I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 138

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 138

Chapter 138

Ethan heard the sound and looked over. He saw the person from earlier was walking toward him.

It was this man who said the words. He was unhappy to ascertain Ethan was inside the building, so he
came over ta find aut why and overheard the conversation between Ethan and therefore the manager.

Ethan already held the grudge over the person . Seeing him walking over, Ethan’s face dropped.
Ethan kept his eyes on the size model without saying a word.

The man pushed harder when he didnt see a reaction fram Ethan. He said to the manager,
“What’s wrong with you people? You guys just let any random people walking in? What if he’s a
thief? What are you getting to da if he steals fram us?”

The man commanded the manager with a harsh tone of voice.

The woman whom the person was with also walked over. She sneered, “We are here because we
thought your home is merely for higher-class people like us. It seems anyone can walk in!

The woman rolled her eyes at Ethan and continued, “So the gate of the community are going to be open
to welcome any quite hobas? If that is the case, | do not feel safe living here’

The argument attracted other customers, and that they were coming over to seek out out what is going on

After hearing the woman’s words, all of them agreed together with her .
The surrounding customers were talking between themselves.

“She is true . | choose this place over others due to the environment and security. If you
actually can’t promise those, | dont’ think | want to measure here.”

“That’s true. If everyone can walk round the community, I’d better try somewhere else!”
Some of the custamers were getting to leave.
The scene warried the manager.

He let Ethan are available just because he wanted ta humiliate Ethan after Ethan made a fool of

But it clothed the manager was losing customers due to the sight of Ethan within the

Each one of the purchasers was a possible deal. The manager needed the deals to be made for
his performance evaluation. He couldnt allow them to walk away!

The manager quickly walked over and tried to influence the leaving customers to remain . He said
with a smile, “Please, ladies and gentlemen, |’m so sorry. it’s our mistake that we let these two
sneak inside the building. Please rest assured, I’m getting them aut right now?

It was the manager who invited Linda and Ethan inside, but he accused them of sneaking in by

What a shameless claim!
The manager then called the safety ta get Linda and Ethan out.
Seeing the manager’s decision, the person from earlier grinned complacently.

The leaving customers decided to remain on after the manager’s constant apologies.
After managed the crisis, the manager was during a physiological state . He was thankful that he could keep
the customers.

It Wasn’t worthwhile to lose numerous wealthy customers for Ethan.
When the safety guards rushed in and tried to urge Ethan out, Ethan pushed them away.

“What are you doing?’ the safety guard yelled at Ethan angrily, “Don’t roll in the hay the hard way! Get

Ethan laughed. He ignored the safety guards and said to the manager, “What are you trying to
do? is that this how you treat your customers?”

Ethan smiled coldly. He protected Linda while said to the purchasers within the building, “And you
guys, take a glance at how they’re treating us. Remember, they’re going to treat you people like this toa’

“Shut up!” The manager yelled at Ethan, “Who are you to match yourselves with these

The manager continued, “You are customers? Who does one think you are? does one skills
much our villas are? you will not be ready to afford even one sq ft for your lifetime. Get out

The manager then waved to the safety guards to require Linda and Ethan out.

But when the safety guards surrounded Ethan, he didn’t resist this point , Ethan pointed at the
model of the white house within the middle of the entire community model and said, ” Sony ta
disappoint you, but I’d wish to buy that villa. Is it your costliest one?”

Everyone was stunned by Ethan’s words.
After a flash of silence, hysterical laughter and mocking voices were burst out,

“What? Am | dreaming? He wants to shop for that A-class villa? Haha, it is the funniest joke I’ve heard

“Bullsh*t! He cant even afford a dog house in Stratyer Residence. Does he know who he is?”

‘College students nowadays, they will do nothing but brag. Why does one use some time on
something useful? Aren’t you afraid that folks will tease your ridiculous lies? you’re young
and ignorant, walt until you’re within the world , you’ll Know what a joke you’re now.”

Hearing all the insults, Ethan didn’t show nervousness and anger. He was smiling calmly.

Ethan knew that he wasn’t lying. He had wanted to shop for the A-class villa the instant he laid his
eyes on the model of it.

He would buy this villa with or without this round of humiliation and insult.
All those peaple who condescended to Ethan seemed like total jokes to him.
Ethan found them ridiculously funny.

The man from earlier began to talk. He walked over to Ethan and said contemptuously, pointing
at the A-class villa.

“| hate people such as you the foremost , bragging all day long. Pick something more practical to brag
about, will you? | would have left you alone if you only lied about buying one among the C-class villas.
A-class, why don’t you purchase the entire Buckeye?”

Ethan shook his head and smiled bitterly. He checked out the person and said, “What’s there have
anything to try to to with you if I’m buying Buckeye? does one have a drag with that?”

The man replied angrily, “| do have problems! Kid, | just want to show you that there are
consequences to the items that begin of your mouth. You said that you simply wanted to shop for the A-
class villa, correct? Then pip out . Otherwise, I’ll cause you to pay!”

After finishing his words, the person leaned over to Ethan and whispered in his ear, “Don’t take me
wrong. | just hate you and need to form you suffer. What are you gonna do to me?”

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