I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 127 – 128

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 127 – 128

Chapter 127

Watching Jennifer leaving with the others, Ethan sneered.
Ethan wouldn’t mind so much if they just provoked him.

What Ethan couldn’t put up was that they humiliated Linda and smashed the gift he bought

Ethan wouldn’t let it go so easily!
Jennifer didnt care about the harrible things she had done to other people.
When she found out that Ethan didn’t follow her out of the rehearsal room, she sneered.

“Idiots! Three million dollars guitar! Why didnt he say the guitar was made of diamond? Weird
poor people!” Jennifer said.

The other girls also laughed and echoed, “Jennifer, don’t waste your time on people like him.
Such a cheap bum, it will lower your status to associate yourself with him!”

“Male hillbilly pairs with female hillbilly, Haha, A perfect match.”
Hearing her friends’ words, Jennifer felt much better.

She laughed and said, “| take them seriously? Are they worthy of my attention? A pair of trash.
Wasn’t he so fierce, but where is he now? Coward!”

Jennifer felt even happier after she convinced herself that Ethan was scared of her.

At this moment, a girl suddenly said, “Forget these morons. Are you guys busy this afternoon?
I’m going to the musical instruments store, come with me?”

The other girls quickly said, “Okay, | don’t have classes!”
“| don’t have classes either. Where are we going, Billle?”
“Jennifer bought a Yamaha, Why don’t you buy one too?” A girl suggested,

Hearing this, the girl shook her head and smiled bitterly, “Come on, I’m not as rich as Jennifer,
and my parents never spoil me. I’m thinking a forty or fifty thousand dollars guitar!”

At this time, Jennifer suddenly smiled and said, “| Know the place. Have you all heard of the
Moonlight Piano Store? Their stuff is good. Let’s go there!”

Upon hearing this, everyone nodded in agreement. The girl who wanted to buy a guitar frowned,
“Yes, their stuff is good, but they are also overpricing. | just dont know…

Jennifer interrupted.

She patted her chest and said proudly, “Billie, dant worry. The owner of the store is a friend of
one of my friends. He, of course, will overcharge you guys, but not me.”

Billie was excited to hear that, “Really? If you can get me a discount, I’ll buy you dinner!”
Jennifer smiled and said, “Don’t worry. The owner will welcome me personally’
The friend Jennifer was talking about was Yura Roberts.

Tate Baily was Yura’s family friend. Yura had taken Jenniffer to visit the Moonlight Piano Store a
couple of times, and Tate had met Jennifer.

Jennifer assumed that Tate would give her a discount because he had met her before.

She thought her friends would look up to her if she could get her friend a discount.

Jennifer was a higher level of vanity.

All of the girls took a taxi and went to the Moonlight Piano Store.

Meanwhile, in the rehearsal room, Linda was staring at the broken guitar, shocked.
“What… what should | do?” Thinking of how expensive the guitar was, Linda was upset.

Ethan sighed. He had wanted to give Linda the guitar as a surprise, but at this moment, there
was a hole in it.

Ethan scratched his head and murmured, “It’s okay. I… I’ll handle it!”

In fact, Ethan had no idea what to do. But he suddenly remembered that before he left the
Moonlight Piano Stare, Tate gave him a business card.

Ethan thought maybe he could ask Tate since he was the one to sell hlm the guitar.
Ethan then found the business card and called the number on the card.

‘Hello, who is it?” Tate answered.

He wasnt enthusiastic about answering the call because he didn’t know the number.
‘It’s me. The buyer of the three million dollars guitar. Do you remember me?” Ethan replied.
Tate’s attitude suddenly changed into the opposite after he heard Ethan’s wards.
“Mister, so nice to hear from you so soon. What can I do for you?”

Tate was a smart man. He knew Ethan wouldn’t call him for nothing.

Ethan replied, “Well… The guitar is broken. Do you know is there a way to repair it?”
Ethan was embarrassed to tell Tate that.

Tate was stunned at Ethan’s words, “What? It’s broken?”

It took a while for Tate to come back to himself. He scratched his head and asked, “Is the paint
chipped? We can repair a paint job, and rest assured…”

Ethan spoke before Tate finished, “No, the guitar was pieced, and there a hole on the quitar’

Tate couldn’t believe his ears. Nothing had happened to that quitar the whole time It was stored
in the store. But there was a hole on it right after Ethan took it away? What did Ethan do to a
three million dollars guitar?

Even if Ethan was rich, he couldn’t destroy stuff like that!
Tate was a musical instruments lover. Hearing such bad news, his world was upside down.

“Where are you now?” Tate asked, “This ls a tough problem, | have to take a look at the damage

Ethan told him the address.
In the Moonlight Piano Store.
Tate felt terrible after hanging up the phone.

He sighed heavily and muttered, “What’s wrong with the rich people? If it weren’t for the money, |
would never sell him a treasure like that. Why don’t they learn to cherish good stuff. bmn…

“Mr. Bailey, what’s wrong?’ Jerry saw that Tate looked upset and came to ask.

Tate glared at her angrily and said, “It’s none of your business. Get out of my way. | haven’t deal
with you with the mess from yesterday. You’d better not mess with me now!”

Tate then lit a cigarette before he leit.
Tate wasn’t a smoker, and he would definitely not smoke inside of the store.
So when Jerry saw Tate’s unusual behavior, she knew something terrible was bothering him.

Jerry daren’t to say one more word. She hurried to step aside and pretended to clean the

At this moment, the front door of the store was pushed open, and several well-dressed girls
came in.

They were none other than Jennifer and her companions!

As soon as they entered the door, Jennifer shouted to her friends, “Make yourself at home. Take
your pick, and I’ll talk to the owner to give you all a discount!”

Jerry was surprised to see Jennifer acted like she owned the store fram the moment she

Jerry thought Jennifer looked familiar. In fact, she had met Jennifer before, but Jennifer didn’t
leave a strong impression on Jerry.

However, Jerry didn’t like Jennifer’s behavior at this moment.

Seeing Jerry, Jennifer waved her hand and said in a superior tone of voice, “You, come here.
Where is your boss, Mr. Bailey?”

Jerry didn’t want to get in trouble with Jennifer. She rolled her eyes at Jennifer and pointed at
Tate, who was sitting on the couch, smoking.

Jennifer walked over and said, “Mr. Bailey, how are you?”

Tate, who was worried sick, raised his head and looked at Jennifer. After a moment of thinking,
he remembered that Yura had taken her to the store several times.

Tate would have given her a warm welcome if his mind wasn’t totally occupied by the broken

But he wasnt in the mood that day.

Although the guitar had been sold to another owner, it pained Tate to think that such an exquisite
antique was broken.

He even entertained the thought of returning Ethan the money and taking the guitar back,

Tate was a fanatic collector of musical instruments. If he weren’t really in love with that guitar, he
wouldn’t have spent so much money to buy it from a European auction.

Hearing the quitar was broken, Tate felt as if he was hearing someone had his own newlywed
daughter broken a leg.

Tate took a look at Jennifer. He then lowered his head and started packing his bag. He was
getting ready te go to the Buckeye University campus to find Ethan.

Chapter 128

Jennifer was Ignored. She felt embarrassed but scared of showing It.
She restrained herself and squeezed out a smile, “How is the business?”

Tate looked at Jennifer, but he still didn’t say a word. He didn’t want to take the time to talk to

He felt that Jennifer was trying ta force him into a conversation. Tate wasn’t feeling comfortable
and didn’t want to talk to her.

He picked up the coat and the car key, still in silence.

Seeing that Tate was leaving, Jennifer was anxious.

She didn’t want Tate to leave at this moment, for she was still hoping to get discounts from hirn.
Jennifer quickly smiled and tried to stall Tate.

“| remember that you bought a guitar from Europe. Where is it? Can | have a look?”

Jennifer picked the wrong topic. After being reminded of the guitar, Tate was furious.

But he restrained his anger and replied coldly, ‘I’ve sold it! | dont want to talk about it”

Jennifer was curious about the deal, How could he sell such an expensive quitar?

Jennifer didnt pay any attention to Tate’s words that he didn’t want to talk about it. She
continued asking, “How much did you sell it for? Haha, you definitely earned a lot from the deall”

Hearing Jennifer’s words, Tate gritted his teeth and said, “Three million dollars!”
The number rang a bell for Jennifer. She was stunned.
Jennifer remembered that Ethan said his guitar cost three million dollars.

Jennifer suddenly laughed and said to herself, “Maybe he knew that Mr. Bailey’s quitar sold for
three million dollars, so he told me the same price!”

Jennifer was sure Ethan’s guitar couldnt be the one Tate had sold.

In her mind, the buyer must be a billionaire collector. Ethan would never have three million
dollars for his whole life.

Jennifer’s laughing sound irritated Tate even more.
“What are you laughing at?” Tate asked angrily.

Jennifer was stunned by the question. She didn’t know why Tate was so cold to her. He was nice
to Jennifer every time she saw him.

Before Jennifer opened her mouth, a sound was heard from behind her.

“Jennifer, take a look at this guitar. How do you think?”

It was Billie, the girl who wanted to buy a guitar. She was holding a guitar in her hand.
Jennifer nodded with a smile and said, “It’s good. How much is it?”

“Fifty-two thousand!” Billie smiled and asked in a low vaice, “Jennifer, could you ask the owner to
give me a discount?”

Hearing her words, Jennifer scratched her head and gave a bitter smile. There was a hint of

reluctance on her face.

Jennifer could see that Tate was in a bad mood. She was afraid of what was going to happen
after she asked the question.

“What’s wrong, Jennifer?” The girl asked.
Jennifer was in dilemma. On one side, she had made the promise to get her friends discounts.

On the other side, Tate didn’t even want to talk to her, and Tate might be even angrier when
Jennifer brought up the unreasonable request.

‘Jennifer? I’m asking you a question. Didn’t you say that you can get me a discount? I’m counting
on youl” Billie smiled and said.

Hearing this, Jennifer’s face looked bad, but there was nothing she could do.

She had boasted about her ability to get a discount. At this moment, she had to go and ask Tate
the question.

Jennifer thought that for the sake of Yura, Tate couldn’t decline her request.

Thinking of this, Jennifer took a deep breath and said to Tate with an ingratiated smile on her
face, “Hello, Mr. Bailey. | am Jennifer Campbell, a friend of Yura Roberts. Do you remember me?”

Jennifer had to use Yura’s name to make a deal.

She continued, ‘| took some of my friends to shop at your store, You see this guitar. It cost fifty-
two thousand dollars. Could you give us a discount?”

Jennifer was afraid that Tate would refuse her. She lowered her voice so that only Tate could
hear her, “Please help me, Mr. Bailey. Please don’t make me look bad in front of my friends!”

Jennifer talked in a flirting tane of voice.
However, her behavior made Tate angrier.

“Give you a discount? Why? Who the hell are you?” Tate replied coldly, which shocked everyone
in the store.

Tate knew what Jennifer was up to. He could see that Jennifer had boasted about how well
connected she was and was hoping Tate to prove that.

But why should Tate lose profit to help with Jennifer’s lie?
Tate might help Jennifer for once for the sake of Yura.

But not that day. Tate had already been upset. It was lucky for Jennifer that Tate hadn’t kicked
her out of the store.

“L… | am Yura’s friend? You saw me before, Mr Bailey, you..” Jennifer looked embarrassed and
tried to explain.

Tate interrupted, “You are Yura’s friend. What does |t have to do with me? You want me to give
you a discount? Whe do you think you are?”

Tate’s wards shocked Jennifer completely.
Jennifer thought even though Tate might refuse to give her a discount, he would say it gently.
But it turned out Tate was deliberately trying to make her look bad in front of everyone.

The girls who came with Jennifer looked at each other in dismay and frowned. They were

16 Zi
“What… what’s going on? Didnt Jennifer say that she knew the boss? How could this be?”

“Don’t you see? Jennifer must have bragged in front of us. She thought she could ask peaple ta
do things just because she met him once. It’s embarrassing for her!”

“Judging from his words, he was intended to give Jennifer a hard time, He was kind of mean,
Jennifer could clearly hear what they were talking about.

And she wasn’t feeling well about what she was hearing.

After Tate’s abusive language, Jennifer also heard her friends talking bad behind her back.

If people found out about what had happened that day, Jennifer would have to disappear from
her social circle forever,

Jennifer’s face turned red, and she was at aloss to know what to do.

Tate took a look at Jennifer and turned to leave. On his way out, Tate said to Jerry, “I don’t care
who comes to the store today, no discount!”

Jerry nodded and watched Tate leaving.
“Jennifer, you promised me a discount!” Billie said with a depressed face.

Hearing this, Jennifers face turned redder. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Well… Billie, today…
today doesn’t look good. Why don’t you come another day? Don’t worry, I’ll ask my friend ta come
with me the next time, and there’ll definitely be a discount…

At this point, to save her grace, Jennifer had to take a bet on Yura. She hoped that Yura could
ask Tate for the discount.

Tate might didnt care about Jennifer, but Jennifer thought that at least Tate would care about
Yura’s feelings.

Jennifer smiled at Billie.
Billie smiled back at her, but the smile was full of ridicule.

“| don’t think so!’ The girl sneered, “Jennifer, dont promise something you cant do. Do you think
it’s a funny thing to do? Come the next time if you want, | won’t. | don’t want to be embarrassed

The girl’s attitude towards Jennifer suddenly changed. She rolled her eyes at Jennifer and said
to the other girls, “Well, let’s go, There’s no need to stay here’

Then all the girls were leaving.

Jennifer gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to admit the reality.

She hated Billie. Billie was so nice to Jennifer when she wanted to use Jennifer.
When Jennifer had no use for her, she abandoned Jennifer.


Jennifer stamped her feet in exasperation and turned to leave the store.

Before she left, Jennifer walked toward Jerry.

“What do you want?” Jerry put down her cell phone and looked at Jennifer carelessly.
Jennifer was angry at how Jerry was talking to her.

But Jennifer tried not to show it. She just wanted to ask her a question.

Jennifer smiled and asked, “Could you tell me who bought the three million dollars guitar?”

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