I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 131 – 133

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 131 – 133

Chapter 131

After the taxi pulled over, Jennifer threw the drive a handful of cash and said, “Keep the change.
I’m ina good mood today, so just considering it as my award to you”

Jennifer got out of the car in a hurry.
Jennifer was excited. The guitar her dad bought her would be here very soon!

The guitar was worth one hundred thousand dollars. The moment Jennifer received it, she
would show it off among her friends.

There were quite a few less wealthy people among Jennifer’s friends who would envy her.

She also wanted to show the guitar to the girls from similar families status as she did.

They would call themself BFFs, but they were secretly competing with each other on everything,
From makeup to high-end clothes.

They enjayed satisfying their vanities.

Jennifer was the worst among them.

Jennifer was walking toward the campus as she was checking her group chat messages.

She had texted in the group to tell her so-called rich friends to come to the campus gate so she
could show off her new guitar.

Her message created an explosion in the group chat. People were sending messages to tell her
they would be there soon. There were many messages exclaimed the fancy guitar Jennifer was

These messages made Jennifer very happy. She thought she could win all the girls with this

Jennifer was using the makeup that they were using and wearing the luxury brands that they
were wearing. Not every one of them had a car, but Jennifer also owned one.

This time around, Jennifer had a one-hundred-thousand dollars guitar that no one had.
Jennifer felt as if she was the winner af the world.

As she was escalated, Jennifer looked up, and she was stunned by what she saw.

Linda and Ethan were standing not far away.

“Why are they here? What a jinx!” Jennifer muttered to herself with disgust all over her face.
She was stunned again by what’s in Ethan’s hand.

“What’s going on…”

Jennifer thought that the guitar in Ethan’s hand looked familiar.

She recognized that the guitar in Ethan’s hand was the same model as the one her dad bought

“What’s that?” Jennifer frowned, looking upset.
It’s…” Jennifer’s eyes suddenly widened. She charged toward Ethan angrily.

“You motherf*ker. How dare you to steal my stuff?” Jennifer screamed at Ethan.

Ethan didn’t know what’s wrong with Jennifer, and he stared at her, confused.

Linda was confused as Ethan was. She frowned.

“What’s your problem?’ Ethan yelled back, “l just stood there, and you have a problem with that
too? Go check a doctor. You are mental!”

Ethan glared at Jennifer with hatred.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Jennifer sneered, “You got to be kidding me. How shameless are you?
You are holding my guitar! Do you know how expensive it is? If you scratch it, I’ll kill you!”

Jennifer’s words confused Ethan.
None of Jennifer’s words made any sense to Ethan.

He didn’t know why Jennifer just jumped out fram nowhere and claimed that the guitar was

“Danit say | didn’t warn you. Stop making trouble!” Ethan said to Jennifer with a serious face, “I’m
telling you. This is my guitar, and | paid for it. It has nothing to do with you. What’s your plan,
scam me a guitar? Ridiculous!”

Ethan’s words made Jennifer furious.
Jennifer had a presumption that Ethan was holding the guitar her dad bought her.

She thought the guitar was too expensive for Ethan. What’s more, the delivery service just called
her about the delivery,

In Jennifer’s imagination, Ethan stole the guitar before she could get here.
What made her angrier was that Ethan claimed that he paid for the guitar.
It sounded like a joke to Jennifer.

Jennifer’s face turned red with anger. She screamed at Ethan, “You are fking bullshting! What the fk are you? Do you have the money ta buy it? What? You think you can just steal my guitar
through bullsh
ting? Why don’t you take a freaking look at yourself?”

Jennifer sounded coarse. She continued, “You tell me you bought it. Where did you buy it? Do
you have a receipt?”

“Moonlight Piano Store!” Ethan said seriously.

However, Ethan realized that he didn’t ask for a receipt.

The guy Tate sent over didnt mention it.

He might forget about it in a hurry.

But Ethan was in trouble at the moment.

Ethan was speechless.

L..- Ethan stuttered and said, “They didnt bring me the receipt!”
Jennifer laughed at Ethan’s words,

No one could belleve someone could spend one hundred thousand dallars without asking for a

It made Ethan looked like a llar and a thief,

Jennifer sneered, “Well, then. Tell me the model of the guitar. You said you bought it, so you
should know it!”
Jennifer said with confidence.

She didn’t think Ethan know anything about musical instruments.

Jennifer didn’t expect Ethan could know the brand of the guitar, not alone the model.
And Jennifer was right.

Ethan had no idea of the detailed information about the guitar he was holding.

Ethan was a little anxious, The fact that he didn’t Know the specifications of this guitar didn’t
prove he didn’t own it.

Before Ethan could argue, Jennifer continued, “Well, let me ask you one last question. How
much is this guitar?”

Ethan still didn’t know the answer.

He Just vaguely remembered that this guitar was worth more than one hundred thousand dallars,
but he couldnt remember the exact price.

Ethan had focused on asking Tate to send over a quitar, and he didn’t pay attention to the rest.
“something around one hundred and twenty-three thousand?”
Jennifer suddenly burst out laughing.

“Ridiculous!” Jennifer said, “You said this is your guitar, and yet you don’t have a receipt, you
don’t know the model, and you dont know the price. Let me ask you this. How can you buy
something you don’t know the price of?”

Hearing Jennifer’s questions, Ethan did think it sounded suspicious that he bought the guitar
without knowing anything about it.

Looking at Jennifer, Ethan was anxious.

Before he could open his mouth, Jennifer suddenly snatched the guitar off Ethan’s hand and
turned to run away.

“Stop! What are you doing? Robbing me?” Ethan grabbed Jennifer and yelled at her, ‘I’ve told you
| bought it, even though | don’t know the answer to your questions. You’d better calm down
before you get hurt.

Ethan was about to grab the guitar from Jennifer.

Jennifer quickly shouted, “Help, robbery! Come and help! A bum is robbing me!”
Her shouting attracted a couple of students’ attention. They were coming over.
Not for long, a crowd was formed around them.

Seeing she got the audience, Jennifer was even more unscrupulous. She yelled, “Everyone, look

carefully. This man is a thief!”

Chapter 132

Hearing Jennifer’s accusation, the crowd was talking and judging about Ethan.
“Breaking news! A guy is robing a girl in broad daylight! Shameful!”
“Oh my god, how poor is he? He is even robbing a guitar!”

“What do you know? If I’m not wrong, it is a Yamaha. | think it should be at least cost one
hundred thousand dollars. Robbing this, that quy knows what he is doing!”

Most of the people in the crowd believed that Ethan was a thief. Some college athletes were
trying to help Jennifer.

They looked like they want to beat up Ethan.

Jennifer was extremely proud of how the situation was developing. She looked at Ethan
gloatingly, “Come to get it! Coward!”

Jennifer looked at the college athletes flirtingly, “Thank you, guys! This guy is too outrageous. He
wants to rob me of my guitar in broad daylight. The guitar cost more than one hundred thousand
dollars. If we weren’t from the same university, | would have called the cops!’

Seeing Jennifer was flirting with them, the athletes were excited.

Jennifer was pretty, and she looked like someone came from a well-off family, which fit rough
guys taste.

One of the college athletes patted his chest and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, beautiful. As
long as we are here, | don’t think he dares ta do anything to you!”

The guy then cracked his knuckles and said, “What’s the matter? The girl has said to let you go.
Why are you still hanging here? Want to get beaten?”

Ethan looked at the strong athletes helplessly. He explained, “You guys are making a mistake.
This is my guitar. | bought it for my girlfriend. It is her. She jumped out from nowhere and
accused me of stealing. I’m the victim here’

The athlete looked at Ethan and Jennifer. He frowned, “You say this guitar is yours?”
Ethan thought that the athlete believed him. He nodded, “Yes!”
However, the athlete burst into laughter.

‘Joking? That beauty has told us it cost more than one hundred thousand dollars. Do you have
that much money?” He ridiculed Ethan.

Then all the athletes started laughing at Ethan.

“Look at him. How dare he say that he bought the guitar? What a shameless person!”
“What a shameless lie! | say let’s beat him up!”

No one believed Ethan’s words, and he didn’t know what to do to make them believe him.

Why people had to judge people by their appearance? What’s wrang with Ethan’s look? Did he
look like someone untrustworthy?

The more Ethan thought about it, the angrier he became.

Jennifer was enjoying what she was seeing.
She said loudly to Ethan, “Open up your eyes! People are smart, and no one would believe what
you say! Robbing me? Why don’t you go to hell?”

Finishing her words, Jennifer was trying to leave, holding the quitar.

Jennifer didnt care about Ethan’s feelings when she said those words, but the words upset

Ethan raised his head, gritted his teeth, and glared at Jennifer. He couldnt figure out why
Jennifer was so shameless,

She was leaving after swindling the guitar from Ethan. How could Ethan let her get away with

Ethan rushed forward to stop Jennifer.

The moment Ethan reached out his hand, there was a strong body standing in front of him like a

It was the athlete who spoke for Jennifer just now.

He stared at Ethan with anger, “What are you trying to do?”

Ethan was stunned. He was intimidated by the athlete.

Ethan put up his courage and said, “I’m taking back what belongs to me!”

The athlete sneered, “You’re really f**king shameless. Why do you still say it is your guitar? Do
you have problems? Want me to give you a diagnosis?”

The athlete was about to hit Ethan when Jennifer spoke.

“Wait a minute!” Jennifer gently pushed the athlete away and looked at Ethan proudly, “What on
earth do you want? Do you really want me to call the cops?”

Ethan wasn’t scared of the police. On the contrary, he thaught, at this moment, only police could
handle this situation fairly.

Ethan sneered and said, “It is okay that you are constantly targeting me. It is also okay that you
like this guitar. If you want it, | can buy another ane for you. But | bought this one for my
girlfriend. | hope you could give it back. If you do, | can forget all about today. Otherwise, | won’t
let you get away with it!”

This is Ethan’s last warning to Jennifer.

In Ethan’s mind, Jennifer had pushed way too far.

Ethan didn’t want to waste one more minute on a person like Jennifer.
Jennifer spitted at Ethan.

She glared at Ethan in disqust and sneered, “You f**king bum, | was holding back on you. But if
you ask for it, lll make you suffer!”

Jennifer turned around and said loudly, “Ladies and gentlemen, | have a joke to tell you. Maybe

you all think it is ridiculous for this bum to claim that he can afford a one hundred thousand
dollars guitar. But do you know what’s even funnier? Before this, he told us that he bought a three
million dollars quitar for his girlfriend! Hilarious, right?”

Jennifer is trying to humiliate Ethan in front of the public.
And she did it. The crowd burst into laughter.

“Haha… What a joke! Three million, right, rich guy!”

“Maybe he has mental problems. If he really has that much money, he should use it to see a

Listening to the laughter, Jennifer said to Ethan proudly, “You think you can threaten me?”

Jennifer pointed at the guitar in her hand and said solemnly, “What’s mine is mine. You can never
take my stuff!”

Jennifer firmly believed that the guitar was hers!

But just as she finished speaking, the crowd was separated into a passage. A delivery man in
blue uniforms was walking toward Jennifer.

The delivery man didnt know what happened. He said to Jennifer with a smile on his face,
“Hello, are you Ms. Campbell?”

Jennifer nodded in confusion, “Yes, what can | do for you?”
The delivery man smiled and signaled another two staff behind him to carry out a big box.

‘This is your package. It is a valuable item that requires special handling. | hope that you are
satisfied with our service.”

The delivery man bowed slightly and pointed at the wooden box that was carried out.
Jennifer was even more confused.
“What… what is this?” She stammered.

The delivery man smiled and said, “It is a fragile shipment from Japan. Da you want to check
your shipment now?”

Jennifer was stunned, She looked at the guitar in her hand.
“But I’ve got my guitar?” Jennifer asked in surprise. “Are you sure you get the right address?”

The delivery man scratched his head and smiled in confusion. He never encountered a situation
like this.

‘It’s Impossible. We take extra precaution when shipping valuable shipment.’

Hearing this, Jennifer was completely dumbfounded. She took another look at the guitar in her

The crowd was also confused at the turn of the event.

Jennifer just claimed firmly that the quitar was hers, but why there was another one delivered to
her? She had made a mistake? Or She bought two?

At this time, only Ethan figured out what was going on. He smiled sarcastically.

Chapter 133

Ethan had assumed that Jennifer causing the trouble just because she wanted the guitar for

Otherwise, it would look morbid of her just doing all of this for making trouble for Ethan.

At this moment, Ethan understood it all.

It was a mixture of a coincidence and a misunderstanding.

After seeing Ethan was holding the same guitar as hers, Jennifer thought it was stolen from her.
It was ridiculous. Ethan would never steal.

Ethan sneered at Jennifer’s pathetic assumption.

It showed Ethan how much Jennifer hated him.

But Ethan found the whole thing getting more and more amusing.

He wanted to see how Jennifer would put an end to her farce.

Ethan didn’t want Jennifer to get away with it easily after she attempted to humiliate and Insult

Ethan hid his thought. He was watching quietly what Jennifer would do afterward.

Meanwhile, Jennifer opened up the box. Inside, there was a brand new quitar, which was still in
the bubble cushion wrap.

Upon seeing the new guitar, Jennifer wasn’t excited. She was confused.
Slowly, she understood what a farce she just caused,
And she was holding Ethan’s guitar.

Jennifer didn’t understand where did Ethan get the money for the guitar, considering he had
been so poor.

But she didn’t have the time to worry about it. The thing Jennifer worried about the most was
what would she do at this moment.

Thinking of her own behavior earlier, Jennifer found herself in a very awkward situation at the

How would people look at her?

Jennifer was perplexed.

“Ms. Campbell, are you satisfied with our service?”

The delivery man’s question interrupted Jennifer’s thought.
Jennifer just stood there, motionless.

Jennifer’s friends, who came over after seeing Jennifer’s text, walked over ta Jennifer and
whispered to her, “Jennifer, what the hell is going on here? |s this your guitar or not?”

The girl who spoke was tall and slender. She wore heavy makeup, looking pretty.
She had come here to appreciate Jennifer’s new guitar.

They came to talk the Jennifer when she was in an embarrassing situation rather than she was


the mast complacent. Jennifer thought they did that on purpose to laugh at her.

In Jennifer’s eyes, her so-called friends were pretending to care about her. So she was very cold
to them.

“| dan’t know. It looks like my guitar just arrived” Jennifer stammered.

The girl who just spoke shouted out of surprise, “Really? So this one isn’t your guitar after all, But
whose guitar is it? Does the guitar really belong to that handsome? If this is true, you are making
such a big joke of yourself!”

After the girl finished her words, she looked at Ethan with a smile.

She didn’t really care about treating Ethan fairly. She knew the reason Jennifer asked them to
come over was to show-off her new quitar.

Instead of seeing Jennifer gloating in front of them, what they saw was that Jennifer
embarrassed herself in front of the public. Jennifer’s friends were satisfied with the outcome.

And they couldnt wait to take the opportunity to humiliate Jennifer even more.
Upon hearing the girl’s words, Jennifer’s face turned red. She glared at the girl.

When Jennifer was in a dilemma, her friends werent trying to help her but to humiliate her.
Jennifer hated them to death.

However, hate wouldn’t help Jennifer get out of trouble.

Hearing the girl’s words, the crowd suddenly understood what was going on. They started to talk
about Jennifer.

‘It’s definitely very embarrassing for her. She tried so hard to insult the quy when she thought this
was her guitar. What’s she going to do now? Does she feel shameful?”

“What the hell? She fooled us all! She robbed this guy’s guitar and accused of him stealing?

“Oh my god. If the delivery guy hasn’t shown up, the guy would have been so wronged! It was all
this girl’s fault! Calling robbery before knowing what was really going on. Let’s see how she’s
gonna end this!”

The tide of the crawd changed in the opposite direction in an instance.

People who were insulting Ethan for being shameless turned to accuse Jennifer.
Looking at the change of the crowd, Jennifer’s hatred deepened.

But there was nothing she could do.

She was the one at fault.

At this moment, Ethan suddenly spoke.

He looked at Jennifer and sald with a smile, “Oh, your guitar has arrived! Are you still saying the
one in your hand is yours?”

‘L.” Hearing this, Jennifer was speechless. She didn’t know what to say for a long time.
The girl who spoke earlier opened her month.

“Jennifer, don’t take it the hard way, but it is your fault!” She continued, “How can you make
accusations without any evidence. You wronged this guy for stealing your guitar, but the guitar
belongs to him!”

She took the guitar away from Jennifer’s hand and said, “| think you’d better apologize to him,

right now! It’s your fault, and you should admit it. Take a bow and say something nice to him. |
think the handsome here won’t give you a hard time!”

She sounded like she was teaching Jennifer manner.
But only Jennifer knew the girl was trying to make Jennifer look even worse.
The girl knew Jennifer well. She knew Jennifer would never say sorry.

lf Jennifer wouldn’t apologize, peaple would keep insulting her, which would make Jennifer’s
situation more embarrassing.

In comparison, the girl would look noble for giving Jennifer the suggestion.

Although Jennifer had figured out her friend’s scheme, she couldnt bear herself for lowering
herself to Ethan.

If she chase not to apologize to Ethan, she satisfied her friend’s intention.
Jennifer stared at the girl, gritting her teeth.
After hearing the girl’s words, the crowd was getting excited.

“That’s right. You are wrong, and you insulted the person you wronged. To apologize is the least
you can do!”

“Apologize to him right now. Don’t let her get away’

“Getaway? No way! I’ve seen people like her. Unless someone teaches her a lesson, she will do
that again!”

Everyone was scolding Jennifer with excitement as if they were the ones being wronged.
In fact, they were doing this not because they cared about Ethan.

Some of them were trying to stir up the crowd. The others were pretending they were honest and

They would choose any side that seemed right at the moment.
Ethan didn’t care about their opinions. He found them rather ridiculous.
However, Jennifer couldn’t bear it. She felt grieved hearing people’s insults.

She held back for a while and suddenly shouted at the crowd, “Enough! You want to see the
shows? I’ll give you the shows! | will never apologize! What are you going to do to me? Who the
hell are you to tell me what to do?”

The crowd suddenly quieted down.

Seeing this, Jennifer sneered, “All you can do is talking! What my business has anything to do
with you? What can you do to me if | dont say sorry? Ridiculous! You all really think you are
someone powerful and important?”

Jennifer felt more confident. She turned ta insult Ethan, “| warn you, don’t you be so happy! Who
do you think you are? Yes, | wronged you. What’s the problem? You can do nothing to me even if
| purposefully frame you! To tell you the truth, you are less than a fart in my eyes!”

After finishing her words, Jennifer looked at Ethan with contempt. She took the guitar in the
package box. With the sound of a sneer, Jennifer put Ethan’s guitar on the ground and stepped
on it.

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