I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 147

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 147

Chapter 147

Maggie didnt take Kieran and his people seriously. She checked out Ethan
and said, “The car is outside. Let’s go”

Ethan nodded. He was close to leave, holding Linda in his arms.
“Hold onl”

Suddenly, the smile on Kieran’s face disappeared, and therefore the way he looked
at Maggie became cold.

He had thought that Maggie was only a passerby, who was trying to assist
Linda and Ethan. But it clothed that Maggie was with them.

Kieran would never let Linda go, for she had smashed his head into

After Kieran’s shout, his people rushed into action. They surrounded
Linda, Maggie, and Ethan.

Seeing this, Ethan was anxious again after a quick moment of relief.
He checked out Maggie nervously.

Ethan thought that regardless of how a superb fight it had been with Connor,
Maggie still only faced one person.

But at this moment, there have been twenty people. it had been hard to mention how
well Maggie could defeat them.

Kieran had far more people for Maggie to fight against.

Ethan checked out Maggie worryingly, eager to Know her thoughts. But
Maggie didn’t seem to concern about the twenty people round her . She
glanced at them contemptuously.

“What are you trying to do?” Maggie said scornfully, “Get out of my way if
you still want to stay your life…”

“Or else? What are you gonna do to me?”

Kieran didn’t take Maggie’s warning seriously. He said during a sarcastic
tone of voice, “Are you f*cking threatening me? | want to ascertain what are
you gonna do to me! Leave? does one think me, Kieran Donavan, can let it

“That b*tch just cut my head open. does one think you’ll just take her
away with you? Don’t think you’ll do whatever you would like here. Buckeye
is not your backyard!”

Kieran looked outrageous. In his mind, he held an awesome

Maggie only had three people among themselves, and two of them were
women, who, in Kieran’s mind, were feeble and had no fighting
capability. and therefore the only man Ethan was weak and thin . it might take
any man from his gang to beat up Ethan effortlessly.

Confidence about his advantages, Kieran pointed at Linda and Ethan

and said to Maggie arrogantly, “You want to require them away? Sure, we
can allow that. then btch sleeps with me, which motherfcker
kowtow 100 times to me and crawling under my crotch”

Kieran smiled and continued, “That b*tch made my head bleeding. It
was the smallest amount | can ask from her, right? Take my offer. Otherwise, no one
leaves here today, including you!”

Kieran stared at Maggie with fleshes shooting out of his eyes.
Hearing Kieran’s vicious offer, Ethan gritted his teeth in anger.
What Kieran asked of Linda and Ethan was outrageously vile.

Ethan might look weak, but he couldn’t tolerate people stepping on top
of him.

Kieran’s disgusting terms completely irritated Ethan.

He glanced at Maggie and whispered, “Maggie, does one think we will
agree to his terms?”

Maggie burst out laughing. She checked out Ethan and said firmly, “How do
you want him to die?”

When Kieran firmly believed that he could bring hell upon those three,
Maggie’s bold words made him furious. He frowned and screamed at
them, “Fck you! you would like hell? I’ll offer you hell! You fcking btch! You think my men are all pssies?”

Kieran waved his arm, and his people were all responded in unison. The
air was so frightening and imposing that the purchasers who were
eating at the time fled in panic.

“Scared now?” Kieran sneered complacently.

Maybe the performance of Kieran’s men could daunt ordinary people,
but Maggie only found it’s childish and ridiculous.
Growing up within the Norman Family, Maggie had witnessed many big
scenes. The show Kieran was putting on seemed like child play in
Maggie’s eyes.

She sneered, “So you think that these twenty people are scary?”

Kieran grinned and said, “Of course! Go and ask around in Buckeye. Is
there anyone who isn’t scared of me and my men?”

Kieran wasn’t bluffing. Those twenty people were quite famous among
the streets of Buckeye.

Then Kieran hired them with a substantial amount of payment, and
they had been following Kieran around ever since.

With the assistance of these people, Kieran had been filter out many of his

He was especially pleased with their ruthless and reckless style.

Kieran had become more and more arrogant and unscrupulous with
them under his command.

“So you think that twenty may be a big number?” Maggie sneered as if saying
those twenty people were nothing in her eyes.

“Is it not enough for you?” Kieran shouted angrily.

Maggie laughed and shook her head. She pointed at Kieran and said
ferociously, “They are but NOTHING”

Maggie raised her voice at the last word.
Just as she finished her words, A commotion was heard from outside.

When people turned their heads to the front doar, they were all stunned
at what they saw.

After waves of squeaking sounds of cars brake, the parking zone of the
restaurant, which could contain almost 100 cars, was crammed with
black cars.

There were almost eighty of them, and that they were all an equivalent black
Mercedes SUVs. The scene was astonishing.

It was frightening for any ordinary people, and even Kieran’s men were
scared upon watching them.

Men in black suits and dark sunglasses were stepping out of the SUVs
one by one. there have been a minimum of 100 of them in total.
They were all tall and powerful . With the uniforms, there was an imposing
air around them.

The head of them, which was a person in his thirties, walked over to

The man walked over with a stern look on his face. He was around six-
foot-three, and when he was facing Kieran’s men, the person was taller
than them by about one head.

Kieran’s men were trying to dam him, but the person pushed them away

“Miss Hill, I’m sorry. We were delayed by traffic.” the person bowed to
Maggie. He then turned to seem at Kieran and his people and said
indifferently, “They are them?”

The man’s voice was icy cold. When his eyes meet with Kieran’s eyes,
the ruthless and unscrupulous rich playboy couldn’t help but tremble.

Kieran was with great care pleased with twenty strong men, thinking they were

Upon seeing Maggie’s hundred men in black, Kieran realized who
ignorant he had been.

Judging by the design , these men were either people that had special
combat training or they were veteran elites. as compared , Kieran’s
people checked out kindergarteners.

Kieran was interested by who Maggie was.

No wonder Maggie was talking so fearlessly. She had the capacity to try to to

One thing that puzzled Kieran was that, as powerful as Maggie was, why
did she help some low-level people like Ethan and Linda?

While Kieran was lost in his thoughts, Maggie spoke.

“Yes, that’s them.’ Maggie’s expression was extremely serious, “Those
pieces of garbage were in need of some good punishment!”

Hearing this, Kieran trembled heavier.

Maggie had an awesome advantage of manpower. The good
punishment could mean that Kieran would be beaten to a pulp?

“Understood, Miss Hill” the person replied, “Leave this to us. Don’t worry”

Maggie nodded and turned to Ethan, “Let’s go. they’re going to handle it”
The three of them turned to go away .

At this moment, the pale-faced Kieran suddenly spoke.
He said to Maggie timidly, “Wait… Wait a minute!”
Maggie stopped and checked out him. “What else?”

Kieran hesitated for a flash . He forced a smile and said, “Well…
Today’s thing is simply a misunderstanding. How about let’s forget
about what happened today?”

Kieran pointed at the gauze-wrapped wound on his head and continued,
“You see, | was also injured by your people, so… so how about we call it
even? | know it’s unfair on my side, but | decided to let it go.”

Kieran made it sound like he was a forgiving and righteous person, but
everyone could tell that he was trying to save lots of himself.

After knowing his manpower was non-matchable, Kieran had to simply accept
the defeat in avoidance of further damage.

Kieran could see that Maggie, even being a girl , wasn’t a
simple character.

In Buckeye, there weren’t many of us who were capable of getting
hundreds of people that were combat-ready and standing-by.

Kieran wasn’t a fool. He knew that it wouldn’t be good for him to offend
people like Maggie.

So his purpose of claiming those words was telling Maggie his
acceptance of defeat and trying to seek out how to avoid physical

Kieran was convinced that Maggie would go along side his proposal.

He believed that backed by his powerful family, Maggie would be
cautious of messing with a member of the Donovan Family.

If the Donovan Family wasn’t powerful enough for Maggie, the name of
the Norman Family would definitely be ready to shake her. The
information out there that the Donovan Family was talking with the
Norman Family for a possible deal , when the deal was done,
no one would dare to the touch him altogether the province, including in Buckeye.

While Kieran was expecting Maggie’s reply complacently, Ethan spoke

“Even? Let it go? That’s easy for you to say!” Ethan continued,


Ethan’s words surprised Kieran. He glared at Ethan with hatred in his

In Kieran’s mind, Ethan was probably either an employee of Maggie’s or
one of her relatives. He only called Maggie for stepping into trouble he
couldn’t handle.

Kieran didn’t pay much attention to Ethan. He thought that even he had
decided to let it go, and Maggie hadn’t replied yet. Who the hell was

Ethan to interrupt?

Kieran shouted at Ethan, “Who the f*ck are you? Did someone allow you
to talk? Say another word, and I’ll beat you up!”

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