I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 159

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 159

Chapter 159

Hearing Linda’s words, Ethan Go to check the proposal himself.
Ethan had zero experience in house remodeling.
He knew nothing about interior design.

Even so, he was excited when he saw the planning proposal Linda picked

It was very different from the rest of the planning proposals.

The rest of the designs all tried to realize an expensive and luxurious

Ethan wasn’t a lover of that.

Although he was wealthy after years of poverty, Ethan did not have the
desire to point out off his wealth through appearances because the other

nouveau riche did. Ethan thought all the gold paint and burgundy
mahogany looked tasteless.

He didn’t want to ruin his villa by using those tawdry designs.

All the showy and tasteless designs would make his villa appear as if a
poorly executed montage of a series of laughable choices.

The overall look would be ordinary and non-stylistic.

Ethan didn’t like doing things like everybody else.

He wanted uniqueness and personality.

And the design Linda picked up fit Ethan’s taste sort of a glove.

The design highlighted the connection between the person and
space, and therefore the color palette featured the colour white. to stress the
interior style, the planning also offered some alterations to the outside .

The design aimed toward making the villa into an area that was quiet and

Ancient Oriental style was another feature element of the planning . Apart
from the inside , the package also offered the landscape design of the
exterior of the villa. White walls combined with areas of bamboo gave
the whole villa a Zen style, which separated the space from the bustling
real world.
According to the landscape design rendering, there would be trees
planted within the yard, and a winding stream was placed outside of the
house. Over the stream, there was alittle bridge. A gazebo would be
built in the yard. The rendering of the outside of the villa seemed like a

The overall design of the villa was organic, featuring nature and
harmony. and therefore the infrastructure of the villa would be state-of-the-art.

The designer applied technology throughout the planning of the villa to
create a easier and convenient way of living.

In a nutshell, the planning had an excellent balance between naturistic
aesthetics and a technology-assisted living experience, and it had been able
to transform a lebensraum into a paradise.

“Yeah, | accept as true with you. This one is fantastic!” Ethan smiled and said to
Linda, “How about we choose this?”

Linda didn’t seem to be able to make the choice . She pointed at the
rest of the planning proposals and said, “Why dont we decide after
finishing them all? just in case there’s one you wish better.’

Ethan stroked Linda’s forehead and chuckled, “Silly girl, I’ll accept as true with
you on anything. | even have checked all of them , and this one is much
better than any of them. I’m good with this one. That’s it. | love it too.”

Hearing Ethan’s compliment for the planning , Pablo smiled. He said,
“Young Master Ethan, you and therefore the girl have such an excellent taste.
To be honest, | love it too.’

Pablo continued, “| didn’t say it to please you. | do think the planning is
great! | are within the hospitality business for years. | got to deal
with interior design for my restaurant for quite ten years. So | could
tell from the primary look which one is sweet which one isn’t . to inform you the
truth, | was amazed by this design the primary time | saw it. | had invested
hundreds of millions during a seven-star standard eco-friendly hotel on the
east side of Buckey, and | wanted an identical design to my hotel. So |
invited an indoor designer from Singapore to try to to it. But this one is much
better than mine.”

No matter what Pablo claimed, he indeed said those words to form
Linda and Ethan happy.

However, one thing he didn’t lie. He was a somewhat expert in

evaluating interior design.
And he genuinely thought the planning Linda picked out was good.

However, Pablo also frowned. Because he didn’t remember this one was
part of the designs he collected for Ethan.

The rest of the planning proposals were from either Pablo’s friends or the
design companies that Pablo had worked with. Pablo could tell each
design was from which company.

But he didn’t recognize the planning proposal that was in Linda’s hand.

But seeing that Ethan was excited about the planning , Pablo didn’t bring
up the matter . He didn’t want to upset Ethan.

After hearing Pablo’s approval on the planning , Ethan was more convinced
about his decision.

Ethan checked out Pablo and said, “Mr. Owen, it’s settled. this is often the one.
Please help me contact the planning company.”

Ethan scratched his head and said with a smile, “But… | have no
experience within the interior business, if you do not mind, could you help me
figure out the details?”

Pablo nodded and answered, “No problem. Rest assured, Young Master
Ethan. I’ll handle it for you, and | can assure you I’ll do my best. Can you
let me take a glance at the file? | got to determine their information.’

Ethan nodded. He handed Pablo the folder immediately .

Pablo turned to the duvet page of the proposal. But he was surprised
when he saw the corporate information.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Joshua realized Pablo’s abnormal behavior and
whispered, “Ils there anything wrong?”

Joshua took a glance at the words that Pablo was watching .
And his face also changed in an instance, and he was speechless.

Ethan saw both Pablo and Joshua were watching the proposal pages in
silence. He frowned and asked, “What’s wrong, Mr. Owen?”

Ethan’s voice brought Pablo back to his senses. He said with a horrible
look on his face, “Young Master Ethan… You, you’d better see it

Ethan was confused. He took the proposal file and checked out the
company information.

“Buckeye City Yellowcoms Decoration Company… Ethan was also
stunned after reading the name.

“What…” Ethan took a glance at Linda. He wanted to inform her but gave up the

What a coincidence!

After seeing numerous disappointing designs, the sole good one was
from Pierre Campbell’s company.

Ethan was speechless. He just announced that he wouldn’t use
Yellowcoms Decoration Company regardless of what they might offer. And
yet, he just picked out their design as his favorite.

Ethan couldn’t decide. He checked out Linda for a solution .
Linda realized what was happening , and she or he could see the dilemma.
She really liked the planning .

Different people had different preferences for an ideal home, and they
would work toward each different direction to urge to their dream house.

And the design Pierre presented matched Linda’s dream house

Every view from every angle of the planning was the foremost beautiful
picture in Linda’s mind.

Linda loved equally of the planning .
But the matter was it came from the corporate of Jennifer’s dad.

Linda also hated Jennifer and everything round her , including her dad’s

Linda couldn’t believe that as a horrible person like Pierre, his company
could offer such an excellent design.

She also remembered Ethan’s claim. He would never work with Pierre
Campbell, not even he could design a palace for him.

Linda didn’t want to travel against Ethan’s will, and she or he also didn’t want to
put Ethan during a difficult position.

But she really liked the planning …
To Linda, this was a difficult decision.
She thought for an extended time of the way to answer Ethan.

Linda lost in her thought.
“Linda?” Ethan’s soft voice brought Linda back from her thought.

“Ah? Oh…” Linda smiled awkwardly. She checked out Ethan with a solution
in her head.

Linda smiled at Ethan, then she grabbed the planning proposal away
from Ethan’s hand and threw it away.

Linda smiled and said, “I do not like this anymore. Let’s check out the others.”
Linda looked determined, but Ethan could tell she did this for him.

Linda didn’t want Ethan to backtrack his own words for her. But Ethan
knew what proportion Linda loved the planning .

Ethan was grateful for Linda’s change of thought, but he also felt uneasy
for being unable to form her happy.

Linda acted as if she was over it. She didn’t even take another check out
the design. She began to check all the opposite design proposals everywhere

While reviewing the proposals, Linda said with a smile, “Look, | probably

didnt pay enough attention the last time. This one isn’t bad. That golden
decorative wall, the marble fence outside, which chandelier…”

Ethan could tell Linda saying the words intentionally . She didn’t want to
make Ethan feel bad.

Linda was still reviewing all the planning proposals very carefully.

Ethan stared at the planning Linda had tossed out, hesitating. He lost in
his thought for an extended time.

Finally, Ethan walked over and picked up the proposal. Ethan had made
up his mind, so he smiled with ease.

“Mr. Owen; Ethan walked over to Pablo and smiled, “Please contact
Pierre Campbell. We’d wish to use the planning he presented’

Ethan’s words surprised everyone within the room. Linda raised her head in
astonishment. She checked out Ethan in disbelief.

“Young Master Ethan, you do not need to roll in the hay . you recognize what. | have
friends working in interior design from Japan, Europe, and even
America. I’ll ask them to recommend some top design companies. We
can have designs ten times better than this one. you actually don’t got to
work with those low-lives.”

Even Pablo felt Ethan was too hard on himself.

But Ethan smiled. He checked out Linda and said, “No, this one is sweet . As
long as Linda likes it, | can do anything.”

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