I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 143

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 143

Chapter 143

Kieran suddenly raised his hand and slapped Linda heavily.

The slap got Linda disoriented. She almost fell.
Before Linda could gain back her senses, Kieran began to beat her up.

Linda was desperate under Kieran’s violence. Bearing insufferable pain,
she looked over to Connor and hoped that he could help her.

However, Connor looked indifferent. He checked out Linda in

At this moment, Linda was completely disappointed together with her so-called
childhood friend.

Linda gritted her teeth and curled on the ground to guard her head.
She was suffering under fists and kicks from Kieran and slappings and
hair-tearings from the opposite woman.

After a short time , Kieran looked tired from all the beating. Blood had covered
up his face, making his face even more ferocious.

Kieran took a breath and sat down on a chair. He touched his wound and
cursed, “You b*tch, that’s a sneak peek of what you will be getting. I’m
going to the hospital to affect the wound first, and you will get your

service fully when | get back!”

Kieran took a glance at his flerce-looking friends and snorted, “I’ll call over
another dozen guys. I’ll cause you to enjoy yourself to death!”

Hearing Kieran’s words, his friends were excited.
They were almost like Kieran, becoming bored with the tawdry women.

They all interested by the taste of Linda, who had an innocent beauty.
Their eyes were filled with lust and greed.

Seeing Linda’s miserable status, the woman, who had been sitting on
the left side of Kieran was extremely happy.

She thought that Linda had it coming. She even added, “Mr. Donovan, |
know a couple of guys who had STD. once you guys finish, | can call them

What a vicious woman! She was trying to kill Linda.

Her plan was clear. If Linda had STD, Kieran would disgust her, no matter

how beautiful and innocent she was.

lf her plan succeeded, she could have Kieran all to herself, and Linda
would be suffering for her entire life.”

Kieran didn’t think an excessive amount of . He thought that the lady was trying to
please him by torturing Linda. At the instant of his anger, Kieran patted
his thigh and said with a sneer, “Good idea!”

Kieran got up to go away , and his friends all gathered around him to invite
his wound.

Kieran paused for a flash and turned to seem at Connor. He said
coldly, “You stay here and keep an eye fixed on her. If you dare to let her run
away, I’m getting to allow you to pay. you’ll get out of here when | come
back! Don’t you dare to run away! this is often my family’s restaurant, and |
have ordered people here. If you dare to run, I’ll allow them to kill you!”

Connor was stunned. He then nodded quickly and said, “Il won’t. Mr.
Donovan, don’t be concerned . I’ll confirm she stays here until you revisit .
Please attend the hospital for your wound. Your well-being is that the most

As he spoke, Connor was bowing to Kieran, with a cautious look on his

Linda was overwhelmed with desperation upon hearing the words from
her childhood friend.

“Connor, you’re so spineless?”

“You tossed all my look after you within the drain, and reciprocally , you sold me

After Kieran and his friends left, only Linda and Connor were left within the

Linda stared at Connor with tears in her eyes and said bitterly, “Connor,
do you actually need to go away me to them? does one know what that means?”

Connor lit a cigarette and sucked it hard together with his back facing Linda.
Then he turned over and said solemnly, “Il know”

Connor flicked his cigarette ash and continued, “But there’s nothing |
can do. It’s all of your fault. Linda, you had it coming yourself. | just asked
you to take a seat with him while he was having dinner, but you didn’t skills
to appreciate favors. You even dare to beat Kieran. you’re so naive!”
Connor sighed, and his tone became a touch harsh, “You cant blame me.
You asked for this. you furthermore may dragged me down with you. If it weren’t for
the friendship between us, | would have slapped you!”

“Well, forget it. I’ll cut you some slack. you’re getting to have the worst
coming anyway. But you don’t’ got to sweat about it. Considering your
family, you will not go too far with or without what’s gonna happen later.
People such as you are alleged to have a miserable life, and nobody
should be blamed for that!”

Finishing his words, Connor walked over to the opposite side and wondered
his next step.

He felt as if he was facing a dilemma. If he wanted to possess an area for
himself in Buckeye, he had to believe the Donovan Family.

The reason that Donovan Family was his only choice was that he had
heard the rumor that Donovan Family was the sole one in Buckeye that

was developing a relationship with the Norman Family, which was a really
wealthy family from overseas.

It was said that Norman Family was getting to invest in Buckeye, and if
Connor could build a relationship with them, he could have a booming

In order to realize his booming future as he planned, he had to deal
with the crisis at hand.

Thinking of this, Connor turned his head to seem at Linda, and his eyes
were filled with resentment.

Linda was also watching Connor, looking desperate.

She couldn’t believe that those words came out of the mouth of her

“How silly and ridiculous | was!” Linda couldn’t help laughing at

She had tried her best to assist Connor, but reciprocally , she wasn’t even
treated sincerely but considered something dispensable.

As heartbroken as she was, Linda was also clear that she would die if
she stayed on.

She searched her pockets. Fortunately, neither Kieran nor Connor had
thought of taking her telephone away.

Afraid of noticing Connor, Linda secretly sent a text message to Ethan.

“Ethan, help. | was held by bad people, come and save me…” Then Linda
shared her location with Ethan.

After a couple of seconds, Ethan hadn’t replied.
Linda quickly sent a string of messages, “Ethan, come and save me…”

Linda texted Ethan quite a dozen times during a roll, but there’s still no

Linda knew clearly that she had limited time. As soon as Kieran and his
men came back, her life would be over.

Linda was very anxious. After a couple of minutes with none reply, she
decided to risk everything and dialed Ethan’s number…

“Beep, beep…

Linda covered her telephone with both hands, but the sound still came

Connor suddenly turned over and checked out Linda with a shocked face.
He rushed up and searched Linda. “Sh*t, who are you calling? Are you

looking for trouble?”

Linda held the telephone tightly. Out of utmost anger, Connor raised
his hand and slapped Linda. Immediately, Linda’s face was numb.
Connor snatched Linda’s telephone .

“Ethan?” Seeing that Linda didn’t call the police, Connor breathed a sigh
of relief. He smiled and said, “Who is that this Ethan? Well done, Linda! You
know how to involve help, but you’re too stupid. does one know what the
Donovan Family is like in Buckeye? If Kieran Donovan wants you dead,
do you think that any random person can save you?”

Linda glared at Connor, think that Connor was ridiculous. She had seen
how powerful Ethan’s family was, and she or he didn’t think the Donovan
Family might be more powerful than Ethan’s family.

At this moment, Linda’s phone was connected, “Linda?”

Hearing Ethan’s voice, Linda suddenly felt a touch of consolation.
Although the phone was still in Connor’s hand, Linda shouted, “Ethan,

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