She quickly got back to work with a blushed face.
After a while, she handed the carefully packaged quitar to Ethan.

Tate smiled and said, “Enjoy your guitar! The strings currently on the guitar are of the best
quality. And the case is made of crocodile skin, which is also an antique worth tens of

Tate’s praise of the guitar didnt get Ethan interested. He took the guitar and turned to leave.
Ethan didnt want to waste time talking to both Jerry and Tate,
who were kissing Ethan’s boots after finding out he was rich.

Before Ethan stepped out of the store, Tate suddenly thought of something and went to catch up
with Ethan,

“Sir, please wait up!” Tate ran over with a white business card in his hand, “Please take my
business card. My name is Tate Bailey. Please call the phone on the card if you need any
assistance related to musical instruments.”

Ethan glanced at Tate’s card and walked away without taking it,
Leaving Tate in his embarrassment.

But Tate didn’t take it the hard way. He was happy that he earned more than one million fram the
one-million-dollar guitar. One million was his months of total profit.

Tate was in need of financial help, and that day Ethan had granted him that.

Ethan went straight back to campus. Without any class, he was waiting in his dorm the whole

Charles and Dylan were back to the darm very late. They looked worried.
They went to sleep right after getting back.
Ethan frowned but didn’t ask too much. He went to sleep soon after.

The next day, Ethan rushed back to his dorm after class. He was thinking about giving the guitar
to Linda.

But Ethan ran into someone just outside of the classroom.

The books that the person was holding were knocked off on the floor.

“Tm sorry.” Ethan apologized in a hurry. To his surprise, it was Nina he ran into.

Nina was furious that she was run into and the person was Ethan.

“Are you T*king blind?” Nina scolded Ethan, “Are you rushing to your mors funeral?”

Ethan was meant to apologize, but after hearing Nina’s harsh words relating to his mom, Ethan’s
face turned gloomy.

“Please watch your language. | didnt knock you on purpose, and I’ve apologized to you. Can you
be nice?” Ethan looked at Nina and said.

Ethan cared for his mom deeply. Any insult aimed at her would make him lose his mind.

So Nina’s words made Ethan furious.

“| just like to talk that way! What can you do to me?” Nina sneered and said disdainfully, “Sh”t,
are you blind? | really don’t get you. What’s it that you are always so happy about? You are so

Suddenly, Nina remembered that Jerry had told her Ethan went to Moonlight Piano Store to buy
a guitar.

Nina was waiting for the follow-up from Jerry. After not hearing back from Jerry for a whole day,
Nina had forgotten about it.

She assumed that Ethan had been kicked out.
Thinking of this, Nina sneer and said, “| heard that you went to buy a guitar yesterday?”

Ethan was surprised to find out Nina knew about it. Then he remembered that Jerry and Nina
were cousins, so he guessed Nina heard about it from Jerry.

In this case, Ethan assumed that Jerry had told Nina that he spent three million on a guitar.
“Why? You wanna take a look at the guitar?” Ethan also sneered.
Nina was disgusted by Ethan’s facial expression,

Nina guessed that Ethan was bluffing about buying the most expensive guitar in the store and
got kicked out. So she thought Ethan was shameless for trying to lie about the experience.

“What’s your f**king problem?” Nina frowned and said sarcastically, “| want to see your guitar?
It’s interesting. What treasure can you afford? | wouldn’t want it even if you give it to me for free.
Showing off a piece of garbage? Do you feel shameful for yourself?”

Nina thought after been kicked out of the Moonlight Piano Store, Ethan bought a cheap guitar
from the street market to lie to people. How ridiculous!

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