I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 139

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 139

Chapter 139

Some of the people heard the man’s words, and thelr faclal expression changed slightly.

The man had a ruffian look, with the very fact that he came to Stratyer Residence to shop for houses, it
was very likely that he wasn’t a mean person.

If he particularly picked on Ethan, the public knowledge was that Ethan wouldnt be ready to
survive him.

Ethan had the looks of a traditional university student . as compared with a mafia looking
quy, it had been not hard to imagine the outcame.

Some nice people began to worry about Ethan.

There were people that tried to speak Ethan out af it.

“Kid, knock it off. revisit to campus. this is often not the place for you ta fiddle .’
“Go home. It’s nat worthwhile to harm yourself badly for your ego.”

Ethan couldn’t be persuaded, But Linda was nervous.

She gently pulled Ethan’s clothes and whispered, “What if…What if we just go?”

Linda didn’t doubt whether Ethan could afford the villa or not. She was afraid that Ethan might
get himself Into unnecessary trouble.

And if the person became aggressive, even Ethan’s powerful background couldnt help him call at
time, What if that man suddenly went lunatic?

Linda checked out Ethan with a worried face, expecting Ethan’s reply.
However, someone mistook Linda’s expression as a symbol of admitting defeat.

Someone laughed and said, “You see that guy who is stupidly stubborn, but he features a beautiful
and reasonable girlfriend.”

“What Is she thinking? To be with such a moron:

Taking the chaotic moment as a chance , the manager walked over to Ethan and said, “If
you regret what you only said, | can invite their forgiveness on your behalf. But if you would like to
stick to it..!

‘L stand by my words, Ethan smiled and checked out the manager contemptuously, “Cards okay?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the managers face dropped. He gave up trying to influence Ethan after
realizing Ethan didnt want to concentrate to him. The manager asked someone to fetch the cardboard

A female staff handed the manager the reader.
He didn’t take it. The manager indicated the staff handy the reader to Ethan.

Before Ethan Inserted the cardboard , he paused. Ethan checked out the manager and asked, “How

The manager smiled and sald, “Seventy million!”
Ethan nodded then inserted his card…

Seeing that Ethan didn’t hesitate throughout the method , the manager found it ridiculous.
He admired Ethan for sticking to his words, albeit it had been a clear lie.

The mafia looking man walked over to the cardboard reader and wanted to require a glance at the
transaction information.

He was petrified. After an extended pause of motionlessness, his face twisted.
“It…” the person tried very hard to mention something, but nothing came out of his mouth.
His companion was curious after seeing the man’s reaction. She came to visit .

She was also stunned. the lady murmured to herself, “How… How is that this possible? Seventy
million… All paid?”

The woman felt as if her whole world had collapsed.
In fact, the sole reason she was with the person was for his money.

The man owned a chain , and his asset was near 100 million. To the lady ,
he was very rich.

But he could only afford a B-class villa in Stratyer Residence.

In terms of payment, the person had to depend upon the house mortgage.

So the woman was stunned to ascertain that

Ethan paid seventy million fully for the sole A-class villa.

To spend seventy million dollars without hesitation, the person must be extremely wealthy.

She found herself to be ridiculous to tease Ethan, who had the looks of a poor college

The woman guessed that Ethan definitely thought she had acted sort of a buffoon.

After realizing the change within the atmosphere, the manager also came to visit to see the cardboard
reader, He was stunned,

Ethan just paid seventy million! The manager was in awe of how a university student loaking guy
could own such a lot money.

And Ethan paid all those money without breaking a sweat.

The manager had never imagined that anyone could afford the seventy-million-dallar villa.
There werent as many wealthy people as in Ocean City.

The manager realized he was wrong.

He had regretted his attitude toward Ethan earlier.

It clothed that Ethan was a wealthy customer. The manager couldn’t believe how he had been
treating Ethan,

If Ethan had that much loose money to spend, he was definitely someone vital . The
manager thought that he was suicidal to possess treated Ethan so horribly.

The manager was trembling. He quickly gathered himself together and rushed ahead of Ethan
with a face filled with ingratiated smiles.

“Sir, I’m so pitying earlier. | didn’t know…”
The manager was interrupted by Ethan’s sneer.

“What you didn’t know? | would buy the villa for real?” Ethan laughed, ‘I didn’t expect even the
manager of Stratyer Residence was so snobbish. Now seeing you, | doubt if a corporation like that
is capable of managing a community”

Ethan thought for a flash and continued, “Yeah, forget it. | don’t need it anymore. Give my
money back”

People were surprised by Ethan’s decision.
He didn’t blink when paying for the house.
And he changed his mind within five minutes.
The change happened timely .

Among all the surprising people, the manager was the one that couldn’t believe the change the

He was excited about making a seventy million deal.

As the manager, he could earn an excellent deal by the commission alone.
But the deal fell out before he could even have the time to smile.

The manager simply couldn’t accept this.

He had to fight hard to stay the deal alive.

The panic-stricken manager rushed to Ethan and said inferiorly, “Sir, please don’t take it back,
You can rest assured that the Stratyer Residence is that the best, and that we will always be there if
there’s anything that’s not your liking.”

The manager smiled awkwardly and said, “It was all my fault to treat you wish that. | apologize to
you, and | hope you’ll forgive me!

“Forgive you?’ Ethan smiled. Without watching the manager, he asked the opposite staff, “Do you
have other people that are in charge? Let that person take me to the villa. If there’s none, | want
a refund.’

The staff took a glance at the manager and nodded. She then saw the office.
Ethan’s Words scared the manager to death.

He couldn’t find out what Ethan was up to.

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