I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 137

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 137

Chapter 137

Hearing this, Ethan and Linda were surprised, “So consistent with you, what aré we doing here?”

The security guard grinned and said complacently, “| know you guys are college students, and
we aren’t trying to find part-time employees immediately . | say you’re spies sent by Riverdale
Residence. I’m telling you I’ve caught your teammates 3 times in the week . | suggest you allow
right now, or we will do that the hard way!”

As he spoke, the safety guard took out his baton and waved it in Linda’s face,

Ethan’s face dropped. He pulled Linda behind him and warned the safety guard, “You’d better
put away your baton. We are here ta buy houses. | warn you. You’d better watch your language.
You need to buy the items you should not have said!”

If the safety quard was only rude to Ethan, he wouldn’t are so serious about it.

But the safety guard threatened Linda together with his baton, which was something Ethan couldn’t
Stand for.

The security guard ignored Ethan’s warning and laughed arrogantly, “Haha, does one skills
many of you gave me an equivalent old excuses when | caught them? Is there anything new? Buying

houses? How old are you? does one skills expensive our homes are? does one think any kids
who are still wearing diapers can afford a house here?”

Ethan was disgusted by the safety guard’s words,
His fondness for Stratyer Residence had dropped considerably.
Ifa watchman was this vulgar, it had been not hard to imagine what people were like.

Ethan was disappointed. At this era of your time , why there have been still numerous people judging
people by thelr appearance? Could they use their brain ta think?

Ethan didnt want to stay wasting his time arguing with the safety guard. He shack his head
and was close to walk into the building with Linda.

The security guard ran ahead of them and said angrily, “Stop! Dont you hear me? What does one
going to do? Break-in?”

The security guard was extremely insolent, and he didnt believe Linda and Ethan were

Ethan was furious. He stared at the safety guard and lowered his voice, saying, “What? You
guys have closed off? Kicking out customers?”

“Of course, we’ll welcome the important customers, but not you!” the safety guard pointed to the
inside of the building, “Don’t think | dont know. You were trying to lure that guy buying houses
from your boss. He didn’t ask you, right? Get out!”

The security guard reached out his hand and tried to shovel Ethan, but Ethan pushed him away
and said, “What are you doing?”

The security quard wasn’t backing down either. They were arguing loudly.
The sound of arguing attracted many peaple’s attention.
Among them were the person and therefore the woman fram earlier.

Seeing this, the lady laughed. “Look, the safety guard is kicking him out. I’ve told you that

Na pled

you didn’t got to waste some time on him”

The man also smiled smugly, “Honey, you’re right. it is a shame to argue thereupon piece of trash!”
Other customers were checking and talking about what is going on within the lobby.

4 few security guards rushed into the lobby. They tried to tug Ethan out.

But at this point , a shout stopped them.

A man in his thirtles appeared. He was wearing a sult and tie. the person checked out the safety
guards and Ethan, asking, “What’s going on?”

Seeing the manager, the safety guard said, “Manager, this guy may be a spy from another land
agency. | caught him red-handed, but he denied his guilty behavior. |’m trying to klek him out!”

The security guard knew that the manager hated spies. If he mentioned that Linda and Ethan
were spies, no doubt the manager would ask him to urge them aut.

Knowing the person was the manager, Ethan was relieved. He smiled and said, “| reckon that you simply
are the manager? | was unsatisfied with how your employees treat customers. We are here to
buy a house, but your employees are physical to me. they’re trying to form us leave! Shouldn’t
you give me an explanation?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the manager sized Ethan up and laughed, “You? Buying houses?”
Ethan sensed the sarcasm from the manager’s simple words.

“Why? Is there a problem?” Ethan asked coldly.

The manager smiled and said, “No problem, but… Oh, by the way, da you knew what quite
house we are selling?”

“Villas. That’s why | came here, | would be elsewhere If | want to shop for an apartment” Ethan

The manager found Ethan’s words ridiculous,
The manager had given Ethan the space to backtrack when he said those words.

He assumed that Ethan was a spy. therefore the manager hoped Ethan could devour his cue and

But Ethan ignored it and insisted on his original claim. The manager stopped being polite. He
sneered then said angrily, “Sure, come on in!”

The manager made a gesture to Linda and Ethan to return in.

His words startled the safety guards. The one who started the altercation with Ethan asked in
worries, “Manager, are you sure you would like to allow them to in?”

The manager smiled and shushed him. Then he let Ethan keep walking.

Ethan didnt care about the communication between the manager and therefore the watchman . Ethan
knew the manager wasn’t up far anything good.

Ethan wasnt worried about what the manager would do because he really was here to shop for

And with Maggie and people backing him up, Ethan didnt think the manager could do
anything extreme.

The manager did not have the rightful ground!

Ethan, holding Linda’s hand, walked into the building carelessly.

But the safety guard was anxious watching Ethan walking in.

He didnt understand why the manager would invite Linda and Ethan inside after he tried so hard
to get them out.

Seeing the safety guard’s expression, the manager couldn’t help but laugh and said, “It’s okay. |
was getting to cut therm slack, but they didn’t want it. They claim they’re here to shop for houses. I’ll
see what they’re getting to buy!”

A spiky light fleshed within the manager’s eyes. He sneered, “I’ll handle them the way they deserve!”
After saying that, the manager walked inside and followed behind Ethan.
The manager was experienced.

In his eyes, Ethan was an immature punk. The manager thought he would make Ethan show his
true colors and embarrass Ethan effortlessly,

Ethan walked into the most section of the building and went straight toward the size model of
the community.

The model was huge. Within it, there have been detailed models of each house.

The three classes were also labeled within the model.

In the outermost circle of the community, there have been about fifty to sixty smaller houses,
They seemed like the C-class houses the driving force had mentioned.

Inside of the C-class house ring, there have been a few of homes with gardens. They looked much

They were also much larger than the homes from the C-class, What made them attractive the
most was that every house had its own garden. and therefore the surrounding public area also had much
better gardening.

Those are the B-class houses.

In the center of the entire community was the very best ground. The gardening was beautiful and
well-arranged, with trees and flowers.

Inside the tiny forest was a white building.

This building wasn’t only much larger than the remainder of the homes but also loaked most

The rest of the homes all lost their radiance as compared with this one.
The white house was sort of a gleaming moon, being surrounded by all the brilliant stars.

Ethan was bewitched by the white house from the instant he saw it. He was watching it for a
long time before a voice called him out.

“What are your thoughts? Are you curious about this one?”

It was the manager who spoke. He had come to Ethan’s side. He smiled and said, “You have
good taste. this is often our greatest villa, the assets .

Ethan nodded. Before he could say anything, another voice was heard.

“Can you be funnier? He likes this one? does one really think this loser could afford this one?”

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