I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 141

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 141

Chapter 141

Hearing the Empire Hotel Restaurant and Pablo, Jensen’s expression changed immediately,

He had been suspicious of Ethan’s identity. At this moment, Jensen was sure that Ethan was
someone powerful.

The Empire Hotel Restaurant was one among the highest restaurants in Buckeye.
The restaurant owner Pablo Owen was almost omnipotent.

If Ethan asked Jenson’s friend to invite Pablo, the connection between Ethan and Pablo was
definitely close.

Just as Jenson suspected, Ethan was an enormous shot!
Jensen smiled and said, “No problem, Young Master Ethan. I’ll let him know.
Ethan nodded then left with Linda.

After Ethan left, Jensen quickly called his friend again, and there was irrepressible joy in his

“Pierre, | just did you an excellent favor! Tell me, how are you gonna thank me?” Jensen said with a

Jenson’s friend was also excited. After a tan of grateful words, he asked, “Jensan, who is that this

Jensen didnt know who Ethan was, so he told Pierre the reality . But he also let Pierre know that
he guessed that Ethan was a strong person because he had an in depth relationship with Pablo
Owen, the owner of the Empire Hotel Restaurant. within the end, he told Pierre to travel to the Empire
Hotel Restaurant and invite Pablo subsequent morning.

Meanwhile, Ethan felt great after he and Linda left the important estate office block .
He suggested taking Linda to dinner when Linda’s telephone went off.

Linda was a touch surprised upon seeing the telephone number She stepped away to answer the

“Hello, Connor?” Linda was surprised at Connor’s call .

He had mentioned to let Linda work part-time at his company.

But Linda totally forgot about it because there was tons that had happened to her.
Linda quessed the rationale Connor called was about the work .

Just as Linda suspected, Connor sounded impatient, “Linda, where are you? We’ve agreed on
you coming to figure recently. But why haven’t you been here?”

Linda blushed and stuttered, ‘I… I’m sorry. there’s something that happened recently, so |
haven’t got the prospect to see in with you”

Connor sounded upset. He complained, “Why didn’t you tell me so? I’ve held tons of works for
you to do, but you never showed up. Sa now | need to do all of them alone . you recognize that you simply
left me during a very awkward situation?”

‘I’m so sorry, |.” Linda felt a touch sorry and said during a hurry, “I should’ve told you…”

Cannor seemed reasonable. After the complaint, he said, “Alas, forget it. You didnt roll in the hay on

purpose anyway. Well, are you able to come across right now? | need you to handle something on behalf of me .’

Hearing this, Linda checked out Ethan, who was watching Linda from shortly away and said in
hesitation, “I. b.”

To Linda’s surprise, Connar turned angry. He shouted, “What are you saying? come across right
now. I’m at the office. Linda, I’m telling you, I’m during a hurry immediately . If you come any later, I’m
going to lose tons of money!”

Connor’s words scared Linda.

He was Linda’s childhood friend. Connor was intended to assist Linda by asking Linda to figure at
his company.

At the instant Connor was in trouble, Linda should come across to assist him. albeit under the
scenario that Linda hadn’t accepted the work offer, she should help Connor as a lover .

But actually , Linda was the one that did not show up to werk, which she had accepted. Linda
didnt want to be the one to cause Connor an excellent deal of trouble.

Linda thought that it had been her responsibility to travel to assist Connor at the instant .

She quickly replied, “Okay, Connor. i will be there shortly. | got to ask my friend. Then i will be an
my way.

Connor immediately smiled after hearing Linda’s answer.

“Okay, Linda. many thanks such a lot . i will be expecting you within the office! Appreciate!”
Linda then hung up the phone.

When she turned over to Ethan, Ethan was staring back at her.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked after noticing Linda’s worrled face.

He felt that Linda behaved strangely after the call .

But Ethan didn’t ask an excessive amount of . He understood that Linda also had her own life.

“Ethan, well, it was my… my friend. Something just came up, and | can’t attend dinner with you
anymore; Linda blushed and said, “I’m sorry.

“What thing?” Ethan was a touch disappointed. After such a lot hardship, they finally came
together again. Ethan had hoped to require Linda to dinner. But it seemed that his hape was broken

Apologies were written everywhere Linda’s face. She looked down and said, “Sorry”

“Well, don’t be concerned about it. does one need me to travel with you?” Ethan suggested out of excellent

But Linda turned down the suggestion immediately.
“No. | can take a cab myself!” Linda said during a hurry.

Linda wasn’t trying to cover anything from Ethan. She thought that regardless of how wealthy Ethan
was, it had been his money.

Linda wanted to earn a living by herself. Otherwise, she would feel that she owned Ethan an excellent

At an equivalent time, Linda was cognizant that Ethan wouldnt allow her to figure for money.

Sa she decided to not tell Ethan about the work .

Ethan frowned and scratched his head, “Alright then. take care , and call me once you are there.”
Linda smiled and said goodbye to Ethan. She got ina taxi and visited Connor’s office.

Looking at Linda’s leaving, Ethan sighed. He headed back to the campus.

After Linda came the taxi, she handed the driving force Connor’s card for the address, and
they arrived in about ten minutes.

Connors company was located within the second ring of the town The building was within the
enterprise zone, which contained many business buildings. It toak Linda an extended while ta find
Connor’s office, which was located on the eighteenth floor in one among the buildings.

Linda was a touch surprised when she stepped into the office. Connor’s company took half the
floor, but there have been only a few employees.

Only a dozen people were working there, including Connor and therefore the front desk girl, who wore
heavy makeup.

Linda was getting to tell the front desk girl that she was here for Connor when Connor rushed out
in business attire,

“Hello, Gonnor!” Linda smiled and greeted him.

As soon as Connor saw Linda, the gloomy expression on his face disappeared. He said in
excitement, “Linda, here you are! Good timing! accompany me. We are gaing to be late!”

Late?” Linda was slightly stunned . “Are you going out?”
Connor nodded solemnly and said, “Yes, We are going out together!”

Linda frowned and asked, “Connor, are you taking me to socialize together with your business friends? I’m
sorry. But | don’t roll in the hay .’

Hearing this, Conner was a touch surprised. He quickly smiled and said, “Linda, what are you
talking about? | know that you simply do not like to socialize with strangers. How can | cause you to do that?
| have a business meeting, and we’ll be back very soon!

Linda was still suspicious. Before she could ask more questions, Connor dragged her out of the
office and got right down to the parking zone . They got into Connor’s Mercedes and drove away.

Linda was confused the entire way. She didn’t know where Connor was taking her. When she
tried ta ask, Cannor just smiled and told her that she would determine when she got there.

Linda couldn’t help but shake her head in puzzlement.

After ten minutes, the car was pulled over ahead of a restaurant.

It was an expensive restaurant. The front entrance looked magnificently, and therefore the restaurant was huge.
“Why here?” Linda was puzzled, “You told me it is a business meeting and not a social event”

Connor smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Linda. | lied to you. | was during a hurry to form a deal ,
but there is no one to assist me socialize with those people, so | had to call you. I’m really sorry”

Just as Linda expected, Connor had taken her to socialize together with his business friends. Linda
looked unhappy, and she or he wanted to go away .

“Well… if it is a event , | dont think | can roll in the hay . | do not like it. And Connor, please don’t mislead
me again!”

Linda didn’t really participate in one among these occasions before, but she knew that she would be
an escorting girl while people were eating and drinking.

It was very likely that Linda would be taken advantage of by those people, which was something
she hated the foremost .

Linda was poor, but she never wanted to sell herself. What’s more, she was Ethan’s girlfriend at
this moment, and she or he couldn’t roll in the hay for the sake of Ethan.

Hearing Linda’s refusing, Connor quickly grabbed her and begged, “Linda, please don’t go. | know
you are upset because | didn’t tell you the reality , but…”

Connor continued with a conflicted look on his face, “To tell you the reality , | haven’t any ldea what
I’m daing. I’m new here, and | need people’s help to urge things done. | dont think | can achieve
today’s banquet , so | brought you here..”

“Linda, I’m begging you. Please help me. I’ve run out of options.” Connor continued. After finding
no reaction from Linda, Connor shook his head and said depressingly, “Alright then. you’ll go
now if you do not want to be here anymore. |’m so sorry that | upset you…”

Connor then walked into the restaurant alone.

Watching Connor walking away alone, Linda was sympathetic toward her childhood friend.
She thought that perhaps Connor was really in trouble. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bring her here.
Linda sighed, She gritted her teeth and said to Connor loudly, “Wait up! I’ll assist you this once!”

Hearing Linda’s words, Connor didn’t turn over immediately. There was a complacent smile on
his face, and he murmured as if he was making an idea .

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