I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 144

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 144

Chapter 144

As soon as Ethan heard the cry of Linda on the phone, he was shocked.

Ethan’s heart racing, he said during a hurry, “Linda? Where are you? What’s

No matter how loud Ethan’s voice was, Linda couldn’t hear him. It was

because Connor was holding the phone and made it impossible for
Linda to require the phone back.

Connor smiled and talked into the phone, “Don’t be nervous. Linda is
fine. Are you her boyfriend? Haha, | can tell that you simply are anxious.”

Hearing the voice of a wierd man, Ethan’s heart almost jumped out.

He asked nervously, “Who are you? Where is Linda? What did you are doing to
her? | warn you. If you dare to the touch her, I’ll confirm you’ll have a
miserable ending!”

Ethan was sure that Linda was in serious trouble. So his warning wasn’t

The only thing that was in Ethan’s mind was Linda. He would do
everything he could to form people that hurt Linda pay.

But Ethan’s warning sounded powerless in Connor’s ears. He smiled and
said carelessly, “You’re funny. Are you threatening me? Haha, | just want
to know who the f*ck are you? does one know who | am? don’t be concerned .
Because of your words, I’ll confirm Linda enjoys herself!”

Ethan understood the meaning of enjoying herself. He clenched his fist
and punched the wall up front of him.

The pain on the hand didn’t bother Ethan. At the instant , the sole thing
that could bother him was Linda.

“Who the hell are you?” Ethan screamed, “What did you are doing to her? Where
is she now? I’m warning you one last time. Don’t touch her, or | promise
you will disappear from the earth!”

Ethan sounded extremely apprehensive as if he was getting to explode.
He wanted to be ready to be with Linda to guard her immediately.

But the sole thing Ethan could do was to be ridiculed by Connor on the

“Who am I? you do not need to f*cking know. | take it that you simply want to
save your girlfriend? But sorry, you do not have a chance! don’t be concerned . If
she remains alive after today, she is going to be yours, and nobody will take her
away from you anymore.’ Connor paused and smiled coldly, “On the

condition that you simply don’t mind her being filthy!”
Connor stressed the previous couple of words, especially for Ethan to listen to .
He hung up right after, leaving Ethan within the dark.

Ethan was so anxious. Linda had told him that she had things to require

care of. But Ethan couldn’t find out how did Linda get herself into such

As Ethan was trying to seek out ways to save lots of Linda, He saw the notification
of unread messages.

Ethan quickly clicked them and located that they were Linda’s messages
for help.

Seeing this, Ethan was crammed with regret. He was too focused on the
thing he was doing that he totally ignored his telephone along side
Linda’s messages.

“It’s all my fault!” Ethan blamed himself.

Ethan saw lights after he acknowledged the sharing location Linda had sent

After knowing the situation of the restaurant, Ethan called Maggie
without hesitation.

As soon because the phone was connected, Ethan said, “Maggie, | need
people now, as many as you’ll get me. Tell them to travel to The Bengal
Nights in ten minutes!”

Hearing this, Maggie was stunned and tried to seek out out what was going

According to Maggie’s understanding of Ethan, he normally could put up
with many things, but Ethan sounded different this point .

Not only did he sound anxious, but he also asked for people as if he was
heading to a rumble .

Ethan didn’t want to elucidate an excessive amount of to Maggie. He just said, “It’s my
business. Don’t ask an excessive amount of . Call people right now!”

Ethan then hung up the phone. He rushed out of the campus, jump in a
taxi, and headed to the restaurant.
Someone was harming Linda. It pushed Ethan’s button.
Ethan wouldn’t let anyone, who was involved, walk off easily.

He had to seek out out who dared to the touch Linda and let those people know
what would happen to them.

Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, Connor threw Linda’s telephone
aside and checked out Linda with a smile, “Well done, Linda, you’ve had a

Linda raised her head with hatred on her face. She stared at Connor and
said, “| warn you, you’d better let me go. Ethan’s family is extremely rich and
powerful. If you dare to harm me, he won’t allow you to walk out of this door
in one piece”

Hearing this, Connor couldn’t help but laugh. He checked out Linda and
said sarcastically, “Linda, you’re good. You basically can come up with
any joke to save lots of your life. Your boyfriend features a rich and powerful family?
Haha… Are you crazy? Which wealthy person is so stupid to fall for you?”

Connor continued, “| say your boyfriend is perhaps as poor as you’re .
You have to form an ideal pair by finding someone equally poor. Such
a ridiculous bullsh*t! By the way, have you ever guys had sex yet?”

Connor’s unscrupulous question startled Linda and made her curious
about his intention.

She frowned and didn’t answer.
However, Connor learned the solution from Linda’s countenance .

“Not yet?” Connor smiled slyly. “Then | feel pitying your boyfriend.
Before he had his luck, you’re getting to provides it to all or any the opposite people.
Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin at this age. What a pity!”

Connor said as he looked Linda up and down. The lust in his eyes
became more obvious.

He moved closer to Linda and said with a sinister smile, “Linda, you see,
you can’t shake today’s disaster. But let’s not have Kieran have the
most out of you. How about you provides it to me? We’re friends, right? How
can you not save the simplest for friends? that is the least you’ll do,

Connor rushed toward Linda impatiently. Before he reached Linda, he
had already began his coat.

Seeing this, Linda’s heart suddenly tightened out of fear. She moved
backward and curled within the corner, looking horrified.

“What… what are you doing? Are you crazy, Connor?”

Linda cried out. She searched and grabbed an object beside her and
threw it at Connor.

Connor blocked it away easily. He smiled and said, “Linda, you’d better
stop struggling. lt could also be hurt a touch initially , but I’ll confirm you’ll
have an honest time.”

After finishing his words, Connor threw himself at Linda.

Outside the restaurant, a taxi pulled over. Ethan threw the driving force a
handful of cash without knowing what proportion it had been . He rushed out of the

He looked around and didn’t see Maggie and therefore the helping hands.

Ethan had told them to point out up in ten minutes, and Ethan was closer to
the restaurant than they were.

It only took Ethan around five minutes to urge to the restaurant from the
campus. Maggie and her people were probably still on their way at this

Ethan did not have time to waste. He shook his head and rushed into the
restaurant alone.

There were quite few people eating within the lobby. Ethan didn’t see
Linda, so he ran to the second floor.

Just as Ethan stepped onto the second floor, he heard a voice. Ethan
was sure the voice belonged to no aside from Linda.

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