I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 134 – 136

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 134 – 136

Chapter 134

“Bang!” Jennifer’s high heel poked a hole within the guitar.

Everyone was stunned,

The crowd burst into chaos after a quick moment of silence.

“Dmn, the quitar is worth quite 100 thousand dollars. She just broke it like that?” “She is crazy! She made an error , and she or he still smashed other people’s stuff? Shame on her!” “She’s f*king disgusting”

The crowd was condemning Jennifer.

Even Jennifer’s friends were all stunned at what she did. They checked out Jennifer and Ethan in
shock and will say a thing.

They just wanted to humiliate Jennifer but didn’t expect Jennifer could behave so extremely.
At this moment, Jennifer didn’t feel even a trace of guilt or worry. She let it all out.

Jennifer checked out everyone cantemptuously as if she just did something great and amazing,
“Keep talking! is that this what you quys are expecting , a spectacular event? this is often what | do! | just
broke his guitar! What can he do to me?”

After finishing her words, Jennifer checked out Ethan, “| trampled your guitar. What does one want to
say to me? Ridiculous, how dare you to form a sound? a bit of sh“t, | knew it had been fake the
moment | saw it, does one really think | want it? You already took over a bit of garbage and said
It cast three million. this is often another fake Yarmaha! does one really think we are all as dumb as

Jennifer sneered. She thought Ethan’s guitar was fake. He couldn’t have enough money to shop for a

“No, Ethan isn’t lying!” Linda suddenly stepped out and said, but she turned intimidated when
facing Jennifer.

But Jennifer assumed that the rationale Linda behaved intimidated was that she knew Ethan was

Jennifer sneered and rolled her eyes at both of them, saying, “Keep lying! does one think people
would believe you bums can afford the guitar?’

After finishing her words, Jennifer left swaggeringly.
Linda was getting to catch up and arque together with her , but Ethan stopped her.

Looking at Jennifer leaving, Ethan didn’t show anger. He smiled coldly, “Let’s wait and see. She
will get her punishment soon.”

Ethan was getting to leave with Linda.

“The guitar!” Linda picked up the guitar. watching the opening within the guitar, her eyes were filled with
In a very short time, Ethan had two very expensive guitars broken. Linda felt pitying him.

She trapped with Ethan and showed the guitar to him, “What should we do now’? it is a pity that
the guitar…’
Ethan stroked Linda’s head and smiled, “Don’t warry, I’ll get someone to send another one ta you.
You can toss this one out!”

Hearing this, Linda was shocked. “No, it cost quite 100 thousand dollars. So
wasteful to throw it away”

Ethan laughed. He stroked Linda’s silky hair and said, “Haha, I’m joking. I’ll call Tate to repalr it”

Ethan called Tate’s to inform him what had happened to the new guitar, and Tate almost fainted
after hearing Ethan’s wards.

What’s what? After you had an enormous hole on the three million dollars guitar, and you had another
hole within the new one within half an hour?

Tate was speechless.

Tate was amazed by Ethan’s diary of destroying guitars. He wondered that where did this
rich kid come from, who behaved soa uniquely.

Tate didn’t say much. He let Ethan know that he would send someone to select up the guitar, and
the person would came with a replacement one.

After all the cash Ethan had spent within the store, Tate gave Ethan a free repair service.
Ethan thanked Tate and hung up.

Linda checked out Ethan guiltily. After an extended pause, she said, “Today… I’m sorry, I… I’m heading

Linda turned to go away .

Ethan wasnt willing to let her go. He had tons that he wanted to speak to Linda about, but the
words stuck in his head at this moment.

All of a sudden, Ethan remembered something. He walked up to Linda.

“Linda, wait a minute!”

Linda stopped and checked out Ethan, “What’s the matter?”

Ethan smiled and said, “Well… | want to shop for something. Could you retain me company?”
Linda frowned and said, “Buy something? What does one want to buy?”

Ethan smiled mysteriously. Before Linda could answer, he dragged her with him, “Let’s go. You’ll
find out!”

Ethan remembered that he was getting to buy a house. He wanted to see the important estate market
with Linda.

In Ethan’s mind, Linda could be more detail orientated and will help him notice places Ethan

At an equivalent time, Ethan wanted the house to be the house for both of them. So he wanted to shop for
a house that Linda liked.

Ethan’s heart was filled with joy. He and Linda got into a taxi.
“Sir, Stratyer Residence, please!” Ethan said to the driving force .

The drive saw Ethan and Linda and smiled, “Are you guys handing out flyers there? | suggest you
take a bus. The taxl fare would cost you today’s salary”

The driver didnt think two college students could attend Stratyer Residence to shop for a house. So he
was giving suggestions out of excellent Intention.

Hearing this, Ethan smiled. He was getting to explain, but he took a glance at Linda and gave up the

He wanted to offer Linda a surprise. If he said an excessive amount of to form Linda suspicious, the surprise
would be gone.

Linda was confused, “What is Stratyer Residence? Ethan, didnt you say that we are getting to buy
things? What does one want to buy?”

The driver had started the car. He checked out Linda through the rear-view mirror in surprise and
said with a smile, “Kid, you do not know Stratyer Residence? that’s our Buckeye’s most luxurious
community far and away . The community features northern European style villas. | heard the most cost effective
house there would cost quite fifty thousand dollars per square meter!”

The driver was confused too. He rotated and took another check out Ethan, half-joking, “Buy
things? There are only villas to buy! Kid, your boyfriend is buying you a villa”

The driver sounded taunting,
He guessed that Ethan was trying to urge Linda into a bedroom there for the night.

The driver worked round the campus area. He had met many college students couples trying to
go to a hotel distant from the campus. He checked out Ethan with a wry smile.

Ethan sighed at the driver’s words. He thought that the surprise was almost rulned.
Linda was shocked at the driver’s words,

She knew how wealthy Ethan was. Fifty thousand dollars per square metre didn’t sound sort of a lot
of money for Ethan. So Linda guessed that Ethan was getting to buy a house there.

Linda was surprised that Ethan asked her to travel with him. She thought that Ethan might want her
to live within the house tao.

According to her understanding of Ethan, he was capable of doing such a thing.

And it had been what worried Linda.

The house could easily cost Ethan millions. Linda didn’t want Ethan to spend such a lot on her.
Although they were together at the instant , Linda didn’t want to require toa much from Ethan.

Ethan might didnt care about the cash , but Linda didnt want people to think that she dated
Ethan for his wealth.

Linda checked out Ethan with a worried look on her face, “Ethan, are you actually getting to buy a

Hearing Linda’s question, Ethan knew that she had acknowledged his plan.

He awkwardly checked out Linda and nodded, “Yes… | heard that the homes over there have been pretty
good, so… sa | want ta go and have a look”

Ethan quickly smiled and said, “Linda, just take a glance . Let me know which one you like!”

Chapter 135

Hearing Ethan’s words, Linda sighed deeply Upon the confirmation of speculation.
Linda checked out Ethan and shook her head, “Ethan, | don’t think… itis an honest idea’

“Why?” Ethan was a touch confused, “Don’t worry. If you cannot find anything you wish , we can go
somewhere else!”

Linda shook her head and said, “No, that’s not what | mean. | just… -] don’t need you to try to to it for
me. | do not know the way to repay you!

Ethan was stunned. He didn’t expect that Linda would say such things.

‘Linda, why does one think this way? Why would | want you to repay me? I’m serious about our
relationship. | want to try to to good to you, and | don’t ask you to repay me anything. Please don’t
think like that again. I…”

Ethan sighed, Linda’s words hurt him.

It showed that in Linda’s mind, there was still distance between Ethan and herself. She didn’t
take Ethan as a partner.

Ethan had been giving Linda all of himself, but reciprocally , this was what he was hearing. His
dismay and mixed feelings weren’t unreasonable.

Ethan turned his head away and looked out of the window expressionlessly.

Linda noticed Ethan’s change. She felt bad and comforted Ethan, “I’m sorry… I… | didnt mean
that. What | was saying is that | don’t deserve you being so good to mel!”

Linda sighed deeply and continued, “And | don’t need people to think that I’m with you because
of the cash . | such as you , and it’s nothing to try to to with money. does one understand?”

Hearing this, Ethan turned his head to Linda. Linda’s words made him understand her uneasy
situation. Ethan signed and shook his head, “You are thinking too much!”

“You dant got to care about other people’s opinions. Just allow them to be!” Ethan smiled at Linda
and held her hand, “The only thing matters is that | understand you!”

Ethan’s words brought a sense of heat in Linda’s heart.
“Indeed, Ethan is that the just one that matters’
Linda appeared to have unloaded some burden, She smiled and nodded, stopping arguing.

She thought that if Ethan wanted, just let him buy the house. albeit she didn’t want it,
Ethan needed someplace to measure .

Meanwhile, hearing their conversation, the driving force felt Linda and Ethan were ridiculous.
He kept watching them through the rear-view mirror, smiling wryly.
The driver had seen tons of individuals , and he could tell what the person was by only a look .

Judging from the looks of Ethan and Linda, the driving force found their conversation rather

He smiled teasingly, “Oh, that’s good. You’re really getting to buy a house?”

The driver didn’t say much, but Ethan could sense his intention.

The driver didn’t ask Ethan if he was getting to buy a house. He was ridiculing Ethan for bluffing.
Ethan simply answered, “Yes.”
The driver laughed. He didnt believe Ethan, and he thought Ethan’s words were ridiculous.

In the driver’s opinion, Ethan could be ready to con a naive female child like Linda but not an
experienced adult like himself.

The driver’s dislike of Ethan began to show. He hated people that were incompetent but good
at bragging.

The driver sneered and asked Ethan during a disdainful tone, “I didnt realize that you simply are such an upscale
man. What a privilege on behalf of me to drive you! Rich kid, how big of a house are you getting to buy?”

The driver continued, “| heard that there are three sorts of villas at Stratyer Residence. C-class is
like a normal house, cost fifty thousand dollars per square metre . the homes are mostly a touch
over 100 square meters. B-class may be a high-end villa we will see from everywhere. The
starting price is about six to seven thousand, and it had been quite big too.”

The taxi driver paused for a short time and continued, “As for the A-class villa. Rumor has it there’s
only oné housé that belongs to A-class. it’s spacious and features a luxurious deco. The villa features a
swimming pool, a garden, and alittle golf links . the worth is seventy million!”

The driver checked out Ethan banteringly and questioned, “Kid, don’t tell me you’re aiming at the A-
class villa’

His tone of voice sounded filled with disdain.

Ethan glanced at the driving force and said coldly, “That depends on my girlfriend. I’ll take it if she likes

Seventy million was a really small number for Ethan.

The driver was annoyed by Ethan’s words.

He thought that Ethan was lying through his teeth.

The driver stopped watching Ethan. He murmured sneeringly “You’re so f*cking good at

He continued, “Congratulations on your fancy villa. Since you’re so rich, | bet you’ll pay in full?”
The driver was trying to ridicule Ethan and testing how far the lie could go.

In his eyes, Ethan was a clown, and Ethan was worthless but good at lying.

Ethan was annoyed by the driving force . He didn’t want to speak to the driving force anymore.

Ethan thought that he didn’t know the driving force , but how could the driving force ask him like that?
What’s wrong with the driver?

Ethan was close to say something offensive to the driving force , but Linda stopped him.

Linda could sense the sarcasm within the driver’s language, but she didnt think it had been worth Ethan’s
trouble to argue with him.

Linda winked at Ethan and said to the driving force with a smile, “Sir, please mind the road. We were
messing around. We are going there to send flyers.’

Linda Knew that lf Ethan kept arguing with the driving force , there was nothing for Ethan but anger.

So let’s just stop talking, and that they could go their separate ways after Linda and Ethan stepped
off the cab, It had nothing to try to to with the driving force if they bought the house or not,

Linda didn’t want Ethan to travel down the rabbit burrow of stupidity, Otherwise, stupid people could
always get to Ethan with their experience of years of fooling around .

In Linda’s eyes, the driving force was someone who was experienced as being stupid.
However, Linda’s wards changed meaning within the driver’s ears.

The driver thought that Linda had admitted his speculation of them. So he behaved more
arrogantly and laughed at Linda and Ethan, “Haha, why you guys just say so when | asked. It’s not
shameful to figure on side-jabs. That kid? you laok like an honest person, but | didnt expect you
are like that.’

The driver then ralled his eyes at Ethan’s reflection within the rear-view mirror.
Ethan couldn’t twiddling my thumbs his anger at the driver’s words.

Ethen thought to himself, “Who are you to speak to me like that? What’s there need to do with yau if
| can purchase the house or not?”

Ethan just opened his mouth to argue with the driving force , but Linda stopped him again.
Linda shook her head and whispered, “Let it go. We are almost there…

Ethan understood that Linda was for his own good. She didn’t want Ethan to waste his time and
energy on the driving force .

Ethan could be unpersuasive for people , but not for Linda.

He struggled for a flash then sighed. He had given up the thought of arguing.
Seeing this, the driving force chuckled and stopped talking too.

He thought to himself, “Keep going! Why stop?”

The driver thought that Ethan was getting more and more ridiculous!

Soon, the cab was pulled over near a parking zone .

The driver painted at a northern- European style three-story building shortly away and said,
“There’s the market office. Go buy your villa_.”

Ethan checked out the driving force and asked, “| do not have cash with me, does one take cards?”
The driver paused for a flash , then he showed a WeChat pay QR code to Ethan.

“| use this, It’s convenient! actually , the cab could take cards, but the driving force didnt want to require the
trouble to swipe the cardboard for twenty dollars.

But Ethan insisted on using the cardboard .

The driver was unhappy. He handed Ethan the cardboard reader, murmuring in anger.
Ethan wasn’t within the mood for arguing anymore. He finished the transaction.
After a short time , the driving force got a text message.

It was a notification from the bank. the driving force was stunned at what he saw.

In the notification, the quantity number had a series of zeros within the back,

The driver checked the amount with a paled face, “Ten… Ten million? It…”

At this point , Ethan already got out of the car. He looked through the window from the passage
seat side and smiled.

“Here’s ten million. return and let your boss know that I’m buying the company!”

Chapter 136

The driver had never experienced anything like this before. He was watching his telephone In

He was surprised to ascertain Ethan paid in order that money as if nothing had happened.

Finally, he came back to himself. the driving force checked out Ethan with a full face of awe, and the
previous contemplation and arrogance had disappeared.

“| must give the cash back to you. In terms of shopping for the corporate , you would like to speak to my boss
directly!” the driving force looked embarrassed and said, “I’m really sorry. | didn’t know yaou..!

At this point , the driving force thought he was the ridiculous one for saying the words he had said

After he humiliated Ethan, Ethan gave him ten million and put him in an embarrassing situation.

What the driving force was also worried about was that Ethan might fire him after he bought the

Driving-cab was the sole source of income far his whole family. He couldn’t afford to lose this

So the driver had to prevent Ethan fram buying the corporate by all means.

Ethan ignored the driver’s words and said coldly, “Call your boss now and tell him that somebody
is willing to pay a high price to shop for his company. He can decline the deal, but there’ll be
someone else to stay discussing the affect him later. But the worth are going to be lower!”

The driver checked out Ethan with a paled and scared face. He could felt Ethan’s wards were
piercing his heart and an ice sword.

‘I’m sorry, | know | made an error …” the driving force begged Ethan with tears in his eyes, ‘l was
foolish to offend you. Please don’t do that to me.

Hearing his words, Ethan smiled then asked in surprise, “Do what to you? | just want ta buy
the company you’re warking for. Is there a problern?”

No one would buy a random company he just heard from the road . the driving force knew clearly why
Ethan wanted to try to to so. Ethan wanted to offer him a tough time after owning the corporate .

The driver realized that he had offended someone he shouldnt have. At this moment, all he
could believe was the way to save himself.

He sensed how rich and powerful Ethan was. So in his mind, the sole thanks to get himself out of
trouble is by begging for mercy.

He quickly got out of the cab and kneeled ahead of Ethan.
Linda was stunned by what she was seeing. She tried to prevent the driving force during a hurry.
“what are you doing?’ Linda exclaimed, “No one asked you to kneel.”

The driver looked in pain, “But | really know that | made an error . Young master, please spare
me. | have an enormous family to feed.”

Hearing the drive’s words, Linda felt sarry for him.

She knew that Ethan’s intention wasn’t at buying a taxi company. Ethan was trying to offer the

driver a tough time.

Linda tried to influence Ethan, “Let it go, Ethan. Stop scaring the pauper . His life isn’t easy”

Linda managed to appease Ethan’s anger. After a flash of struggle, Ethan sighed and said,
“Well, consider today as a lesson, Now you’ll return the money!”

Hearing this, the driving force was relieved. He hurried to return the cash to Ethan. On his thanks to
leave, he still kept apologizing to Ethan.

The drive then fleed the scene as fast as he could,
as if he was running far his life.

He couldn’t stop brooding about what an enormous mistake he had made. From the instant Linda and
Ethan came his car, he thought Ethan was bluffing to trick the lass .

But it clothed everything that they had been talking about was real.

After a short time , the driving force took a glance at Ethan’s vanishing reflection from the rear-view mirror and
breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, after the cab drove away, Ethan smiled at Linda and said, “Came on, let’s go in”
They walked into the building,

The interior of the building lobby was sort of a magnificent palace, which matched the posh of
Stratyer Residence, one among the foremost luxurious real estates in Buckeye

Ethan was rarely inside such a gorgeous building. He appreciated the inside of the lobby in

A huge crystal chandelier was hung under the grandeur dome ceiling, and therefore the ceiling was
supported by tall and resplendent pillars. The luxurious essence might be found everywhere
throughout the magnificent designs and meticulous details.

Linda was stunned too.
This was also the primary time Linda stepped into someplace like this.

At this moment, Linda and Ethan acted sort of a pair of naive children, admiring everything they

After seeing the breathtakingly beautiful building lobby, Ethan was wondering how the important villa
could appear as if .

Ethan remembered what the taxi driver had told him. The villas were separated into three

He was interested by the design of the A-class villa.
Ethan was lost in his thought, and suddenly, someone pushed him.
He stumbled by the hard push.

When Ethan finally came to himself, he rotated and saw a mid-aged man was staring
at him impatiently. He was around five-foot-five and rounded sort of a ball.

The man was half bald, and he was during a silver-qray suit. In his arm, there was a lady In her
twenties. She dressed glamorous and sexy.

The waman rolled her eyes at Ethan arrogantly. She tried to dodge Ethan on her thanks to pass him
as if she was dodging garbage.

“Where are the securities? they only allow anyone In?’ the person muttered discontentedly, “Don’t


stand in my way! Who allowed you to dam the front door?”
“Ethan, are you all right?” Linda walked to Ethan and asked with a worried face.
Ethan nodded and told Linda that he was fine. He then turned to seem at the person .

“Please watch your tongue. The doorway is wide enough for you to enter’ Ethan pointed at the
frant door and said. The doorway was quite ten-foot-wide, and Ethan was taking one foot
and a half at the most . Even a big pig could walk thought.

Ethan wanted to reason with the person . He didn’t want to urge into a fight for no reason.

But the person was angry at Ethan’s words. He screamed, “What did you say? Who the hell are you?
| said you were within the way, so you’re within the way. Don’t you dare to speak backl”

As the man spoke, he was close to charge at Ethan.
However, he was stopped by the lady he was with.

The woman smiled disdainfully and said, “Honey, let it go. Dont waste some time on them. It
lowers your status. We are buying houses today, and it’s a pleasant thing to try to to . Don’t let these
bums ruin my good mood.

Upon hearing her words, the person smiled and groped round the woman’s back, saying, “Honey,
you are right. We came here in joy, and that we won’t be bothered by those!”

The man then checked out Ethan and snorted. “D*mn it. You’re lucky today. | would have beat off all
of your teeth If it weren’t for my wife,

After finishing his words, the person walked into the building with the lady .

Ethan was furious

To Ethan, the person was too unserupulous, it had been him being rude, but he accused Ethan.
The man was typical for being reckless simply because he thought he was rich.

Linda quickly smiled and comforted Ethan, “Let it’s . the lady was right. Buying a home is a
happy event. Don’t turn it inta a fuming contest.’

Hearing this, Ethan nodded. He thought that Linda’s words made sense, and he should just let it

Ethan was close to enter with Linda. Suddenly, someone shouted at them.

“Wait! What are you doing?”

They stopped and looked back. A watchman was running toward them.

Linda and Ethan were confused.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked.

The security guard sized them up and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Linda and Ethan felt that the question was nonsensical.

People, of course, came here to shop for houses.

However, Ethan held back his anger. He smiled bitterly and asked, “What does one think we are
here for?”

The security guard was angry at Ethan’s statement . He pointed at the person before and
said, “Stop messing with me. | know why you’re here”

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