I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 142

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 142

Chapter 142

Conner rotated and walked towards Linda with a smile on his face, “Linda, | knew you
wouldnt leave an old friend”

Linda sighed, She didn’t want to but stil] follawed Connor within the restaurant.

They walked to a personal room on the second floor. Connor knocked on the door before walking

There were a few dozen men and ladies within the room.

The three or four men were beat their thirties, and every of them held two young women in their

These girls were beautiful and well-dressed. a number of them seemed like college students.

When Connor walked into the space , one among the lads said to him, “D*mn, what takes you so

Connor smiled obsequiously and explained, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Donovan. The traffic was bad?

The man who Connor mentioned as Mr. Donovan was Kieran Donovan, He snorted and rolled his
eyes at Connor. Then his eyes fell on Linda.

Kieran looked surprised and excited when he saw Linda.
He didn’t expect Connor could usher in such a gorgeous girl.

Although the young women sitting in his arms were beautiful too, they looked plain in
comparison with Linda.

Those girls all wore heavy makeup, looking tawdry. Being accompanied mostly by thase women,
Kleran was uninterested in them already.

It was like that regardless of how delicious the food was, it might lose its taste if someone kept
eating it.

Linda gave Kieran a special taste, making him excited.

He hadn’t had such a sense for an extended time.

Kieran grinned and checked out Linda lusttfully.

Seeing Kieran’s reaction to Linda, Connor secretly smiled.

Connor was still a stranger in Buckeye. He needed people’s help to try to to business here.

Kieran’s family was one among Buckeye’s powerful families. Conner needed to please him to urge the
connections for his business dealings.

Connor knew Kieran was lascivious and had a high taste for ladies , and that is why he tried sa
hard to urge Linda over here .

The way Kieran checked out Linda affirmed Connor’s plan. He dragged Linda ahead of Kieran and
said in excitement, “Linda, don’t just stand there. Let me make the introduction. this is often Kieran
Donovan, the young master of the famous Donovan Group. Say hello, quickly!”

Linda was startled by Connor’s nudge. She sighed upon Connor’s winking at her. She reached out
her hand.

But she didnt feel comfortable under Kleran’s lustful gaze.

“Hello, Mr. Donovan. How are you?”

Kieran reached out his hand with a smile. But the handshake became Kieran’s caress of the
back of Linda’s hand.

“Haha, good. Come and sit down!” Kieran pointed at the seat on his left and said.
At this moment, there was another girl in her twenties was sitting on the left side of Kieran.
Kieran pushed her aside and let Linda sit next to him.

Linda was disgusted at what she saw. She quickly pulled her hand back and shook her head, “I’m
fine. | can sit over there.’

Linda didn’t want to take a seat next to Kieran, He made her uncomfortable.

Kieran was mad at Linda’s refusal. He yelled at Connor with a darkened face, “Connor, what is the
f*ck wrong with you? Your friend is extremely rude to me!’

Klerans words made Cannor shudder with fear. He quickly winked at Linda and whispered,
‘Linda, go and sit over there. Mr Donovan may be a good man. Hurry up!”

Linda checked out Connor and shook her head. She wanted to go away .

However, Connor placed on a pitiful look and begged Linda, “Please, I’m begging you. Please help
me out. | need his help. Could you only bear it for the sake of me? If we will get the deal done, |’ll
repay you greatly!”

Linda was struggling.

On one side, she knew that it had been tough for Connor to seek out his own place in Buckeye by
himself. But on the opposite side, Kieran was making Linda very uncomfortable.

While Linda was hesitating, Connor kept begging her.

In the end, Linda had to take a seat by Kieran unwillingly.

Kieran burst out into an unhinged laugher and shouted, “Bravo.”
The girl who had been sitting on Kieran’s left side was angry.
She glared at Linda with jealousy and hatred.

She knew who Kieran was, and she or he wanted to urge into a extended relationship with Kieran so she
could use his wealth and power.

But Linda’s appearance shattered her dream.

She didn’t dare to mention any words, regardless of what proportion she hated Linda. For she knew she would
offend Kieran, who had a serious interest in Linda at the instant .

To offend Kieran meant to exterminate her dream entirely.
The woman glanced at Linda coldly and thought to herself, “Just you wait!”

With Linda sit back his side, Kieran was happy and proud. After some flirting words, he even put his
hand on Linda’s shoulder.

Linda was disgusted by his behavior. She pushed Kieran’s arm away during a hurry and walked away.

Linda’s leaving irritated Kieran. He glared at Linda and shouted, “What the f*ck is wrong with
you? | just held you on the shoulder. Is that gonna kill you? Sit backtrack right now!”

Kieran was furious.

Linda looked down and didn’t say a word. She looked resistant.

The girl who had been ignored by Kieran took the chance to offer Linda a tough time.

“Mr. Donovan is true . Who de you think that you are? It’s your honor that Mr. Dnovan takes a flowery to
you. do not be an ungrateful b*tch!”

The girl went up to Linda and slapped her on the face, venting her anger for being ignored .

The slap was so harsh that Linda’s face couldnt feel a thing anymore. She checked out Connor with
@ grievance, only to seek out that Connor glanced at her with a countenance , and he rushed to
apologize to Kieran.

“Mr. Danovan, please do not be angry. She is simply an ignorant little girl”

Kieran snorted and checked out Linda with disdain, “Sht, numerous people would fight to their fcking death to urge clase to me, and you f**king ditched me when | gave you the opportunity?
Who does one think you are? Saint Mary? Why are you even here? Such a celebration pooper!”

“That’s right!” The girl quickly added, “Stupid f*ck! does one know that Mr. Donavan goes to possess
@ deal with the Norman Family? does one think there is a lot of families in Buckeye that
can have such a tremendous opportunity? Mr. Donovan goes to be an enormous shot, and you’re too
blind to ascertain . You need to be poor for the remainder of your life!” .

Finishing her words, the lady spat on Linda, causing a burst of laughter within the room.
Linda’s tears welled up In her eyes. She rotated to go away , but Connor grabbed her.

“Where are you going?’ Connor complained, “Go to apologize to Mr. Donovan. the sole reason
that you are still standing here safe and sound it’s because Mr. Donovan doesnt bother to deal
with you.’

After that, Connor apologized to Kieran in an inferior manner.

Kieran restrained himself and took another check out Linda, He waved his hand and said
unwillingly, “Forget it. For the sake of her being a silly girl, | wor’t fuss about it today!”

Kieran poured a full glass of wine with a smile and handed it to Linda, “Come on, finish it,
and I’ll forget what just happened”

Linda shook her head, trying to urge faraway from Connor’s hand.

But Connor tightened his grip. He pushed Linda ahead of Kieran.

Before Linda could react, Kieran grabbed the glass and made the wine down her throat.
Linda struggled in panic, and therefore the wine spilled everywhere her.

She tried all she could to form the wine spilled out of the glass. during a state of chaos, she grabbed
a half-full bottle and smashed it on Kieran’s head.

“Bang!” the entire room was calm down in an instance.

Kieran screamed and staggered backward. A stream of blood gushed out from the highest of his

He groaned out of pain. Kieran tried to hide his head together with his hands but got a couple of his
own blood.

Seeing his own blood, Kieran was screaming like hell , “You son of a b*tch, hit me? I’m gonna
kill you!”

Everyone within the roam gasped and stared at what was happening ahead of them in

Kieran Donovan, the primary Young Master of the Donovan Family of Buckeye, got his head
exploded by a lass . it had been horrible news.

‘It’s everywhere now!’ A young man said in fear, “Last year, there was a person who smashed Kieran’s
head. Kieran almost got him killed. This woman is so reckless. She goes ta die!”

The man’s words brought Connor back to himself. His face suddenly turned pale.
He had planned on using Linda as an escort girl, so his affect Kieran could go smoother.

But he had never imagined that Linda would be so resistant that she smashed Kieran’s head with
a bottle .

Connor was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to try to to anymore!

He stared at Linda furiously and yelled, “Are you crazy? What does one want to achieve? you are a
Connor had been very dissatisfied with Linda ever since she entered the door. In fact, Connor

didnt care about Linda’s well-being in the least . He just wanted to use her.

At this moment, not only he didnt take any advantage of Linda, but Linda made huge trouble for
him. Connor hated her to death.

Kieran managed to face up. He pointed at Linda furiously and yelled, “Even a b*tch such as you dare
to touch me! Just you wait. I’ll cause you to pay!”

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