I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 150

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 150

Chapter 150

Hearing Jennifer mentioned the villa, Ethan was slightly stunned. He
didn’t know why Jennifer brought the villa up.

So he asked tentatively, “What’s the matter? Does that villa have
anything to try to to with you?”

Seeing Ethan suddenly being cautious, Jennifer laughed complacently.

Jennifer said, “It’s good that you simply know the villa. But what you almost certainly
don’t know is that it had been sold.”

Jennifer continued with a smile, “Didn’t you inquire from me if I’m ok
to be here? I’ll offer you the solution . Of course! does one know why I’m here
today? |’m here with my dad. We are getting to have a business meeting
with the owner of the villa to speak over his remodeling plan.”

Upon hearing Jennifer’s words, Ethan finally connected the dots.

The manager in chief of the Stratyer Residence did mention his
contractor friend as Mr. Campbell.

Besides, Ethan had heard things about Jennifer’s family from Yura.
Jennifer’s dad was the owner of a transforming business.

Ethan was stunned at the coincidence.

It clothed that the contractor he was getting to meet was Jennifer’s

Ethan felt that things just got more and more interesting.

At this moment, Jennifer behaved arrogantly as if she was superior to
everyone within the world. Ethan was curious to ascertain what Jennifer would
react when she acknowledged that he was the owner of the seventy-million-
dollar villa, and therefore the father who she was ever pleased with was actually
working for Ethan.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t wait to ascertain how the show would continue .

To achieve a maximum dramatic effect, Ethan intentionally held back
the information from Jennifer.

He wanted to ascertain Jennifer’s face when she saw him walking into the
restaurant room to speak about the deal together with her dad.

Ethan couldn’t help tipping up the corner of his mouth.
To Ethan’s surprise, Jennifer noticed his subtle countenance .

Jennifer’s face dropped. She said to Ethan angrily, “Why are you
laughing? What’s so funny? what is wrong with you?”

Ethan then tried to carry back his smile, but the image of what
was getting to happen made him laughed even harder.

It made Jennifer more confused and angry.
Jennifer felt that Ethan’s malicious laugh was about her.

But she couldn’t find out why Ethan laughed at her. What right a bum
like Ethan had to tease her?

Jennifer thought the deal her dad was getting to make would worth

She knew that to transform a seventy-million-dollars villa would a minimum of
cost ten million.

How dare Ethan to tease her when her dad was getting to make sucha
big business deal?

Thinking of this, Jennifer hated Ethan more. She cursed Ethan, “You son
of a b*tch, stop laughing! Who gives you the proper to tease me? Are
you ready to buy a villa like that? you’re born to be miserable, and you
will be nothing for the remainder of your life!”

Jennifer looked into the space and continued, “I’ve heard the
billionaire who bought the villa is extremely young, probably just in his
twenties, and he’s very handsome!”

“Sht! you’re twenty-something too. Take a glance at him and take a glance at yourself! he’s so rich and successful, and you’re a disgusting piece of sht! Who allows you to steer around here? return to your dumpster
home! Wait, are you planning on stealing. | see! you recognize people that
come here are rich, so you would like to steal from them! you’re nowhere
near that billionaire!”

Jennifer tried hard to vent all her anger at Ethan.

She was still holding a grudge against Ethan from their previous
encounters. At this moment, Jennifer wanted to revenge!

After her lashing out, Jennifer turned to imagine. She murmured, “You
are such a nasty lucky! | thought | was getting to meet that billionaire with a
delightful manner, and perhaps he would take a flowery at me…”

Jennifer giggled in her fantasy dreamland.
She had high hopes for meeting that mysterious man.

He was so young but so rich. Jennifer’s ears were crammed with rumors
about this mysterious person, and her head was filled with fantasies.

lt was that Jennifer might never be ready to imagine that the mysterious
billionaire was Ethan, who was standing right ahead of her.

Hearing Jennifer’s murmuring of her daydream, Ethan had goosebumps
all over himself.

He couldn’t believe that Jennifer was brazen enough to possess such
daydreams and even to speak it aloud .

How naive and stupid would she be?

Ethan would never have an interest during a person like Jennifer, not during a billion

No one, besides Ethan, would fall crazy with Jennifer just by one look.

Jennifer wasn’t ugly, but as compared with Yura and Linda, she was
plain at the most .

Ethan had enough of Jennifer’s crazy talks, so he stopped her, “Stop
there. Let me tell you, your dream will never come true!”

Ethan’s face dropped, and he checked out Jennifer seriously.

Ethan’s words to Jennifer was like fire to dynamite, creating a huge

Jennifer had been fantasizing about marrying an upscale suitor
ever since she was a toddler .

But Ethan just killed her dream off by telling her it might never happen.
Jennifer just wanted to eat Ethan alive.

Before she could shout another round of curse words, Ethan stopped

“By the way,’ Ethan remembered something and said, “I forgot to inform you.
| was told by a specialist that the guitar you smashed yesterday was
beyond repair. I’ve asked the vendor to issue me a politician damage
evaluation report. Let’s find a time, and I’ll show it to you, so you’ll
compensate me the cash .’

Before she could yell at Ethan for his insult, Ethan asked her to buy
the damaging guitar. Jennifer was furious.

She scolded at Ethan angrily, “Compensation? In your dreams. | broke
your trash. you ought to thank me. Now you’ll buy yourself a replacement piece
of trash!”

Jennifer snorted, “Sure! If you’ll live to 100 years old, I’ll give
you all the cash that you simply invite . But a bit of sh*t like yourself, you
probably are going to be killed during a car accident within hours!”

Jennifer’s words were extremely vicious and vile.

Not only Ethan, but even the purchasers within the hotel lobby were looking
at Jennifer and judging her after hearing her curse words.

Jennifer was even angrier. She screamed at the people within the lobby,
“What are you looking at? Don’t you dare mess with you, and mind your
own business! Get out of my face, all of you!”

People walked faraway from her with discontent.

Jennifer then turned her anger at Ethan again. Her vicious curse words
were hanging at the tip of her tough.

Before she could make a sound, a voice stopped her.
“Jennifer, what’s wrong? Who upset you?”

As the voice became clearer, a man in his forties was
walking over to Jennifer. He was during a formal suit .

The man checked out Jennifer concerningly then checked out Ethan. He
asked, “What’s going on?”

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