I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 157

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 157

Chapter 157

Jennifer hated Ethan. With Linda’s presence, who was also an individual
Jennifer hated, Jennifer’s aversion doubled.

She could never find out how did two folks that she hated the foremost
winded up together.

Jennifer suddenly giggled as if she just remembered something funny,
“If | didn’t commit it to memory wrong, someone just claimed that he was the
owner of the seventy million dollars villa. What a joke. does one still want
to Keep lying about it?”

Jennifer’s words reminded Pierre, and he was watching Ethan

“Ridiculous. He didn’t even blink when he lied; Pierre whispered, but
Ethan heard what he was murmuring.

Ethan was disgusted by it.

He didn’t pay much attention to the words beginning of their mouths.
Ethan had guessed that perhaps Pablo got them out before telling them
the owner of the villa.

And maybe they were already during a bad mood once they saw Ethan.

Ethan laughed and said, “I’ve told you that you simply would determine about the
owner once you were up there. | guess you were kicked out? Come up
with me again? I’ll show you who is that the ridiculous one!”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Pierre and Jennifer checked out one another and
paused for a short time . They then burst out laughing.

“Ridiculous!” Pierre shook his head and Said, “He just won’t stop lying”

Jennifer said scornfully, “You’re so gross! We didn’t expose you, but it
doesn’t mean we believed your lie!”

Jennifer and Pierre’s behavior confused Ethan.
He frowned and didn’t know what just happened to form them say so.
But soon, Jennifer gave him the solution .

She said, “Knock it off. It’s getting boring. Let me ask you, why didn’t you

go up just now? frightened of the important owner of the villa? Luckily, you
weren’t there. If you dare to dwell front of Mr. Owen and his son, they will
kill you!”

“| wasnt up there because | visited devour Linda,’ Ethan said
indifferently, “Joshua? You go and ask him if he dares to the touch me. You
are just kidding yourself!”

Ethan didn’t tell them that when Joshua tried to mess with him,
Joshua’s dad broke Joshua’s leg.

Jennifer had no interest in Ethan’s explanation.

She smiled and continued, “Only your silly girlfriend could believe your
lies. does one really think we might fall for it?”

Jennifer checked out Linda disdainfully and said, “To tell you the reality , we
just met the young master Joshua, and he has told us that he’s the
owner of the villa. Why are you continue to lying to us now? You silly loser!”

Pierre added, “That’s right. See for yourself, in Buckeye, who is rich
enough to shop for a seventy-million-dollars villa? he’s the sole one! You?
What a joke! Are you trying to find humiliation?”

Pierre and Jennifer burst into laughter.
Their words confused Ethan.
Why would Joshua want to say the ownership of the villa?

Ethan realized that the sole reason Jennifer and Pierre were sure Ethan
was telling a lie was that Joshua said he had bought the villa.

Ethan was angry. He didn’t know why Joshua would do this , but for
whatever reason, Joshua had ruined Ethan’s plan.

Ethan’s face looked bad. He was the important owner of the villa, but Ethan
was laughed at by the people he hated the foremost due to
misunderstandings. Ethan couldn’t accept the result .

“| do not believe you!” Ethan said firmly, “| do not believe Joshua would say
that unless he doesn’t want to measure anymore!”


As soon as Ethan finished his words, Pierre and Jennifer burst into
another round of laughter.

“He doesn’t want to live? | say it’s you!” Pierre said scornfully, “Boy, this
is the Empire Hotel, the Owen Family’s place. Watch your mouth.
Otherwise, I’ll call the safety to beat you up!”

Ethan wasn’t threatened. Even Pablo would need to be very aware of

Ethan, and a few of security guards wouldn’t even dare to the touch him.

Ethan checked out Pierre with contempt and said, “Sure, call them. | want to
see what they will do for me!”

Ethan snorted coldly and continued, “| do not believe Joshua could say
that the villa is his. Come upstairs with me, and I’ll ask them to inform you
who is that the real owner of the villa.”

Ethan’s anger got into his head.

Pierre had believed that Joshua was the owner of the villa, and he would
never comply with go up again with Ethan.

In Pierre’s eyes, rising to question Joshua was to trying to find trouble.

Pierre chuckled and said, “What does one want? Now since the reality has
gone out, why are you continue to trying to prove your lie? What’s your

Pierre smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was able to leave.
But Linda spoke out.

“Ethan didn’t lie. Everything he said is true!” Linda shouted, “Ethan really
bought the villa with seventy million dollars!”

Linda didn’t think an excessive amount of . She just couldn’t bear to ascertain Pierre and
Jennifer being so aggressive to Ethan.

“Ethan’s words are all true. Why don’t you think him? And you even
humiliate him!”

Linda didn’t wish to fight back. She would take it when people were
bullying her.

But she couldn’t stand people bullying Ethan.

In a state of agitation, Linda’s voice was raised so high that the
restaurant’s lobby suddenly quieted down.

People were watching over to seek out out what was happening.

Everyone heard the words that Ethan bought the seventy million dollars

When Stratyer Residence was still in development, it had attracted much

attention, and their seventy million dollars villa was the highest of the
attention list.

The words had already got out right after the villa was sold.
Some people believed that a billionaire of Buckeye bought it.

The rest of the people didn’t think Buckeye could have someone wealthy
enough to try to to that. They suspected that only Eric Norman could buy the
villa, who was the richest foreigner who had Chinese ancestry.

None of the people might be lieve that a university student could be the
buyer of the villa.

So when Linda shouted the words, people within the restaurant wondered
what the alleged buyer seemed like . After they saw Ethan, they burst out

The sound of the laugher was extremely harsh to the ears.
Linda’s face immediately turned red.

She blamed herself for not helping Ethan but making him into a public
laughing stock.

Linda wanted to inform them to prevent . Ethan stopped her before she rushed

“It’s okay,’ Ethan smiled at Linda and said.
Ethan wasn’t happy being laughed at.

But he had made peace with the people’s humiliating laughter an extended
time ago. Ethan ignored the humiliation by the people that didn’t know
him well altogether.

He didn’t think it worth his time and energy to worry about their opinions.

“I’m… I’m sorry…’ Linda lowered her head. She blamed herself for being

“Haha… What a silly teammate!” Jennifer laughed at Linda.
Jennifer stared at Linda and Ethan with an enormous smile on her face.

“Haha, it is so stupid!” Jennifer continued, “What an ideal match! one is
good at bluffing, and therefore the other one can do the anti-helping. You guys are
so funny!”

Jennifer said sarcastically. She gloated at the very fact that Linda just made
the whole lobby of individuals laughing at Ethan.

Jennifer’s humiliation irritated Ethan, he didn’t care about himself, but by
humiliating Linda, Jennifer had crossed Ethan’s bottom line.

Ethan shouted at Jennifer angrily, “What did you say? Say that again?”

Jennifer smiled complacently, and she or he and Pierre turned to go away . On
her answer , Jennifer said, “| won’t repeat myself. To you pieces of
garbage, you do not deserve my attention. I’m telling you, regardless of what
you do, you’ll always be a jokel”

Ethan was furious. He charged at Jennifer, “Stop! Who are you talking
about? Wait there! I’m calling Pablo, and let him tell you if I’m lying or

Seeing both Ethan and Jennifer were getting aggressive, Linda held
Ethan to prevent him from being violent.

“Calm down…” Linda said to Ethan, “It’s all my fault. Let’s not give them
another chance…”

Jennifer didn’t stop. She looked back at Ethan with a twisted smile and
gave him the finger.

“Calling Pablo? That’s funny! What does one think you are? Yeah, say that
louder, just in case the safety guards haven’t heard you. How can they
come to beat you up if they can not hear you?”

“Dumbf*ck!” Jennifer mouthed the word to Ethan.

Ethan was infuriated. He gritted his teeth and dialed Pablo’s number…

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