I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 158

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 158

Chapter 158

When Ethan tried to call Pablo, Jennifer and Pierre had walked out and
got into the car.

By the time they drove off, Ethan’s phone was connected.
“Hello, Young Master Ethan,’ Pablo answered the phone cautiously.

Watching Jennifer and Pierre driving away, Ethan was furious. But he
couldn’t do anything but sighed.

“Are you at the restaurant?” Ethan asked.

“Yes, | am. Are you here, Young Master Ethan? I’m going down for you…”
Pablo said respectfully.

Watching Pierre’s car disappearing, Ethan said, “Forget it, it’s alright . I’m
going up myself.
Hanging up the telephone , Ethan went up with Linda.

The elevator stopped on the 20 th floor. The elevator door opened
up, and Pablo and Joshua stood ahead of it to welcome Ethan. They
bowed to Ethan.

“Young Master Ethan, welcome…” Pablo was greeting Ethan, but Ethan
stopped him.

“The people | invited was up here?” Ethan said unhappily, “Mr. Qwen,
what an excellent reception you gave them.”

Pablo could tell from Ethan’s tone of voice that something went wrong.
Pablo didn’t know what exactly was the matter , and he was too scared

to assume.
“Young Master Ethan, what… what went wrong?” Pablo asked nervously,

Ethan glanced at Joshua, who was standing anxiously. Ethan sneered
and said, “Why don’t you ask your son, Young Master Owen? | just met
the contractors, and that they told me Joshua claimed that he was the owner
of the villa.’

Ethan’s words revealed his anger.
As cunning as Pablo was, he could tell who furious Ethan was.

Without warning, Pablo slapped Joshua, “You b*stard, who gave the gut
to lie? Apologize to Young Master Ethan, or I’ll break your other leg.’

Joshua was in total confusion.

Ethan’s words had already thrown Joshua off, and Pablo’s slap
bewildered him.

Joshua checked out Ethan with an innocent face and said nervously,
“Young… Young Master Ethan, | didn’t say that. Please believe me. It has
to be some sorts of misunderstandings.’

Even though Joshua said it might be a misunderstanding, he suspected
that Ethan wanted revenge by creating trouble for him.

“You didn’t?” Ethan sneered. Ethan didn’t believe Joshua. If Joshua didn’t
say it, who did?

Ethan had already held grudges against Joshua. After being humiliated
downstairs just , Ethan wanted to vent all his anger on Joshua.

Joshua had nobody responsible but himself because he had talked to
Jennifer and Pierre.

“| really didn’t say that… Joshua was scared out of his wits. He tried
very hard to recollect , and he finally got it. Joshua quickly explained, “|
remember! | think | know where the misunderstanding came from!”

Joshua realized what went wrong when he was recalling the
conversation among Jennifer, Pierre, and himself.

Joshua knew that Ethan had bought the villa, but Joshua didn’t realize
that the proposal was for the villa when Pierre tried to speak to him about
the remodeling proposal.

It seemed Joshua had made an error , then did Jennifer and Pierre.

Joshua explained, “Young Master Ethan, it’s a misunderstanding.
Please hear me. Here is what happened. | invested during a hot pot
restaurant, and it’s under renovation recently. When Pierre tried to sell
me his remodeling proposal, | thought it had been for my restaurant, so | said
yes. Itis a misunderstanding made by both of us’

Joshua was afraid that Ethan wouldn’t believe him, so he explained the
whole thing intimately . Then he continued, “That’s how the
misunderstanding happened. | didn’t know. Please don’t blame me,
Young Master Ethan…”

Joshua was frightened of Ethan being angry. Joshua had lost one leg the
last time he messed with Ethan, and he couldn’t begin to imagine what
would happen if Ethan was angry at him again.
Ethan thought Joshua’s explanation made sense, and it had been all a

How could it’s so coincidental? Ethan sighed heavily, and he felt heavy
on his chest.

Because Ethan did not have an excuse to vent his anger on somebody
else, and he could only swallow his grievance.

Seeing Joshua gave Ethan a suitable explanation, Pablo breathed a
sigh of relief for his son.

Pablo only slapped Joshua for avoiding Ethan’s further wrath. He had
assumed that Joshua had done something stupid and dangerous

With the confusion solved, Pablo was content.

But one thing Pablo couldn’t find out was that what caused Ethan so
much anger? What had those two people done to Ethan?

After a flash of thinking, Pablo asked cautiously, “Young Master
Ethan, what is going on on? Did those people offend you only now? Don’t
worry. I’ll send someone to affect them directly …”

Pablo then called someone over and began to offer orders.
But Ethan stopped him.

“Forget it; Ethan sighed. He knew alright what Pablo meant by dealing
with them.

No matter what proportion Ethan hated Jennifer and Pierre, he never thought
of causing serious physical harm to them. Ethan was a genuinely kind

“How are you able to allow them to walk?” Pablo said angrily, “Something should be
done to those that do not know their position. Otherwise, they’re going to never
learn that there are some people within the world that they cant mess with.
What you want to happen, just let me know.’

Hearing this, Ethan still waved his hand and said, “Forget it, | don’t need
to talk about them anymore. Let’s go. | heard that you simply helped me picked
a few general contractors? Do they need design proposals? Let’s go and
have a glance .’

Pablo knew the way to please people. If Ethan had decided to prevent talking
about something, he wouldn’t bring it up again. Pablo said, “Excellent!
Young Master Ethan, this way, please.’

He led Ethan and Linda into the private banquet room.

Pablo asked someone to bring a stack of folders and put them ahead
of Ethan and said, “They are all here. Young Master Ethan, please have a

Ethan nodded and said to Linda, “Have a glance . Whatever you wish . It’s all
up to you!”

Before Ethan said those words, Pablo didn’t pay an excessive amount of attention to

When hearing Ethan let Linda choose the remodel plan for the
expensive villa, Pabo could tell that Linda was someone vital
to Ethan.

Pablo quickly ingratiated himself with Linda, “Yes, please have a glance ,
Young Madam.” Pablo then turned to at least one of his staff, “Bring some fruits
for Young Madam, the simplest ones from our stock.” He then asked Linda,
“Young Madam, what would you wish to eat for lunch? I’ll ask the cook to
prepare them for you. The chiefs of the Empire Hotel are all hired from
all over the country for his or her talents. | bet you’ll like their works.”

Linda was embarrassed to be called Young Madam. She was blushed
and flustered. Not knowing what to reply , Linda began to undergo
the proposals.

There were quite ten designs. Linda skimmed the primary few
designs, thinking they were vulgar.

After watching them, Ethan also felt that the designs were shallow,
tacky, and tasteless.

Almost finished all the proposals, Linda hadn’t seen one design that
caught her eyes. She was a touch disheartened.

When she opened the last one, Linda’s eyes lighted up.

“Ethan, check out this. it is so beautiful. | like it!” Linda said excitedly.

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