I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 140

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 140

Chapter 140

The manager was only an associate.

He was worried when he heard that Ethan wanted to ascertain the person responsible .
And the ominous feeling was getting worse as time glided by .

The female staff walked out of the office after a couple of minutes.

And a man in his forties followed her.

The man was the sales manager in chief of the Stratyer Residence, Jenson Asher.

Jensen was handling paperwork within the office when the staff walked in without knocking, and the
first thing she sald was that the A-class villa was sold.

Jenson had been worrying about the way to sell the villa for an extended time.

It wasn’t because the villa had problems. it had been because the villa was tao good for people in
Buckeye, and there are hardly any people that could afford it.

Buckeye was a city ranked between the second and third-tier cities. the town had limited
resources, and there have been only a couple of made residents.

After Jenson’s research, he acknowledged that the majority of them had had their own houses, and none of
them was planning on buying new ones,

It was very hard to seek out sameone that rich enough to shop for a seventy-million-dollars villa.

Jenson had been worrying for weeks.

When he heard that the villa was sold, Jenson didnt believe it initially . He thought the staff was

After she told Jenson what happened led up to the sale, Jensan finally believed her.

It was hard for Jenson to believe that a university student looking guy just bought the villa that
many milllanaires couldn’t afford.

What’s more? the school looking guy did it as if it wasnt an enormous deal. But after hearing that one among
his associates had offended the guy, Jenson was angry. Offending customers was one thing that
Jenson couldnt accept.

So Jenson rushed out of the office directly .

Hearing the staff’s description of the customer, it wasn’t hard for Jenson to acknowledge Ethan. He
walked up to Ethan with a smile.

“Hello, how are you?”
Jensen greeted Ethan politely then ingratiated himself with Ethan.
Ethan wasn’t curious about flattery. He was cold.

Ethan took a glance at the people around and said calmly, “So you’re in charge? Please take me
to the villa!”

Jensen then quickly led the way for Linda and Ethan.
Seeing this, the manager was nervous. He didnt know what would happen to him.

So he decided to follaw them. The manager walked within the back in silence.

Inside Stratyer Residence community, the afforestation was excellent, and therefore the basic facilities
were Well arranged.

There was a garden square within the middle of the community, which was a couple of dozen meters away
from Ethan’s villa.

Walking within the community, Ethan was satisfied.
He hadn’t been during a place like this before, not even in his wildest dream.
But at this moment, he was a resident. Ethan couldn’t hide his excitement.

A moment later, they enter the A-class villa. The house had three stories. Jenson gave Ethan a
very detailed tour round the house.

Ethan was proud of the villa. He checked out Linda with a smile and asked, ‘Do you wish it?”
Linda nodded. She didn’t say anything, but Linda also liked the house considerably .

Getting Linda’s affirmation, Ethan asked Jenson for the contract.

However, he stopped after noticing the manager within the back.

“What does one want?” Ethan asked.

The manager stuttered for a short time , and therefore the only thing that came out of his mouth was still

But his apologies meant nothing to Ethan.

Ethan checked out Jenson and sald coldly ‘| believe that you’ve got known his behavior. It’s your
business the way to affect him.”

Ethan then headed toward the office block for the contract.
And he had made his point clear.

Jensen snorted at the manager and said, “Do you’ve got anything to say? does one know you almost
caused us to lose such an enormous deal?”

The manager nodded with fear. watching Ethan leaving, the manager kept apologizing to

“Mr. Asher, I’m sorry. | know | made a terrible mistake. It’s all my fault. But i have been serving the
company for therefore a few years . Please give me another chance.”

Jensen stared at him sharply. He knew he had to let the manager go.
Jenson knew if he cut slack for the manager, he would offend Ethan.

As a result, the seventy million dollars deal would be gone. What’ the foremost was that Jenson
knew Ethan was someone he couldnt afford to offend.

Jensen was clear about who he was. albeit he had the title of sales manager in chief,
Jenson knew he was just a traditional employee.

Compared with a rich person who could afford a particularly expensive villa, Jenson would
rather prefer to offend somebody else.

‘I’ve heard enough. Pack your stuff. you’re fired!” Jensen lacked at the manager coldly, “You
had it coming. | hape you’ll learn from it!”

Jenson then followed Ethan and left the manager by himself.

Half an hour later, in Jensen’s office, Ethan had signed the contract. Jenson put the key to the

villa ahead of Ethan with a face filled with smiles.
Ethan breathed a sigh of relief. This was the foremost expensive thing he had ever bought.
Soon after Ethan calmed down, he took the key and was able to leave.

On his answer , Ethan asked Jenson with a smile, “By the way, I’m getting to remodel the house.
Do you know any good contractors? If you do not mind, please recommend them to me. Thanks!”

Jensen had been afraid that Ethan suddenly changed his mind. When he heard that Ethan was
asking for a contractor, Jenson was relieved.

He smiled and replied, “Of course. | can make calls immediately .”
Ethan nodded and waited for Jenson’s result.

Jensen hung up the phone and said to Ethan with a smile, ‘It’s done. Young Master Ethan, | have
a friend who is within the remodeling business. he’s well-known in Buckeye. he’s currently out of
town but are going to be back tomorrow. He can meet you right after. Where does one want to meet?”

Jensen was experienced and cunning. He didnt give Ethan the prospect to say no the affect
his friend.

Ethan didn’t find it to be a drag . He wasn’t getting to have too many things to try to to subsequent day
anyway, and it’d be an honest time to satisfy the contractor.

Ethan thought for a flash and said, “How about Empire Hotel Restaurant? Tell your friend to
ask for Pablo Owen when he’s there.’

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