I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 145

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 145

Chapter 145

It was indeed the crying sound of Linda. It sounded extremely desolate
and dispairing.

Ethan lost his mind the instant he heard Linda’s crying sound, and his
heart tightened.

He ran and looked for the source of the crying sound, screaming,
“Linda, where are you? I’m coming, Linda!”

Ethan was during a hysterical state. He pushed open door after door and
was shouted at by disturbed customers over and once again . None of
them could slow him down in checking out Linda.

Hearing Ethan’s voice, Linda shouted during a hurry, “Ethan, I’m here. Help,

Linda’s cry gave Ethan her precise location. He rushed to the source of
the voice and kicked open the door of the space with none hesitation!


Connor, who was tearing Linda’s clothes, was stunned. He looked
toward the doorway in astonishment.

Linda burst into tears at the sight of Ethan.

Seeing Linda, Ethan was relieved a touch . But an awesome rage rose
inside of him.

Ethan charged at Connor maniacally and threw unhinged fists and kicks
at Connor.

Connor did not have time to react. He didn’t steel oneself against the likelihood that
someone might be here for the rescue. How did he determine where Linda

At the instant that Conner was still call at a daze, he saw Ethan was
throwing a chair at himself.

The chair smashed onto his head before Connor could react.

After a scream, Connor’s head was bleeding profusely. With a significant
injury, Connor was more frightened.

“Who the f*ck are you? How dare you hit me? does one know where you
are at? Touch me? you’re rushing to your grave!” Connor shouted.
Ethan ignored Conner’s threat. together with his face filled with anger, he walked
towards Connor again with the broken chair in his hand.

“| do not know where | am, and | do not know who you’re . But one thing |
know is that you simply are getting to die!” Ethan said coldly, “And nobody can
save you!”

As he spoke, Ethan lifted the chair high above his head and swang it
down on Connor’s head with all his strength!

Connor was stunned initially then rolled to the side subconsciously.

The chair in Ethan’s hand smashed into the wall, immediately breaking
into pieces.

If the chair had smashed onto Connor’s head, he would are

Ethan stopped chasing Connor. Seeing Linda, who was curled within the
corner in fear, he hurried to her and put his arms round her gently.

“You’re safe now. I’m here!” Ethan’s face was crammed with worry, “Are you

Linda threw herself into Ethan’s arms and burst out into despairing

Linda’s ery made Ethan feeling terrible. He blamed himself for not taking
good care of her.

Ethan was frightened of what may need happened. If something had
happened to Linda, Ethan would have regretted it for the remainder of his life?

Thinking of this, Ethan felt guiltier to Linda and held her tighter. He then
turned to seem at Connor more viciously.

Ethan said fiercely, “Linda, you’re safe now. don’t be concerned . I’ll confirm
the people that did this to you’ll buy what they did!”

Ethan decided to punish those people. On his over , under
the extreme anxiety, Ethan had thought of various possibilities of how
things may need gone down. it had been a relief for Ethan to ascertain that Linda
just suffered some minor injuries.

But those people how did that to Linda would never be forgivable.
However, Connor found Ethan’s words to be laughable.
At this moment, Connor had come to himself.

He was totally out due to the sudden appearance of Ethan and his
unannounced violence.

Connor collected himself together after a short time .
He sized Ethan up and smiled wryly.

Connor didn’t think Ethan posed as a threat.

With a height of a touch over five foot five, a bony build, and a sallow face,
Ethan seemed like someone who hadn’t been having decent meals for a
very while .

Connor didn’t believe Ethan might be a match for him. Growing up during a
wealthy family, Connor had kept a habit of practicing Taekwondo, and he
was a black belt.

Connor would easily defeat six people that were almost like Ethan’s build.

Suddenly, Connor felt an itch on the highest of his head and a sensation of
burning hot. He hastily touched his head and felt there was something
sticky on his hand. He checked the thing he just got on his hand and
found a hand filled with blood.

The moment he saw the blood, Connor blew up like dynamite.

Ever since Connor was a toddler , nobody had laid a finger on him, not even
his parents. That day, his head was bleeding due to Ethan, and it
had crossed Connor’s limitation.

He stared at Ethan fiercely and said during a gloomy tone, “You’re f*cking
going to die. you only made an enormous mistake!”

As he spoke, Connor clenched his fists tightly and walked toward

Connor had made up his mind that he would give Ethan a hurtful lesson
that Ethan would never be ready to forget for the remainder of his life.

However, Ethan didn’t take Connor’s threat seriously. He chuckled and
said, “Haha, hilarious! | made an enormous mistake? You said it backward. It is
you who are heading to hell!”

Ethan knew that Connor was getting to attack him, and he wasn’t
Connor’s match. But he ignored all of them because he couldn’t show the

look of defeated or frightened.

Ethan thought the worst scenario was that he got punched several
times. When Maggie and her people showed up, Connor would definitely
pay for what he had done!

Connor was filled with anger. Hearing Ethan’s words, he shouted furiously,
“I’ll see if you’ll talk again!”

Connor suddenly threw a punch at Ethan!
After years of coaching , Connor’s punch was fast and fierce.

Ethan did not have an excessive amount of fighting experience. After his violence
toward Connor, Ethan was basically out of strength. Facing Connor’s
fierce fist coming at him, Ethan’s head went blank.

As his fist was close to land on Ethan, Connor felt an inexplicable sense
of joy!

Almost at an equivalent time, Connor suddenly heard a shout behind him,

Connor was distracted by the sound, and his fist bogged down .

Seeing the chance , Ethan used all his strength and dodged Connor’s

Missing Ethan, the momentum of the punch made Connor staggered.

Seeing that he missed Ethan, Connor was more furious. He wanted to
yell at the person how had distracted him.

Connor rotated and cursed. “Who the f*ck are you? Mind your
own business!”

Connor was clear it had been the voice of a female, and she or he wasn’t someone
Connor knew.

Before Connor could see clearly who she was, a shadow came behind
him. He heard the feminine spoke again.

“| am handling my very own business. you’re messing with the incorrect
person, and i am here to inform you the consequences!”

The woman’s voice was surprisingly cold. Connor was extremely
uncomfortable upon hearing her voice as if his ears were pierced
through by ice needles.

Before the lady finished her words, to Connor’s surprise, he felt that
someone was dragging him backward by his collar. The person was so
sturdy that regardless of how strong Connor was, he couldn’t fight the
person off.

Then Connor felt that his feet were off the ground , and his whole body was
shot toward the wall sort of a cannonball.
He was caught off guard!

Connor was watching the wall while he was flying toward it.

With a thud, Connor smashed into the wall, and his mind went blank.
He then heard the woman’s voice again, “Do you would like another round?”
Connor lost consciousness for an extended while.

Everything happened so suddenly then fast, Connor was out before
he could realize what had happened.

Linda and Ethan were also stunned. They were watching what was
happening ahead of them, speechless.

“Are you okay?”

Seeing Linda and Ethan were still in shock, Maggie spoke out. After she
checked Ethan and located no major injury, she heaved a sigh of relief.

On her way here, Maggie was nervous. She didn’t know what to mention to
Mr. Norman if anything terrible had happened to Ethan.

Maggie’s question brought Ethan back to himself. He nodded.
“I’m fine.” Seeing Maggie, Ethan was relieved, “You’re finally here.”

Ethan had stopped thinking from the instant he broke into the door.
Looking back, he was a touch frightened of what may need happened.

What if there was somebody else within the room? What if he did not fight
off Connor? the results would be unimaginable!

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