I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 149

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 149

Chapter 149

Tate sighed and replied, “Mr. Humphrey, | have something to inform you.”
Hearing that Tate sounded different, Ethan frowned.

He guessed that it’d have something to try to to with the antique guitar.
“Please, go on. I’m listening.” Ethan asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Tate said, “Yes. After | took the guitar back, | snapped an image of the
damage and sent it to a lover of mine, who is in Europe. he’s a master
in musical instruments repairment and has successfully repaired
numerous famous instruments.’

“But after seeing the image of the damage, he told me…” Tate sighed,
still feeling sad about the guitar, “Because the wood of the guitar is
unique, and therefore the damage is just too serious, he doesn’t think he can restore
the guitar to its original state.”

Even though Ethan wasn’t conversant in the musical instruments, he was
devasted upon hearing the news. Ethan had spent three million dollars
on the guitar, and it had been also a special gift he bought for Linda. Knowing
the guitar was damaged by Jennifer beyond repair, Ethan’s heart was

“What does one want me to try to to with the guitar?” Tate asked in hesitation,
“My friend told me that he could refill the opening , therefore the guitar was
playable. But he can’t make it appear as if once it had been before. does one want
him to try to to that? | can assist you sell the guitar afterward.’

Tate continued, “You probably won’t get your three million back. But two
to three hundred thousand should not be a drag . it’s still a superb

Ethan scratched his head and gave the suggestion an idea . He
replied, “Well, are you able to give me a damage evaluation report, the one that
is the most authoritative?”

Tate was confused, “What does one want that for?”

Ethan smiled coldly and didn’t reply. There was just one need for a
damage evaluation report, asking Jennifer for compensation!

Ethan couldn’t let Jennifer walk around as nothing had happened after
destroying his precious guitar.
Ethan wasn’t vindictive. If an individual showed the right attitude of
apology, Ethan would just let the person go.

But Jennifer had a history of bullying Linda and Ethan. She broke two of
Ethan’s guitars during a roll and had shown no repentance. there is no way
Ethan would ditch the harm Jennifer had caused him.

After a quick instruction to Tate, Ethan hung up the phone.

After dropping off Linda and Ethan on the Buckeye University campus,
Maggie drove away.

Watching Maggie leave, Ethan once more held Linda in his arms.
He stroked Linda’s hair affectionately and let loose an extended sigh of relief.
It was fortunate that Linda was fine after a sequence of unfortunate events.

“Don’t worry. | won’t let it happen to you ever again, Ethan said tenderly,
“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault!”

Hearing Ethan’s words and thinking of what Ethan had finished her,
Linda’s heart was melted.

She was deeply touched by Ethan and felt that the space between
them had completely gone.

Because of Maggie’s intervention, Linda had been holding back from
Ethan. But then day’s incident, Linda finally realized that she could
never leave Ethan.

lf that is the case, Linda might also accept Ethan with all her heart.

Instead of dragging her feet along something that she couldn’t say no
to, the higher choice for Linda was to use the time and energy to cherish
every moment that she might be spending with Ethan.

Linda knew that their journey wouldn’t be easy. But she was willing to
face it with Ethan. As long as they were together, nothing would get in

their way.

While Linda and Ethan were bathing in their love, they didn’t realize
someone was watching them within the dark shortly faraway from the campus

This person had been on the way back to campus and hid away after
noticing Linda and Ethan.

This person was none aside from Magee Warren. He was Linda’s fake
boyfriend when Linda tried to drive Ethan away.
Seeing Linda snuggling in Ethan’s arms. Magee looked sad and lost.

He bit his lip and clenched his fist as if he didn’t want to offer up

“Alas. n

Magee sighed heavily, and therefore the disappointment on his face became
more obvious.

Magee didn’t want to face the truth that Linda and Ethan had came

But it had been a fact what happened ahead of his eyes, regardless of he
accepted it or not.

Magee took a glance at Ethan, who was plain, feeble, and not even healthy.
He didn’t know why Linda would fall for Ethan.

What made Ethan even less desirable in Magee’s eyes was that Ethan
came from the countryside, and his family was extremely poor.

Magee thought it had been a pity for a beautiful person like Linda to be with
Ethan, who seemed to be repulsive.

Magee didn’t understand why Linda wasn’t curious about him since he
was way better than Ethan.

Magee was a touch but six-foot tall. Not as hot as a heart robber,
but Magee was still good looking. many ladies had secretly confessed
their like to him.

Coming from a middle- class family, albeit Magee’’s parents
weren’t super-rich, he still had a much better financial situation than how
people described Ethan’s.

Magee couldn’t understand why Linda fell for Ethan but not him.
He was sure Linda knew he liked her.

Magee had been trying to urge closer to Linda. But regardless of how hard he
had tried, Linda was still avoiding him.

He still remembered how happy he was when Linda asked him to be her
fake boyfriend to chase away Ethan.

Magee imaged that after Linda’s broking up with Ethan, she would finally
accept his affection.

But Linda still refused him, even during the brief time that Linda and
Ethan weren’t together.
Magee found it confusing why and the way they came back together

“Linda, does it worthwhile to waste your youth on someone like Ethan?”
Magee muttered to himself.

“No way. | can’t stand by and watch Linda ruined by Ethan!” Magee
sighed heavily. He made up his mind, “I will never allow it to happen!”

The next day, Ethan got up very early because he remembered that he
needed to satisfy the contractor at the Empire Hotel.

Ethan liked the villa considerably . On the one hand, it had been a present for Linda.
On the opposite hand, Ethan was thinking that he would ask his mom to
move here from their range in the countryside.

Therefore, the transforming was important.

Ethan didn’t worry about the expenses. He wanted the work to be top of
the notch.

Ethan could let Maggie affect the transforming , but he wanted to try to to it

After breakfast, Ethan took a taxi to the Empire Hotel. On his way, he
called Pablo to order a personal dining recom for him.

Ethan thought that if he treated the contractor well, the contractor would
definitely give Ethan the foremost excellent work with sincerity.

After arriving at his destiny, Ethan was walking into the hotel.
Before he entered the front entrance , a female voice called him up.
“Why are you here?”

Ethan was very conversant in the voice, and he hated it considerably .
Without looking, Ethan knew it had been Jennifer Campbell who spoke.

Thinking everything Jennifer had done to Linda and himself, Ethan’s
hatred of her was uncontrollable. He replied to her angrily.

Ethan snorted coldly, “Why am | here? Why are you here?”

Jennifer was just surprised to ascertain Ethan at the Empire Hotel. Hearing
the way Ethan talked to her, Jennifer was irritated immediately.

She checked out Ethan arrogantly and said, ‘Humph, does one have problems
with my question? I’m here because | need to be here. does one know
what this place is? it is the Empire Hotel, one among the simplest hotels in
Buckeye. | have the status to be here!”

Jennifer was filled with confidence when she spoke.

Part of her words was true. The Empire Hotel was one among the foremost
luxurious hotels in Buckeye, and its customers were all rich and
famous. to remain within the hotel was a badge of high social station .

However, this was Jennifer’s first visit. albeit Jennifer’s family
was wealthy, their social station still didn’t allow them to go to the Empire
Hotel easily.

The reason she was here that day was that her dad had a business
meeting at the hotel restaurant, and Jennifer begged her dad to require her

But Jennifer had to place on a superior look ahead of Ethan, albeit
it was the primary time she stepped into the Empire Hotel. She wanted to
pretend that she was much better than Ethan.

So she could still humiliate Ethan.

Jennifer continued, “I’m curious why you’re here? Aren’t you afraid that
the security throwing you out? Why don’t you only take a glance at who you

Jennifer’s words were harsh to the ears.

Putting aside things between Ethan and therefore the Empire Hotel, Jennifer didn’t
have the proper to humiliate anyone who walked into the front entrance of the

The poor also had dignity. Jennifer’s words not only insulted Ethan but
also insulted every single poor people within the world.

Ethan raised his head and checked out Jennifer irritated. He said coldly, “|
really haven’t found out who | am. But what are you? It’s only the
Empire Hotel. Why are you so excited? is that this your home? | suppose that
you are just a customer, right? So you think that that you simply are awesome and
better than anyone simply because you’re here?”

Ethan snorted coldly and raised his voice, “I’m not ok for a
place like this, but are you? Ridiculous!”

Ethan felt ashamed for Jennifer after hearing the absurd theory she just
said publicly . What was happening in her head?

Ethan’s retort not only didn’t make Jennifer ashamed of herself but also
make her ever more complacent.
Jennifer crossed her arms and laughed, “Of course! does one even have a
clue how rich my family is? we’ve the wealth that a hillbillies bum like
yourself wouldn’t be ready to imagine. does one know why I’m here?”

Jennifer was getting more and more excited. She continued, “By the
way, does one know the Stratyer Residence? Buckeye’s best villa

Hearing the name of the Stratyer Residence, Ethan was a touch surprised.
He nodded.

Ethan owned their best villa) He was quite just conscious of the
Stratyer Residence.

Seeing Ethan nod, Jennifer sneered, “Not bad. A loser like yourself could
know the Stratyer Residence. I’ll offer you the credits!”

“Since you recognize that place, | guess you ought to also know that they need
a villa worth seventy million, right?”

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