I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 148

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 148

Chapter 148

Although Kieran didn’t do anything, his hostility was shown.
Before he went all out, Maggie shouted.

“| dare you to the touch him!” Maggie snorted and said, “| wasn’t getting to let
you go anyway. does one really think you’re some big shot?”

Hearing Maggie’s words, Kieran was stunned.
What did she mean by she wasn’t getting to let Kieran go?

Kieran glanced at Maggie and said, “What does one mean? | warn you. I’m
trying to chop you some slack. Don’t roll in the hay the hard way! What are you
gonna do to me? Things are going to be very tough for you if you touch me. Do
you know who | am? Do you recognize who my dad is?”

Kieran had to use his dad’s name to save lots of himself. He placed on a
composed look and continued, “My dad is Stefan Donovan, the famous
Mr. Donovan of Buckeye. If you dare fo touch me, all of you’ll be
kneeling ahead of my front to apologize to me tomorrow.’

“Stefan Donovan?”

Maggie paused. The name rang a bell, but she couldn’t remember who
Stefan Donovan was regardless of how hard she tried.

But Kieran mistook Maggie’s remembering face was a face of

“Scared now?” Kieran said complacently, “Get the hell out of here then.
The only reason I’m letting you go is that I’m during a good mood!”

“Letting Us go?” Maggie laughed. Kieran’s words seemed like an uneventful
joke to Maggie. Her face suddenly dropped. Maggie glared at Kieran and
commanded the person in black, “Get started!”

Maggie’s face changed so suddenly that Kieran hadn’t got the time to
react. He was motionless In his astonishment, watching Maggie’s man
in black walking toward him.

Kieran scared; he was really scared.

He was stepping back and murmuring, “What… what are you gonna do?
I’m telling you, my dad is Stefan Donovan. If you…”

The man didn’t even hear Kieran, treating his dad’s name that Kieran
was so pleased with like nothing.
Kieran was in complete desperation.
“Quickly… stop them, protect… protect me…” Kieran yelled at his people.

As Kieran’s loyal employees, the twenty people, even many of them were
scared to death, still placed on a troublesome face and tried to prevent Maggie’s

As soon as they moved, all of the lads in black outside of the restaurant
rushed into the restaurant. They looked fierce and were able to get rid
of all of them at any time.

No matter how fearless Kieran’s people were, they were still intimidated
by the scene. They protected into the corner, clearing the way between
the men in black and Kieran.

Seeing this, Kieran was completely dumbfounded. He didn’t expect his
minions would hand over the fight before even try.

At this moment, Kieran was crammed with anger and terror.

Looking at the lads in black were closing in on him, Kieran’s forehead
was covered with physiological state .

He finally realized that the name of his family meant nothing to Maggie
and her people.

But Kieran hadn’t given up his struggle, “This is your final warning.
Don’t… don’t touch me, otherwise my dad…”

Before Kieran could finish his words, one among the lads slapped him.

The slap was so hard that Kieran was knocked down. half his face
was red and swollen, and his mind went blank in a moment .

“Your dad?” the person walked over to Kieran and picked up Kieran by the
collar like learning a dead dog. He sneered, “Your dad is nothing. I’ll
deal with him too if he’s here. Open your eyes and take a glance around
yourself! Don’t you even know who you’re messing with?”

The man was insinuating something. As he spoke, he looked over at

How could a son of a second-rate family of Buckeye be so arrogant?

The man in black began to beat up Kieran until Kieran was covered in
blood and too weak to beg for mercy.

Finally, he threw Kieran at the feet of Ethan and asked respectfully, “Do
you want me to… °
Ethan could guess his meaning from the fierce look in his eyes.

Ethan didn’t want to form the incident ended up too terrible. He shook
his head and looked down at Kieran. Ethan said to Maggie, “That’s

enough. Let’s go!”

Maggie nodded. After giving her men some instructions, Maggie left
with Linda and Ethan.

On their way back, Ethan was holding Linda tightly in his arms. He didn’t
say anything, but the incident gave Ethan tons to believe .

Both Linda and Ethan were very lucky that day. If Linda’s phone had
been removed , the result would be unimaginable.

And if Ethan hadn’t informed Maggie beforehand , both Linda and Ethan
wouldn’t be ready to escape a terrible disaster.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help clenching his fist tighter.

Ethan blamed himself for being too incompetent. How could he be able
to protect Linda if he couldn’t even fight against even a rather stronger

Ethan knew alright that regardless of how wealthy and powerful his
father was, and the way much his father was willing to offer him, it had
nothing to try to to with Ethan himself.

Ethan longed for himself to be strong, so he could possess the facility
Maggie was showing when she was beating Connor earlier.

How a small female defeated a two-hundred-pound strong man? Ethan
thought that, if at some point , he could have an equivalent combat capability, he
may finally be ready to protect Linda.

At the thought of that, Ethan was interested by Maggie again. Through
the car mirror , Ethan glanced at Maggie several times from the
back seat before he gathered up the courage to ask.

“Well…Maggie, you…you are excellent at fighting. What…what quite
martial arts is that?”

Hearing Ethan stammering, Maggie took a glance at Ethan through the
rearview mirror. She smiled and said, “It was nothing. It’s just a few
random kickings and grapplings’

“No. You were so awesome today. it isn’t nothing at all!” Ethan

laughed, “Have you trained? | saw that the way you used your strength
was different. and the way did you defeat such an enormous guy? Could…could you
teach me that?”

After finishing his words, Ethan smiled awkwardly but excitingly.
He imagined the day that he could fight like Maggie…
However, Ethan’s dream was extinguished by Maggie’s words.

After hearing Ethan’s words, Maggie lost in her thoughts for a short time . Her
face darkened as if she remembered some unhappy memories.

Without watching Ethan, Maggie said coldly, “You don’t need it. Things
are not always nearly as good as they look’

Maggie’s words were ambiguous, and Ethan didn’t understand what
Maggie meant.

However, Ethan could sense that Maggie wasn’t as omnipotent as she
looked. There must be some hardship or unwanted past haunted

Ethan didn’t know what Maggie had been through, and it made Ethan
more interested by her.

Maggie was a girl who was outstanding almost in every way,
and the mysteries round her made her even more attractive.

Just as Ethan was lost in his curiosity toward Maggie, his telephone

It was the call from Tate Bailey.

Ethan had been wanted to ask him about the status of the three-million
dollars quitar.

Ethan forgot his curiosity about Maggie and answered the phone,
“Hello, Tate, everything’s okay?”

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