I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 125 – 126

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 125 – 126

Chapter 125

Where am | going to get the guitar?” Linda sald in bewilderment.

Jennifer knew that Linda wasn’t very sociable, and the people that could lend her a guitar were
people in the music club,

And they all knew that Jennifer wouldn’t allow them to borrow Linda a guitar.

Jennifer sneered and gloated, “I can’t help you with that. It seems that you have to leave the

Jennifer made a gesture to let Linda out.

The other girls took the opportunity to laugh and mock her, “We finally have got rid of her. It’s so

“Get out of here, right now! Stop contaminating our club!”

“That’s no one’s fault that you don’t have a guitar’

The girls insulted Linda. They were about to shovel her away.

At this moment, Linda was desperate, and she saw the cruelty of humanity.

Linda had lent hands to every single one of them. Whenever they needed Linda, they would
come to beg for her help.

And at this moment, they turned their faces against Linda without any hesitation.

Linda sighed. She was getting up to leave, but to her surprise, someone held her wrist gently.
The warmth of the touch comforted Linda.

She looked up and saw Ethan. He was looking at her with an affectionate smile on his face.

“You… Why are you…’ Linda was surprised. The feeling of gratitude and excitement surged. Linda
jooked at Ethan, holding back tears.

Ethan smiled at her and said gently, “Linda, you don’t have to leave the club. | braught you the

Hearing Ethan’s words, Linda was confused. But there really was a guitar case on Ethan’s back.

At this moment, all the emotions burst out in Linda’s heart, her gratitude, guilt, longing, and love
toward Ethan, Linda couldn’t help but burst into tears,

Ethan came to her rescue at the moment Linda needed the most.
And he brought her the guitar, which was the ticket for her to continue to stay in the music club.
Jennifer had no excuse to make Linda leave the club anymore.

Ethan’s sudden appearance surprised Jennifer. And what made Jennifer hated Ethan more was
that he brought Linda the guitar.

Jennifer was so close ta kick Linda out of the club this time. Ethan had messed up her plan.
Jennifer had cursed Ethan a million times in her head.
“Who allowed you to come in!” Jennifer couldn’t hold back her anger and yelled at Ethan.

Ethan replied. “Myself. The door is open, so | came in. Is there any problem?”

Jennifer said angrily, “Of course there is a problem. This is the rehearsal room of our club. Non-
personnel is not allowed. Get out of here right now!”

Jennifer was trying to kick Ethan out of the door.
Ethan had overheard what they said to Linda.
So Ethan understood the reason for Jennifer’s attempt to make Ethan leave.

Ethan defended himself, “Really? As far as | know, your club is sharing this room with other
clubs. I’m here on behalf of them. By the way, | don’t see a rule of this room that regulates who
can be here and who cant.

Ethan was telling the truth. Except for the music club, many other clubs also use this room asa
rehearsal room.

There werent many rooms available on the Buckeye University campus, so Clubs shared roams
by scheduling.

Even if one club was using the space in their allocated time slot, they had no right to make other
people leave,

Ethan’s words left Jennifer with no room to arque.
Jennifer’s face turned red with anger, and she was speechless.
“You…” Jennifer gritted her teeth.

Ethan was not satisfied. He continued, “|’m here to give Linda her quitar. | heard you guys wanted
to kick Linda out because she didn’t have a guitar. I’m sorry to disappoint you guys!”

Ethan laughed. He took out the guitar from the case and handed it to Linda.

“Linda, do you like it? | bought It for you!” Ethan looked at Jennifer teasingly and said to Linda,
“This is your guitar. No one can make you leave the club because you dont have a quitar’

Ethan raised his voice to let Jennifer hear the words.
Jennifer was furious, But she found nothing to say.
Linda looked at the antique guitar with a cherishing look in her eyes.

Although she was not from a wealthy family, Linda could tell how exquisite the guitar was from
the first sight.

And Linda knew Ethan well. Ethan’s gift would always be luxurious.

Linda hesitated. If she wanted to stay away frarn Ethan, how could she take such an expensive
gift from hin?

But if she refused the gift, Jennifer would make her leave the music club.

Seeing Linda’s hesitation, Ethan frowned. He then put the guitar in Linda’s hands.
“Take it!” Ethan said with a smile.

Linda didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, she heard Ethan said to Jennifer, “Can Linda stay in the music club now? You
said she could stay as long as she had a guitar!”

Jennifer didn’t want to give up her plan, but it was what she had said.

She snorted and glared at Linda, “You’re lucky today, Linda Aborn. You’d better be careful in the

Jennifer admitted her failure in her worst shame. She hated both Linda and Ethan to death.
Hearing Jennifer’s words, Linda let out a long sigh of relief.

Linda could keep staying in the music club. But she couldn’t accept the guitar.

She wanted to return the guitar to Ethan later.

But Linda really liked this quitar.

Linda loved the musical Instruments, and she had been reading books about them since high
schoal. On the contrary, Jennifer was a layman.

Linda knew Ethan had given her a top-notch quitar.
While Linda was cherishing the guitar, Jennifer cast a scornful look.

She said with a sneer, “Look at the way she looked at the quitar like it’s something special. It’s a
chipped old guitar! Have you ever seen anything good In your life? So disgusting.

Jennifer continued, “| say he picked it up from a dumpster! It’s so grass holding a piece of
garbage! You guys are so f*king talented in treasuring a plece of sht!”

After finishing her words, Jennifer picked up her own guitar, a fleshing light-wood-colored guitar.

Jennifer said proudly, “Burns, look at my guitar! It cost thirty thousand dollars! Look at yours, a
dumpster guitar. Why don’t you throw it out and stop disgusting us?”

Jennifer smiled and showed off to the girls, “You know what, | don’t want it anymore!”
The girls were surprised.

“Why? It’s a great quitar!”


They were staring at Jennifer curiously.

Jennifer raised her voice, “I’m bored with this one. My dad has bought me a Yamaha. It will be
here in a day or two!”

Chapter 126

“Huh? You throw out this one just because you’ve bought a new one?” 4 girl exclaimed.

Jennifer nodded complacently and said, “Of course! This one is too cheap! The new one that my
dad bought me cost more than a hundred thousand dollars.”

As she spoke, Jennifer’s eyes fell on the guitar Ethan bought Linda, “But in my opinion, my
garbage is even way better than their treasure. Can you guys see the difference between us?”

After finishing her words, Jennifer burst out laughing.

She said those words on purpose to humiliate Ethan. Feeling she had achieved her goal, Jennifer
smiled triumphly.

After hearing Jennifer’s wards, the girls all giggled and looked at Ethan gloatingly.

Ethan didnt take it seriously. Looking at Jennifer, Ethan smiled and said, ‘It seems that you
believe your guitar is very expensive.’

‘Of course. One hundred thousand dollars guitar, Can you afford one?” Jennifer said
dismissively, “Don’t tell me that you paid for that piece of garbage. How much? ten dollars?”

Ethan was amazed by Jennifer’s ignorance.
Ten dollars?
Campared with the guitar Ethan bought Linda, Jennifers guitar did look at a ten dollars quitar.

Ethan didn’t want to waste time on Jennifer. He whispered something in Linda’s ear, and they
were walking out.

Ethan didn’t have the time even to humiliate Jennifer.
Ethan’s behavior irritated Jennifer. She stood in their way.

“Wait a minute, wanna run away?” Jennifer said scornfully, “I’m asking you a question. How much
is your guitar?”

Jennifer burst out laughing and continued, “Shameful about the cheap price?”

Jennifer’s words immediately caused a burst of laughter. All the girls were laughing and talking
bad things about Ethan.

Ethan wasnt going to argue with them.
But as Ignorant and insolent as they were, they kept provoking Ethan, asking to be humiliated.

Ethan looked at Jennifer calmly and said coldly, “You’re curious about the price of my quitar,
arent you? You want to humiliate me after hearing the price? I’m afraid I’ll let you down!”

Ethan raised his head and said loudly, “This guitar cost three million!”
“Now, do you still think you have a fancy guitar?’ Ethan said.

Jennifer was stunned.

A three million dollars guitar sounded too much for Jennifer.

Linda was also stunned upon hearing the price.

Linda absolutely believed Ethan.

It pained Linda to hear how much Ethan had spent on the guitar.

After learning how much Ethan was willing to do for her, Linda’s determination for leaving Ethan
was shaken.

It wasnt the money Linda cared about. It was the heart of Ethan touched Linda.

“Why are you doing this?” Linda murmured as she looked at Ethan with a complex expression.
Ethan just smiled, “It doesn’t matter. Compared with you, it’s nothing at all!”

Ethan’s words squeezed Linda’s heart. Tears were welling up in her eyes again.

Yet Jennifer laughed at them.

“Haha… You got to be kidding me!” Jennifer sneered at Linda, “You believe his bullsh*t? Three
million dollars for a guitar? Please!”

“such a pair of morons! One is stupid enough to tell a lie like that, and the other one is stupid
enough to believe the lie!’ Jennifer laughed wildly. She took Ethan’s words as a joke!

In her mind, Ethan would be poor for his entire life. He couldnt afford anything luxurious. So
spending three million on a guitar was the last thing on earth Jennifer could believe.

However, Jennifer’s performance was predictable to Ethan.

He wasn’t angry. Ethan looked at Jennifer and said, “| don’t really care if you believe me or
not. So you think you are noble and rich? To tell you the truth, you are nothing in my eyes.”

Ethan was telling the truth. He didnt think Jennifer was someone worthy of his time and

Ethan put his arm around Linda’s shoulder and turned to leave.
What Ethan didn’t realize was that his simple worded irritated Jennifer extremely.
She glared at Ethan, feeling extremely humiliated. Jennifer was furious,

She couldn’t take the humiliation from Ethan. Because in her mind, Ethan was supposed to be
someone for her ta laugh at.

But at this moment, she was the one being ridiculed by Ethan. Jennifer hated the feeling.
Seeing Ethan was going to get away after humiliating her, Jennifer was indignant.

“F*ck you, dare to laugh at me!” Jennifer had an idea, “Three millian dollars guitar? Well, let’s find

Jennifer found an iron pipe. She ran toward Ethan with the pipe in her hand.

Ethan heard the footsteps and turned over. Jennifer raised her hand and smashed the guitar with
the pipe. “Bang!” The pipe plerced through the guitar.

Ethan was stunned. Things happened too sudden for him to react.

Linda was also petrified. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The three million dollars
guitar was poked a fist-sized hole.

“| want to test if the guitar is really three million dollars!” Jennifer looked at Ethan and said

She threw away the pipe and looked at Ethan.
Ethan’s face changed in an instant.
He wasn’t even going to keep arguing with Jennifer, but she had pushed way too far.

Not only had Jennifer doubted the authenticity of the guitar, but she also poked a hole in the

guitar. Her behavior finally got Ethan furious.

“Do you know what you just did?” Ethan questioned Jennifer sternly.

Jennifer said proudly, “Poke a hole in your garbage guitar! Do you think | believe you paid three
million dollars for the guitar? Funny!”

While speaking, Jennifer took out two one-hundred-dallar notes and threw them on Ethan’s face,
“Here you are. | quess your guitar worth only a couple of tens dollars but keep the change,
considering this as my donation, and you’re welcome!”

Jennifer felt satisfied. She gave Ethan another disdainful look and turned to leave.

“Stop right there!” Ethan scolded. He pointed at the hole in the guitar and asked Jennifer, “Who
said you could leave?”

Jennifer sneered and said carelessly, “What else? Wanna hit me? I’ll dare you!”

Ethan gritted his teeth and gave up the idea of hitting her. He thought that it was a humiliation to
himself if he hit a person like Jennifer.

He took a deep breath and said to Jennifer, “| won’t touch you, but | infarm you that you must pay
me back the thing you destroyed and apologize to me, otherwise…’

Jennifer interrupted with anger, ‘Threaten me? Who are you to threaten me?”

Jennifer smiled disdainfully and continued, “Pay you back? Haw do you suppose | pay you back?
Don’t ask for the hard say! Otherwise, I’ll take back the two hundred dollars! Apologies? In your

Jennifer sneered and left without looking back.
“She..” Seeing Jennifer was leaving, Linda was trying to stop her, but Ethan stopped Linda.

Ethan looked at Jennifer’s leaving and munmured with a grim smile, “Let’s wait and see”

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