I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 129 – 130

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 129 – 130

Chapter 129

Jerry frowned and sald, “Why do you ask? It doesn’t look Ike you can afford it!”

“You… Why are you talking to me like that?” Jennifer shouted angrily, but Jerry just gave her a
careless smile.

‘Is there anything wrong with it?” Jerry sneered, “You look like a college student. I’ll tell you then.
The buyer is also a college student and is from Buckeye University!”

Jennifer was stunned by Jerry’s words, and her face suddenly changed, “You… What did you say?
Buckeye University?’

Jerry nodded and said, “Why? Do you know that person?”

Jennifer hesitated for a long time. She then asked, “What… What does that person look like? A
he ora she?”

Jerry was irritated by the question, “What’s that have to do with you? Do you want to buy the
guitar or not? If not, go away. | need to work. So many questions. Annoying!”

Jerry said grumpily, and then she went back to work!
Although Jennifer was a little angry, her attention was fixed on something else.

She was perplexed. Jennifer kept muttering, “Buckeye University… three million dollars? No, it is

It was all too coincidental as if Ethan actually bought the guitar from the Moonlight Piano Store.
However, It was hard to belleve that Ethan had the money to buy such an expensive guitar?

But, how to explain all the coincidences?

Jennifer started to worry.

If the guitar Jennifer broke was the one from the Moonlight Piano Store, Jennifer was in deep

Judging from the damage she caused, the repair fee would be hundreds of thousand of dollars.
Jennifer didn’t have that much money…

Jennifer wanted to find out exactly who was the buyer. She said to Jerry with a smile on her face,
‘Hi, Miss. l’m really sorry about my attitude earlier Well, | just want to find out who is the buyer.
To tell you the truth, I’m also a student at Buckeye University. Maybe | know the buyer”

Jerry stopped what she was doing and replied, “Don’t you see that I’m working? So annoying! It’s
a she, okay? She’s in her early twenties, very beautiful. Satisfied?”

Jerry gave Jennifer a made-up answer because she was annoyed by Jennifer.

Jerry thought it had nothing to do with Jennifer that who bought the three million dallars guitar.
If Jennifer had to beg for a discount for a fifty thousand dollars guitar, it was impossible that
Jennifer could know someone as rich as Ethan.

Jerry just thought Jennifer was ridiculous.
However, Jennifer was relieved upon hearing Jerry’s lie.

She smiled and murmured to herself, “It’s a she, haha… | knew it. How could it be that idiot!”
Jennifer finally left the store, satisfied. She was still murmuring to herself afterward.

Even though after believing that Ethan wasn’t the one who bought the guitar, Jennifer was still
wondering who was the she-buyer?

Among thousands of Buckeye University students, there were only a handful of them that were
rleh enough that could spend millions without breaking a sweat.

Within the handful of people, females were even less,
Jennifer had closer relationships with almost all the female students who had wealthy families.
In the end, Jennifer put her suspicion on one person.

“Is It her?” Jennifer stopped. She looked surprised, “It can’t be. Otherwise, she would definitely
tell me.’

The person in Jennifer’s mind was Yura.
She thought Yura was the only one that matched Jerry’s description.
Yura was rich and beautiful.

The most important thing was that Yura loved musical instruments as much as her life. She had
quite a collection of precious musical instruments. Moreover, Yura’s dad also supported her.

Jennifer was sure it was Yura who bought the guitar.

Because of the relationship between Tate and Yura’s family, it was very possible that the three-
million-dollars was just for the public, but the real price was much lower than that.

Thinking that her friend had bought such an expensive guitar, Jennifer couldn’t hold back the

She quickly called Yura.

Yura was surprised to receive a call from Jennifer. The misunderstanding between them hadn’t
worked out yet. Yura thought Jennifer was calling for apologies.

Unexpectedly, Yura heard Jennifer’s excited voice, “Hello, Yura, you are something. Buying such
an expensive treasure, you didn’t think of telling me? You don’t want me to take a look?

“Ah?” Yura was confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Pretending! Jennifer smiled and said, ‘Il know it already. You bought the guitar What a deal,
right? When are you gonna show it to me?”

“What guitar?” Yura still didnt know what Jennifer was up to. But she suddenly remembered that
her dad took a business trip ta Japan the week before, and he bought a guitar for her.

It was said that the guitar was made by a quitar master in Japan, and the price was more than
one hundred thousand dollars.

Yura was wondering If Jennifer was talking about that one. But what surprised Yura was that she
hadnt told anyone about it.

Yura sighed and smiled, “So you already knew about it. It isn’t that precious. But if you are
interested, you can come to my house someday and have a look.”

Yura seemed to remember something and said, “By the way, are you free next Wednesday? Do
you want to come to my house for dinner? My dad is going to invite a quest. He is an expert in
musical instruments, and | want to show him my collection!”

Jennifer wouldn’t want to miss an occasion like this. She quickly replied, “Of course. Call me on

Wednesday, and I’ll ga”

Yura answered and hung up the phone.

Jennifer was extremely happy. She enjoyed attending events like that.

Most importantly, she was curious about what the three million dollars guitar looked like.
At this moment, Jennifer’s cell phone suddenly rang.

It was from the delivery services.

‘Are you Ms. Campbell? Your shipment, which contains valuable objects, will be delieved this
afternoon, Please remember to check your mail.

Jennifer knew that it must be the Yamaha quitar her father bought her.
She jumped out of excitement!
She had been begging her dad for the guitar for more than six months.

The guitar was more than one hundred thousand dollars. Even though Jennifer’s farnily was
wealthy, it was still an expensive object for them.

Therefore, the guitar was precious to Jennifer.

Jennifer quickly jumped inte a taxi and went back to campus to wait for her guitar.

Meanwhile, Linda and Ethan were waiting at the campus gate. A BMW was driving over slightly.
The car was pulled over on the side of the road, and Tate got out in a hurry.

“What… what happened to the quitar?” Tate asked anxiously.

Chapter 130

Ethan handed the guitar to Tate. The moment Tate saw the guitar, his face changed.

Although the guitar had been sold to Ethan, it still pained Tate to see such a big hole on the
precious guitar,

“How… What happened? You destroyed a priceless treasure!” Tate said bitterly.

Ethan frowned and told Tate what’s happened to the guitar. He then asked, “What can be done to
fix it?”

Tate frowned. After a moment’s hesitation, he said, “I’ll take the guitar to Ocean City to find
someone to repair it. [fit cant be done, I’ll have to send it to Europe!”

Ethan nodded. Before leaving with the guitar, Tate asked, “Do you want me to give you an official
damage report? The guitar was damaged deliberately, You can’t just let the person did it get

After a moment of thinking, Ethan nodded in silence.

Ethan took a look at Linda and asked Tate, ‘Can you send me another guitar? | remembered you
have a Yamaha guitar in your store.’

“Do you mean the LL series?” Tate asked,

Ethan couldn’t remember the detailed information about the guitar, so he said, “It’s the one that
cost one hundred thousand dollars. We need a guitar just for now. Let me know if you can repair
this one.”

Tate nodded. He couldn’t help but feel surprised at the way Ethan spent money.
One hundred thousand dollars looked like petty cash for him.

With another deal coming at his door, Tate’s face finally showed a trace of relief. He nodded and
walked to his car, saying to Ethan, ‘I’ll have someone send it later today! By the way…

Tate remembered something and said, “Next Wednesday, one of my friends will hold a party at
his house, The guests are friends from the Buckeye music scene, and there will be some famous
people there. Are you interested in going?”

Tate thought if Ethan could spend millions in buying guitars for the young woman standing next
to him. The relationship between the two would definitely be special,

And Tate could feel the music talent in Linda.

Tate thought if he could help Linda get into Buckeye music circle, it would be a great thing for
both Linda and Ethan.

And they would be grateful for him. Maybe Tate could even keep Ethan as a loyal customer.

Hearing Tate’s suggestion, Ethan didn’t answer right away. He looked at Linda as if asking for her

Linda was interested in the party. It was her drearn to enter the music circle.

However, she had been trying to leave Ethan. If she went to the party with Ethan, it would make it
harder te break up with him.

Linda hesitated without answering.
Ethan saw the worry on Linda’s face and shook his head. He said to Tate, “Well, call me then!”

Hearing Ethan’s answer, Tate was happy. He nodded and said, “Okay, you can rest assured. I’ll tell
them to welcome you as quests in honor!”

Ethan didn’t pay any attention to his title, He just wanted to make Linda happy.
After Tate left, Ethan turned over to look at Linda.

Linda was a little embarrassed. She turned her face to the side.

“You… You and the man from that day, are you guys for real?” Ethan asked.
The question had been bothering Ethan the whale time.

Although he hadn’t known Linda for very long, Ethan felt that he knew her well.

Ethan couldnt believe Linda was able to jump into another relationship shortly after leaving

The night which Ethan saw Linda with another guy, he was impulsive and furious. But after Ethan
calmed down, he thought there was something off about what happened the other night.

So Ethan had been wanting to ask Linda but didn’t find the opportunity.
Ethan thought this moment was a good time, and he didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

He couldnt figure out what had happened to Linda to make her change her mind sea

In the face of Ethan’s question, Linda was evasive.
“L.. | really have a boyfriend, he…”
“He is just a friend!” Ethan interrupted and laughed.

Ethan put his hands on Linda’s shoulders and Jooked into her eyes tenderly. At that moment,
Ethan felt as if the whole world had disappeared.

“No… Linda wanted to refuse. She was clear that if she admitted that she didnt have a
boyfriend, Ethan would question what happened the other night.

And if Linda couldn’t give Ethan a satisfactory explanation, he would never leave her side.

“‘Danit lie to me!’ Ethan chuckled. He looked at Linda affectionately and said, “| know you, and
you know me. You are lying to me to make me leave. But you should know this better than
anyone. It is impossible!”

Ethan continued, “Linda, | know there must be something or someone make you leave me. But
I’m telling you this, whatever that Is, ll never leave you, I’ll always be with you through better or

Ethan held Linda’s shoulder tighter.
Linda was deeply touched by Ethan’s words. Tears were welling up in her eyes.
She didn’t make a sound, gritting her teeth. At this moment, Linda’s emotion was complicated.

She couldn’t decide what to do. Linda wanted to be with Ethan. But she couldn’t stop hearing
Maggie’s words,

After a long while of silence, Linda finally spoke, but her voice was hesitant.

“Ethan… I’m sorry. It’s over between us. | appreciate everything you did for me today. |’m sorry the
guitar is broken, but we are over. I’ve found someone new. Please dont look for me anymore”
Finishing her words, Linda turned to leave.

But a hand grabbed her.

It was Ethan. He looked at Linda firmly.

After hearing Linda’s farewell, Ethan was still smiling.

‘I’ve made myself clear. | dont believe the thing you said!” Ethan suddenly laughed and held
Linda into his arms, “Well, let bygones be bygones. Let’s start over again!’

At that moment, Linda was completely stunned.

She could feel two lines of tears tumbling down her cheeks,

Linda wanted to struggle, but Ethan held her tightly.

Eventually, she gave in to Ethan. Linda buried her head in Ethan’s chest, and tears burst out.

The moment she gave in to Ethan, Linda felt as if a huge burden was unloaded. She was
exhausted fram struggling between her true feeling and the need to leave Ethan.

She felt relieved!

Linda realized that her tricks for driving Ethan away looked like child play in Ethan’s eyes.
As she was crying, Linda smiled.

“Allis good now!” Ethan comforted her, “We are starting over!”

Ethan knew that Linda had accepted him. At this moment, he was so excited that he could
imagine his life spending with Linda.

Ethan wanted to buy a house with Linda together, and he wanted to create a world only for

The thought made Ethan escalated.

Ethan’s dream was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone. Ethan checked his phone with
disappointment. It was from Tate.

Tate called to inform Ethan that the new guitar was on the way. It would arrive on campus

After hanging up the phone, Linda and Ethan were waiting at the campus gate.

After a while, a van with the Moonlight Piano Store’s logo stapped in frant of the campus gate.
Ethan recognized the van right away.

He walked to the van te take the guitar and then came back to Linda.
Ethan handed the guitar to Linda happily and asked, “What do you think? Do you like it?”

Almost at the same time, a taxi was slowly pulled over in frant of the campus gate.

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