I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 146

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 146

Chapter 146

Ethan wasn’t too worried about himself. He didn’t want Linda to urge

Thinking of this, Ethan checked out Linda with a sophisticated facial
expression, who was still shivering out of fear.

But they were out of danger at this moment!

Ethan believed that Maggie could affect any situation and anybody.
As long as she was here, nothing would be a drag .

Especially after witnessing how Maggie threw Connor into the wall.
Ethan was dumbfounded.

He could tell that Maggie was trained in martial arts. The way she struck
was decisive and ruthless.

Ethan was surprised and curious at how Maggie did it.

Connor had a really strong body. He was almost six-foot-tall and two
hundred pounds in weight.

Maggie was only a touch over five-foot-five. Although she wasn’t short
for a female, as compared with Connor, Maggie was quite tiny.

And Connor was almost twice as heavy as Maggie.

But how did Maggie roll in the hay , smashing an individual twice her size heavily into
a wall quite six-foot away?

Ethan was as stunned as he was curious.

Maggie sensed Ethan’s curiosity. She tried to distract Ethan faraway from
the topic.

“Well, you guys can go if you would like . | can lookout of the remainder .”

Ethan gathered himself together and nodded in response. He helped
Linda up and held her walking out.

Linda took a glance at Maggie and remembered her promise to Maggie.
She blushed and tried to interrupt faraway from Ethan’s hand.

But at this moment, a body stood between them and therefore the door.

Connor had stood up during a messy state. He stared at the three of them
with an angry fire burning in his eyes.

“Sh*t, you would like to leave? does one think it’s possible?’ Connor growled
coldly, “How dare you to mess with me? None of you’ll leave this
room today!”

Connor slammed the door and called Kieran.

“Mr. Donovan, please come back! that tiny b*tch called over two people
to help her. She’ll be gone if you come any later…”

Before Connor could finish his words, Kieran’s screaming voice was
heard from the phone.

“What? Gone? What the fck are you there for? Sht, | haven’t got thereon
b*tch yet. Only two? Ridiculous! Wait there. i will be back soon!”

Kieran then hung up the phone.

The hospital Kieran was at was only a few of blocks faraway from the
restaurant. it might only take a touch over ten minutes on foot to urge back
to the restaurant. With the very fact the Kieran and his friends were driving,
they would be back even sooner.

After hearing about what had happened in their room at the restaurant,
Kieran decided to travel back right then. All of them got into the car and
drove back to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, after the call , Maggie glanced at Connor scornfully.
She didn’t shall hide her despise over Conner.

She sneered, “You think you’ll stop us?”

Connor sneered back and said with disdain and hatred, “You have

problems with that? does one think | am scared of you? you only caught me
off guard. does one have the gut for an additional round? | promise you that you simply
will bite the dust!”

Hearing Connor’s threat, Maggie smiled contemptuously.

She had never seen such an ignorant and shameless person. Connor
had made an excuse for his defeat as that he wasn’t listening .

Maggie found Connor’s excuse was ridiculous. She could easily repel
ten folks that were almost like Connor’s size, including just one .

“Sure, come on then!” Maggie said sarcastically, “I’d wish to see if you
fight nearly as good as you talk!”

Maggie had provoked Connor.
He felt that he was humiliated that day. After Ethan broke his head, he
was thrown into the wall by Maggie.

lf he hadn’t fight back, Connor would be a laughing stock when the
words got out.

Connor gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He charged toward
Maggie and threw a fierce punch at her.

He didn’t twiddling my thumbs because Maggie was a lady .
Moments later…

Maggie opened the door of the space and respectfully gestured to Linda
and Ethan to go away .

After the 2 left, Maggie took a scornful check out Connor, who was lying
motionlessly on the ground . She said calmly, “Keep barking? you’re a
waste of my time!”

Connor was lying on the ground and covered with blood, holding onto his
last breath.

At this moment, he couldn’t hear Maggie’s voice anymore.

After he threatened Ethan, Maggie had no reason to spare him the

Maggie slammed the door behind her and trapped with Linda and

They had reached the stairway, but both Linda and Ethan still looked

What scared them wasn’t Connor. it had been Maggie who left them in

Comparing with Maggie’s beating of Connor just , smashing Connor
into a wall was merely an appetite to the most course.

Within a few of minutes, Maggie effortlessly knocked the arrogant
Connor into a coma.

Her combat skills were beyond anyone’s expectation!

Ethan couldn’t believe a lady could fight like that.

Ethan took a glance at Maggie and felt the inexplicable nervousness.
“| didn’t expect you… to be so good at fighting…”

Hearing Ethan’s compliment, Maggie laughed. She shook her head and
said, “It’s nothing. | was a touch stimulated and too harsh on him. But
anything will do as long as you’re okay.’

Ethan thought nervously to himself, “You just beat Connor into a coma,
and it’s nothing to you? So what’s gonna appear as if if you let it all out?”

Ethan became more and more interested by Maggie’s background.

Except that Maggie was assigned by his dad to require care of the
business in Buckeye, Ethan knew nothing about her.

Ethan didn’t know who she was and where she was from. Ethan didn’t
even sure if Maggie was her real name.

What made Ethan relieved was that as powerful as Maggie, she was
assigned by his dad to assist him.

Ethan didn’t even dare to start to believe what things were getting to
be like if Maggie became his enemy.

She was a lady with resources, capacities, and methods . On top of
everything, she was also very beautiful.

After the three of them reached the lobby of the restaurant, Maggie said,
“Wait on behalf of me for a moment . I’m getting the car

Maggie then left them.

Watching Maggie left, Ethan turned to seem at Linda and comforted her
gently, “Okay, Linda, all is sweet now.’

Linda wiped her hands on her clothes. They were sweaty due to

She thought that the danger was over since they were soon to be
leaving the restaurant.

But Linda was wrong. At this moment, a bunch of individuals suddenly
rushed into the restaurant.

There were almost twenty of them, and most of them were wearing
short-sleeved T-shirts. Their bare arms were covered with tattoos.

The leader of them was Kieran Donovan!
Kieran’s head was wrapped with gauze, looking terrible.

As soon as Kieran rushed into the door, he saw Linda and Ethan, who
were expecting Maggie. Kieran was surprised then furious.

“Sht, you’re really running away!” Kieran said to Linda. Kieran then took a look at Ethan and laughed. “You are the one to save lots of her?” Kieran looked down on Ethan. He stepped forward and pushed Ethan fiercely. “Where the fck did you come from?
Don’t tell me you’re that tiny b*tch’s boyfriend!”

Hearing Kieran insulted Linda, Ethan was irritated immediately. He
angrily pushed Kieran back and shouted, “Watch your mouth!”

Kieran, who was strong, wasn’t even nudged by Ethan’s push. He
laughed scornfully.

“Haha, you dumb fck want to return for the rescue? Are you fcking

kidding me?” Kieran laughed, “You are that b*tch’s boyfriend, right? I’ll
give you the front seat to observe what I’m getting to do to your girlfriend!”

Kieran waved his hand to let his men hold down Linda and Ethan.
Kieran thought it had been quite easy to place these two in check .

However, even as Kieran’s men were close to move, a shout was heard
behind them, “| dare you to the touch him!”

It was Maggie again!

Hearing Maggie’s voice, Kieran and his men all looked around to look
for the source of the voice. once they saw Maggie, they were

Kieran was having sinister thoughts when he laid his eyes on Maggie,
whose beauty was top of the notch.

No one could resist Maggie’s beauty, including Kieran and his equally
lascivious friends.

Kieran signaled his men to offer Maggie a passage.

Maggie fearlessly walked over. She said without watching Kieran, “Beat

Kieran was stunned by the scolding. He then grinned and said with a
lustful look, “Where did you come from? does one also want to be a part of

Maggie sneered. “Me? a part of your business? you’re undeserving of it!”

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