I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 123 – 124

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 123 – 124

Chapter 123

Hearing Nina’s wards, Ethan was surprised.

‘A piece of garbage?” Ethan frowned and said, “Didn’t Jerry tell you? | have bought the most
expensive guitar in the store!”

Ethan wasn’t meant to show off. He just wanted to tell Nina the guitar wasn’t a piece of garbage.
But Nina didn’t believe Ethan at all.

She laughed at Ethan’s words. Nina said to her friends sarcastically, “Do you guys see what a real
bullsh*tter looks like? The most expensive guitar in my cousin’s store? Why don’t you say you
have bought the most expensive guitar in the world?”

Nina laughed hysterically.
She continued talking to her friends.

“De you guys know this moran went to the musical instruments store where my cousin works at?
It’s Moonlight Piano Store, and they sell the most expensive instruments in the whole Buckeye.
Him? Buying a guitar at Moonlight Piano Store? What a joke!”

Nina glanced at Ethan and continued, “My cousin texted me and told me that this moron asked
for the most expensive guitars the moment he went in. So funny, right? You all know who he is,
right? Bluffing at a place like that! Dont you even look at yourself?”

“What happened next?’ A girl asked.

Nina said, “Of course he was beaten up and kicked out! My cousin sent me a video, but | forgot
to save it. You know, he was beaten into a pulp in the video. And he is bullsh*ting in front of us

In fact, Jerry didn’t contact Nina the day before. There was no video of Ethan being beaten up.
Nina just wanted to make up a lie to embarrass Ethan.
And her words worked,

All of her friends showed expressions of ridicule and disgust. Even though they didnt say things
like Nina, it was obvious in their eyes.

Ethan retorted, “Do you think it’s funny? | was kicked out? What’s other lie are you able to make

Nina didn’t care how Ethan felt. She only knew that she felt great after the lie.
Nina wanted Ethan to be laughed at, and her lie did exactly that.

“You don’t admit it? It is what it is. You were bullsh*ting, and you got beaten up!” Nina said
complacently, “lf | were you, I’d learn from it. Stop pretending to be rich, in case someone beat
you to death!”

After finishing her words, Nina was about to leave with a big smile on her face.
Ethan couldn’t take it silently. He stopped Nina and said, “Wait a minute!”
Nina was angry. “Moron, what are you trying to do?”

Ethan said, “Nothing. | just want you to clear up the truth. | did buy the most expensive guitar in
the Moonlight Piano Store, and it cost me three million dollars. If you guys dont believe me, |

have certificates to back up my words. As for | was beaten up and kicked out? It never
happened. My guessing Is that your cousin never contacted you about all these. | suggest you go
talk to your cousin first!”

Ethan wasn’t interested in getting Nina to believe his words. But he couldn’t stand people
slandering his name like this. And Nina’s lie would give Ethan a bad name among others.

Ethan didn’t expect everyone to worship him, but he didn’t want his name to be associated witha
bluffing liar.

But that was what Nina wanted. Looking at the serious look on Ethan’s face, Nina couldn’t help
but chuckled with the girls around her.

“How ridiculous he is! Three millian dollars? You really have a thing far bragging!” Nina sald
scornfully, “| doubt you even have three thousand! Stop your bullsh*t! Do you have any proof? If
you have it, I’ll do anything you ask!”

Nina could never believe what Ethan was telling was the truth.

Hearing this, Ethan nodded, “Okay, you want proof? I’ll give you proof! I’ll shaw you the quitar, the
certificates, and the receipt. If you still don’t believe me, you can ask your cousin. No one knows
better than her!”

Nina didn’t expect Ethan could be so serious about it. She thought Ethan was ridiculous.
Nina said carelessly, “Okay, then go and get me the proof!”

Ethan thought that Nina was serious about it. He smiled and said, “Okay, you wait here. Don’t
forget what you just said!”

After finishing his words, Ethan rushed back to his dorm.

Ethan had to clear his name. He didn’t want Nina’s slander to cast a permanent negative effect
on him.

As soon as Ethan left, Nina laughed loudly, “Haha… Look at that moron, what a clown, He really
believed my wards! So naive! Proof? | just granted you an excuse to run away!”

Nina didn’t believe that Ethan could provide any proof.
She thought Ethan just gave her an excuse to run away.
And Nina just played along because she didn’t want to take another look at Ethan.

After Ethan had gone, Nina quickly said, “Well, the show’s over. You guys, Justin and | are going
to lunch. | don’t want to waste another second on that moron. I’ll bounce. You guys take care!”

When thinking of Justin, Nina couldn’t help but remember what Ethan had done at her family
dinner party the other day.

She murmured scornfully, “You lied ta us that you knew Mr. Paker but ended up being beaten up.
Still, you didn’t learn a thing. Keeping lying to me! We’ll see what’ll happen!”

After Nina had gone, her friends were left one by one.

Meanwhile, Ethan grabbed the guitar and all the paperwork and rushed back to the classroom.
But no one was there anymore.

Ethan gritted his teeth, He knew that he was fooled,

After he calmed himself down, Ethan sighed and smiled bitterly, He realized how childish he was
to treat Nina seriously.

She didn’t worth the trouble!

Ethan didn’t need to care about what Nina thought of him. He would only need to pay attention
to the ones he loved and loved him.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at the guitar and smiled.

Ethan had wanted to give Linda the guitar the day before. But it was too late when he got back to
the dorm, so he gave up the thought.

Ethan took a look at the time. It was still morning time. He thought about going to the rehearsal
room to check if Linda was there. So he could give Linda the guitar.

Thinking of this, Ethan ignored the unpleasant argument with Nina and went straight to the
rehearsal room.

In the rehearsal room, there were about a dozen girls. They were sitting in two groups.
One group was Linda by herself, looking lonely.

The other group was the rest of the girls. Among them was Jennifer. They were whispering to
each other, pointing at Linda, and giggling.

One of the girls glared at Linda and muttered, “Jennifer, can you find a way to kick her out? I’m
disgusted by her. A moron, she couldn’t even afford a guitar. She’s not here to rehearse. She’s
messing us up!”

Another girl echoed, “She’s right, Jennifer. How can we rehearse if she makes all of us
disgusted? You’d better come up with a way to get rid of her’

They sounded as if they hated Linda very much!
Linda could hear them clearly.

However, she couldnt do anything except enduring. Linda loved music very much. Her dream
was to become a singer one day.

Soa she had to stay In the music club to get more performance experiences.

Chapter 124

Linda would never leave the music club, She had made up her mind a long time ago,

She knew that she came from a humble background, and because her dad had walked out on
her mam, Linda had always held a grudge against him.

Linda wanted to be someone and got rid of her humble beginnings. She swore that she would be
a star. And when the time came, she would show her dad what a jerk he was,

And made him regret his decision,

For her dream, Linda could endure anything that stood in the way of her success.

Thinking of this, Linda couldn’t help but cry. She quickly wiped off the tears, lifted her head high.
At this moment, Linda felt someone was standing beside her.

She looked up and found out Jennifer was staring at her viciously.

“Crying! It’s that all you can do? If | don’t know, | would think your mom just died!” Jennifer
scolded Linda. She poked Linda’s forehead with her finger and continued, “Can you stop crying?
You cry away all of our lucks!”

“What’s wrong with you? Crying all day long! You’re so annoying.’

“Get her out of here! She’s so annoying. She doesn’t bring a guitar to rehearsal! Are you here to
mess Us up? Cry? Who’s bullying you?”

A couple of girls circled Linda, scolding her with the most vicious words.

Jennifer viciously used her long fingernail to poke Linda’s face over and over again, leaving a red

Linda cried again out of pain.

Linda didn’t offend therm, but they had to make her life so difficult. Linda couldn’t understand.
She felt aggrieved.

“Why are you still crying? Stop it!” Jennifer screamed and slapped Linda.
Suddenly, a red hand mark appeared on Linda’s pale skin.

Linda eried out loud. She looked at Jennifer with resentment and questioned, “Why do you hit
me? What did | do to you? | cry because I’m upset. What’s that have to do with you?”

Linda wanted an answer from Jennifer. Why did they have te pick on her?

Jennifer was angry at Linda’s words. She replied, “Who gave you the courage to talk back? Was |
too nice to you?”

Jennifer said fiercely, “| just want to say that you offended me! What are you gonna do about
that? Your crying annoys me! And | just want to slap you!”

Jennifer almost screamed her lung out.

The people of the music club usually made fun of Linda, and they would deliberately make
things difficult for her.

They thought upsetting Linda entertained them.

Jennifer was the worst of all. Especially after she knew the relationship between Linda and
Ethan, Jennifer was worse to Linda.

Jennifer disliked Linda, and hated Ethan more. She wanted to torture Linda and Ethan. To bully
them was the least trouble she’d like to put on them.

Jennifer continued arrogantly, “Linda, I’m asking you, do you still want to stay in the club?”
Linda hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Jennifer laughed, “Really? But why you don’t look like you want to stay? Why are you coming
without a guitar? Where are everyone’s drinks? I’ve told you that you need to buy us drinks every
week, Did you f**king forget?”

Jennifer grabbed Linda’s hair and questioned her sternly.
Linda screamed in pain, “My… my guitar is broken. You know it”

“What about the drinks?” Jennifer continued, “Have you forgotten what | said? | told you that you
were bad at singing and needed people’s help. So you need to buy us drinks once or twice a
week, How many times have you bought us drinks?”

Jennifer poked Linda harder. Linda grinned her teeth because of the pain.
Jennifer’s words made Linda felt more aggrieved.

Linda was reminded of how she had been bullied by others the whole time.
Linda was bad at singing?

Linda knew very well that she was one of the best in the music club.

And she worked the hardest. Almost all of the achievements of the music club were because of
Linda’s contribution.

On the contrary, those girls thought they had rich families, so they didn’t pay any attention to
rehearsals. And people had to make up for their poor performance.

It was a joke to say they were helping Linda.
It Was the truth to say they were bulling Linda.
How could Linda buy drinks for the people who had been bullying her?

As a matter of fact, for the sake of being classmates, Linda had bought them a couple of drinks
at the beginning.

But those experiences made Linda see them clearly.
Linda was saving her lunch money to buy a dozen bottles of soda for them.
But they laughed at her.

They poured the drink in frant of Linda and told her it was an insult to buy them soda. They
wanted gourmet juice.

Linda still remembered how horrible Jennifer’s words were.
It hurt Linda to her core.
Linda’s family wasn’t rich. She had saved for quite a while to buy those bottles of soda.

A dozen bottles of gourmet juice would cost Linda a couple of hundred dollars, which she didn’t

Even though she had the money, Linda wouldn’t waste it on them. Her mom was staying in the
hospital, and she needed the money.
Linda glared at Jennifer.

It made Jennifer angrier. She poked Linda even harder.

“Fe*k you, how dare you to stare at me?”

“That’s right. You are so ungrateful! Jennifer was helping you, and you are staring at her?”

“We don’t care about your juice. We just wanted to test your character, but you failed. Wasted so
much of our time taking care of you!”

Jennifer and the other girls were scolding Linda fiercely.

Suddenly, Jennifer smiled and said to Linda, “Linda, you should leave our club, and it would save
our effart to kick you out!”

Linda was stunned by her words. She finally understood the motives of these people.
They just wanted Linda to go.

Linda sneered and stubbornly shook her head, “| won’t go!”

Linda wouldn’t give up her opportunity to perform on stage.

The music club of Buckeye University was usually holding important performance events in
Buckeye City. Linda wanted to gain experience by staying in the club.

To leave the club Would mean to give up all the performance experience.

Linda would never agree to that.

Linda’s reply irritated Jennifer. She shouted, “You want to do it the hard way? You got it!”
Jennifer let go of Linda’s hair and smiled sinisterly.

“You dont want to leave, right?” Jennifer sneered and said, “Well, Linda, | inform you that you are
officially expelled from the music club!”

Hearing this, Linda shook her head and said, “No, you can’t do this. On what ground you expel
me for?”

Jennifer smiled and said, “You ask me? You come to rehearsal without a musical instrument.
Don’t you think | should expel you?”

Jennifer put on a righteous look and said, “Dont say I’m mean to you. I’ll give you one last
chance. If you can get a guitar right now, I’ll take back my words. How do you think?”

Hearing this, Linda was flustered. Where could she find a guitar so suddenly? And there’s not
enough time for her to borrow one,

It was clear Jennifer wanted to make sure Linda would be out of the music club.

At this moment, Linda heard footsteps outside of the rehearsal room.

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