I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 156

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 156

Chapter 156

Seeing Ethan, Linda ran over and got into the car.

“Sir, Let’s go, Ethan told the driving force . He then checked out Linda with a smile,
“What’s wrong? does one have something on your mind? You look a touch

Linda managed to squeeze out a smile. She held Ethan’s hand and
shook her head, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Linda certainly didn’t tell Ethan about her real problems.

She had owned quite 100 thousand dollars to her
relatives. the quantity didn’t appear as if tons for Ethan.

But it had been an enormous sum of cash for Linda.

She could only earn a few of dozen dollars each day by singing. It would
take her ten years to clear the debts at this rate.

And Linda was worried about it at this moment.

But she didn’t want Ethan to understand about it, albeit the difficulties
she was facing were huge.

Linda saw it as her own business, and it had been unnecessary to possess Ethan

Linda was in Ethan’s arms, and her hands were in his hands. But in her
heart, the physical closeness couldn’t erase the space between Ethan
and herself.

Linda wasn’t good at putting on fake looks. So Ethan could tell from her
face that Linda was bothered by something.

But he stopped asking when he realized that Linda didn’t want to share.
Ethan respected Linda’s privacy.
And he would definitely come to rescue if Linda needed the assistance .

“Oh, by the way, Ethan tried to start out a conversation, “Linda, when are
your relatives coming? Tell me, what percentage of them, and who are they? I’ll
ask people to urge them someplace to remain . How about the Empire

“The day after tomorrow, Linda answered, “Four of them, and that they are
my aunts and cousins.”
Linda quickly added, “Well… you do not got to spend an excessive amount of money
on them. Any hotel will do. The Empire Hotel is…’

Linda knew the Empire Hotel was an expensive five-star hotel, and the
expense would be a few of thousands per night.

On the one hand, Linda didn’t want Ethan to spend an excessive amount of money.

On the opposite hand, Linda didn’t felt good about watching them enjoy a
high-end lifestyle after their horrible treatment of Linda and her mom.

Although Linda borrowed from them, it didn’t make them any longer

She knew how that they had been purposefully giving adversity to Linda
and her mom.

And Lending Linda the cash wasn’t out of their kindness except for the
opportunity to swindle Linda’s mom out of an old house.

The house was left to Linda’s mom by Linda’s grandpa, and it had been a
small and tacky house that did not have a high market price .

But Linda’s mom never thought of selling the house, even when she was
sick and needed money for the hospital.

Because the house held the memory of Linda’s grandpa.
But Linda’s two aunts wanted the house.

Linda knew that they might take the house from her mom if Linda
couldn’t pay the debts.

They had been giving Linda and her mom adversity for the ownership
of the house. Linda remembered all their despicable behaviors.

She had been suppressing her anger for years.

Linda had made up her mind an extended time ago. She would do her best to
have a successful career and earn tons of cash . So she could clear all
the debts.

By that point , nobody would be ready to look down on her and humiliate
her as that they had done.

Think of the mistreats within the past, Linda’s eyes turned red.

She couldn’t help but feel that her mom and herself had had a troublesome life
for years.

But everything began to search since she had Ethan at the instant .
Linda gazed at Ethan with gratitude in her eyes.
Noticing Linda’s tearful eyes, Ethan was anxious.

“What’s wrong, Linda? Did someone offer you a tough time again?” Ethan
asked in concern.

Linda quickly wiped off her tears and squeezed out a smile, “Don’t be
silly. With you by my side, nobody can give me adversity . I’m fine. | was
just remembering the adversity within the past and got emotional.”

Ethan frowned. He didn’t believe Linda’s words.

“For real? Is there something you didn’t tell me?” Ethan asked.
Linda smiled and said, “Of course not. | promise.’

Linda’s promise eased off Ethan’s suspicion.

She put her arms around Ethan’s neck and nestled in his embrace. With
a face of happiness, she said, “It’s so nice to possess you…”

Linda’s words melted Ethan in a moment . He checked out Linda in his

Ethan never felt so happy before.

They received the front entrance of the Empire Hotel. After paying the fare,
they got out of the car.

Ethan, holding Linda’s hand, rushed toward the restaurant.
He couldn’t wait to point out Linda the transforming proposals.

Ethan wanted Linda’s opinions, and he would say yes to anything that
Linda picked up.

When they reached the elevation, a cart just arrived.
The door opened , and Ethans was stunned.

Jennifer and Pierre were standing on the opposite side of the elevator

Ethan was stunned. He had hoped that Pablo could stall them, so he
could have the prospect to humiliate them when he came .

But Ethan acknowledged his plan may need failed.
“You…’ Ethan just started his words, but Jennifer interrupted him.
“You again? Why can’t | just get obviate you?”

Jennifer was then stunned by the design of Linda.
She saw Linda as her archenemy.
Jennifer just wanted to tear Linda apart sort of a cat to a mouse.

“That’s my luck. What alittle world. Why do | need to meet with every
piece of garbage today?”

Hearing Jennifer’s words, Linda lowered her head.
Linda hated Jennifer, but she was also intimidated by her.
However, Ethan wouldn’t stand Linda being humiliated.

He stared at Jennifer and said, “Watch your mouth. Don’t invite

Ethan continued, “Jennifer, here’s a bit of recommendation . What goes around
comes around. If you push everyone too hard, consequences will catch
you sooner or later. you’re not superior to anyone.’

Jennifer didn’t think she needed backing down anymore. With Joshua in
her pocket, Ethan’s threat seemed like a joke to her.

“You know what? | think | am superior to anyone. | do not have the time to
talk to you, you piece of sh*t. In my eyes, you’re but nothing!”

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