I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 151

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 151

Chapter 151

Seeing the person, Jennifer threw herself into his arms and acted as if she
was having a tough time. Tears streamed down her face.

Jennifer sobbed, “Dad, he’s bullying me…”

Jennifer’s accusation stunned Ethan. His hatred of Jennifer was
rising. Ethan defined, “Wait a second. You might be mendacity! Me? Bullying
you? You’re the one who will not cease cursing me!”

Ethan needed to set Jennifer’s lie straight. He did not wish to have the unhealthy
identify of a bully. The rumor would mislead folks and create extra
hassle for Ethan.

Furthermore, Ethan was the one being bullied. He would not wish to take an
unfaithful accusation from Jennifer after being bullied by her.

Ethan would by no means take the blame like this.

Nonetheless, the person did not present indicators of belief in Ethan’s phrases. In any case,
Jennifer was his daughter.

The person would defend Jennifer irrespective of how wayward she was.

Pierre had been spoiling Jennifer ever since she was born. Seeing
Jennifer crying and telling him she was bullied, Pierre Campbell could not
spare extra consideration to Ethan’s phrases.

Pierre glared at Ethan with a dismal face and requested, “Who the hell are
you? How will you overtly bully a younger girl? | need you to apologize
to my daughter instantly!”

Pierre’s phrases made Ethan speechless.

Ethan was stunned on the means Pierre handled the incident. Earlier than
figuring out what actually occurred, Pierre believed Jennifer’s phrases and
demanded Ethan to apologize?

Nobody would remedy issues like that!

Ethan was indignant on the means he handled him. It may be true that the

Campbell household was considerably rich, but it surely did not give them the fitting
to actina superior method.

Ethan sighed. In the event that they weren’t going to be affordable, Ethan did not suppose
it is necessary to deal with them civilly.

Ethan replied, “Apologies? Do you even know what has occurred? How
are you so certain that | would apologize to her as you ask? Do you suppose
you’ll be able to drive me to do no matter you and your daughter need?”

Pierre was embarrassed by Ethan’s sequence of questions.

When he noticed Jennifer cried, Pierre was panicked, and he threw the
accusation at Ethan with out considering.

Ethan’s questions made him calmed right down to suppose. Pierre regarded

He simply dropped Jennifer off and went to park his automobile, and he did not
witness the altercation between Jennifer and Ethan.

Pierre scratched his head and took a have a look at Jennifer, asking, “Jennifer,
it is okay. Settle down. Inform dad what occurred? Don’t be concerned. I will make it easier to if
you’re actually bullied!”

Pierre straightened his tie and checked out Ethan with a severe face as if
telling Ethan that he could be unbiased.

Jennifer regarded up at Pierre after which squinted at Ethan. She immediately

spoke, “What occurred? He was bullying me! Dad, he’s from my
college, and he has been holding a grudge in opposition to me as a result of |

ruined his scheme to do nasty issues to Yura. He simply took the
alternative to take revenge on me. You do not know, dad, not solely he
insulted me, however he was going to hit me earlier than you confirmed up’”

Jennifer did not even flinch when she was telling her lies.
Ethan tried very arduous to restrain his anger after listening to Jennifer’s story.
He simply realized that Jennifer was shameless as she was vicious.

Pierre trusted Jennifer for all the things she mentioned. He believed that Ethan
was up for unhealthy issues to Yura, and he tried to take revenge on Jennifer
after the try was failed.

He checked out Ethan together with his face stuffed with disgust and mentioned coldly, “What

else do you must say? | Know Jennifer is usually a little spoiled, however |
belief her character. She would by no means lie!”

Pierre’s overconfidence in Jennifer left Ethan speechless.

Ethan shook his head with a bitter smile and replied, “Mr. Campbell,
proper? Did you see with your individual eyes the factor Jennifer simply mentioned? How
are you able to be so certain she wasn’t mendacity?”

He continued, “It is true that we’re from the identical college. However the
purpose | know Jennifer as a result of my good friend and | saved Yura and her
from some punk’s harassment at a scorching pot restaurant. My good friend and
myself even obtained injured for serving to them.’

“However are you aware how your daughter handled us after we saved them?
She insulted us and instructed us that we have been disgusting. She even accused
us of being accomplices of these punks. I am asking you. What would
you consider this?”

Ethan continued, “And issues are simply getting began. To start with, | have
to place out a disclaimer. | don’t have any intention of approaching your daughter.
To be trustworthy with you, | do not wish to waste a single second on her. However
your daughter retains harassing my girlfriend and me. When you do not imagine
my phrases, ask the folks from the music membership. She makes use of her place as
the vp and bullies my girlfriend commonly. What’s extra, she
smashed the guitar | purchased my girlfriend and tried to rob the second
one, which she mistakenly thought it was hers.”

“After the reality got here out that she took the incorrect guitar, she smashed
the second additionally!”

Ethan checked out Pierre and requested, “Could | ask you, is that this your definition
of a by no means mendacity daughter?”

Listening to Ethan’s phrases, Pierre was surprised. He checked out Jennifer.

Pierre remembered that he as soon as wanted to satisfy a well-known Japanese
inside designer. So he took a enterprise journey there and purchased Jennifer a
Yamaha guitar in Japan.

“Is… is that this true?” Pierre checked out Jennifer and requested.

Jennifer’s face turned crimson upon listening to Pierre’s query. She knew
all the things Ethan was telling was true.

Jennifer felt as if Pierre was integrating her. She was panicked.

Jennifer often placed on the look of a docile and well-behaved daughter
in entrance of Pierre. However her shut buddies knew that she solely pretended the

search for asking for cash from Pierre.

Jennifer was clear all her faux picture could be collapsed in Pierre’s
thoughts as soon as he came upon her actual conduct to different folks.

Pierre was a strict father. Though he would fulfill all of Jennifer’s
calls for, Pierre was extraordinarily stern when coping with her errors.

That is why Jennifer realized to placed on a second face in entrance of her

Jennifer was nervous. If Pierre came upon all the things she had achieved,
what’s await her could be countless anger.

She made up her thoughts that she would attempt all the things to disclaim Ethan’s
accusation. As a result of she hated Ethan a lot, Jennifer deliberate to place
them again on him.

Jennifer immediately pointed at Ethan and mentioned, “Dad, how will you imagine
what he mentioned? Do you Know the way disgusting he’s? Everybody at my
college is aware of him.”

She continued, “Sure, we do have unhealthy histories, however that is as a result of he and
his girlfriend ganged collectively to bully me. They hit me with the guitar,
and that is how | broke it. They instructed me the guitar value three million
{dollars} and requested me to pay them again!”

Jennifer’s phrases have been getting extra outrageous. Earlier than she may end,
she burst out crying once more.

Pierre had been undecided about believing Ethan’s phrases. He thought
perhaps Ethan was telling the reality.

However after listening to Jennifer talked about a three-million-dollar guitar, Pierre
judged Ethan’s phrases as a whole lie.

He mentioned surprisedly, “What? A 3-million-dollars guitar? Is it fabricated from
diamonds? Ridiculous! Is my daughter telling the reality?”

Pierre’s angle in direction of Ethan immediately shifted. He sarcastically regarded
at Ethan and waited for his reply.

He could not imagine {that a} guitar may value three million {dollars}.

The yr gross sales of his firm have been tens of hundreds of thousands, and the revenue was
solely hundreds of thousands.

With Ethan’s atypical look, Pierre may have the ability to imagine his
phrases if he mentioned the quitar price hundreds, even tens of hundreds.

However a three- million- {dollars} guitar? No means Pierre may imagine Ethan
was in a position to personal that type of cash.

Ethan’s entire credit have been gone in Pierre’s thoughts.

Pierre hadn’t had a preconceived aversion to Ethan. However at this second,
he did not like Ethan.

He thought Ethan was useless and calculating, and his character merely
did not match his ingenious look.

Pierre began to carry prejudice towards Ethan.

Pierre sneered. He checked out Ethan and questioned, “So that you mentioned the
guitar was three million {dollars}?”

Ethan did not flinch upon the reality. Jennifer had certainly damaged his three
million {dollars} guitar.

He nodded. “Sure, the guitar price me three million {dollars}.

Pierre immediately burst into laughter, “Ridiculous! Three million? What a
lie! You will have three million? When you do, why didnt you employ them on
one thing extra sensible? To purchase a guitar?”

Pierre did not disguise his mistrust of Ethan. He continued, “Younger man, you
let me down. | see that you just seem like a child from the countryside, so |
thought you’re easy and ingenious. | wasn’t gonna offer you a tough
time even you bullied my daughter. However you’re bluffing shamelessly.
You make me disgusted! Are you gonna inform me that you’re not a
countryside child however an city child? Otherwise you even have wealthy mother and father?
In any other case, how may you clarify a 3 million {dollars} guitar?”

“Ignorant. Ridiculous!” Pierre shook his head with a bitter smile.

Pierre’s phrases upset Ethan. Pierre had the fitting to not imagine Ethan, however
what he was saying was to slander Ethan’s identify.

It appeared that Pierre was no completely different from Jennifer.

Ethan snorted and mentioned firmly, “Since you’ve got mentioned that, | can solely inform you
that you’re proper!”

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