I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 160

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 160

Chapter 160

Hearing Ethan’s words, Linda was almost moved to tears.
Linda understood what proportion Ethan was getting to sacrifice for her.

Even Pablo Owen, a strong figure in Buckeye, had to concentrate to Ethan’s
command. except for Linda, Ethen was willing to figure with those horrible
people like Jennifer and Pierre.

Ethan had put his ego and even his dignity aside for Linda.

Linda didnt know if Ethan was a part of the social circle of the rich and
powerful families’ offsprings.

lf he were, Ethan would be laughed at for a really while among his

The matter wasn’t as simple as learning a design. it had been a matter of

“No, Ethan, I’ve decided. | do not like the planning anymore!” Linda was
determined. She sprung up and tried to grab the proposal from Ethan’s

Ethan dodged. He shook his head and smiled, “Nonsense, don’t think |
can’t see what proportion you wish it. If you give this one up, you would possibly not be

able to see another one nearly as good as this one!”

Ethan was also determined, and zip appeared to be ready to change
his mind.

He had made up his mind to use the planning .

Seeing neither Linda nor Ethan was getting to compromise, Pablo and
Joshua didnt know what to try to to .

Joshua secretly glanced at Pablo as if asking him what’s next.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be an honest idea to support either side at this

lf they said things for Linda, Ethan wouldn’t be happy.

They may not care an excessive amount of about Linda’s feelings. But if they
supported Ethan, and Ethan was laughed at because he worked with
Pierre, Ethan would need to blame Pablo and Joshua for not talking him
out of it.
Pablo didnt know Ethan too well, but he knew how unpredictable those
children from rich and powerful families.

For amoment, Pablo had no idea what to try to to .
But an excellent idea suddenly came to his mind.

Pablo interrupted Ethan. He said with a smile, “Young Master Ethan, |
have a thought which will assist you keep the planning without being laughed

Hearing Pablo’s words, Ethan was interested, “Really? Tell me about it!”

Pablo chuckled and said, “Well, since Miss Linda likes it, | think | can ask
a friend of mine to shop for the planning from Pierre, and he won’t determine it’s
actually us.”

“If we own the planning , we will use it however we would like without fear
about being laughed at”

Pablo was very pleased with his idea. He believed his solution was perfect.

“Yes, this is often an honest idea!” Joshua was excited about Pablo’s solution, “In
this way, we will legally use the planning , and Pierre can’t do anything
about it. What’s even better is that Young Master Ethan, you do not need
to be officially involved in it. My dad and | can lookout of it”

To preserve Ethan’s dignity, it had been an exquisite idea.

Pierre and Jennifer would definitely boast about themselves non-stop
once they acknowledged Ethan would want to figure with them.

Ethan was excited about Pablo’s idea too. Who didn’t sort of a solution that
could keep his own dignity intact.

But soon, Ethan’s excited face disappeared.

He checked out Pablo and shook his head, saying, “Forget it. | appreciate
your effort. But | do not like the low-blow. Let’s work on contacting them.”

Ethan then laughed at himself and continued, “Pierre and Jennifer
wouldn’t believe the villa was mine anyway. | don’t got to waste my
time worrying about how they might think. Mr. Owen, please help me
deal with them. and do not worry, | won’t blame you for it if anything
unhappy happens.”

“Well…” Pablo didn’t like what he heard. But since Ethan had said so,
Pablo wasn’t getting to keep pushing.

“Ethan, | really don’t need the planning anymore… ” Linda blushed. She
looked at Ethan and said, “You should know what quite person
Jennifer is. When she finds out about it, she would definitely tease
you and tell everyone about it to humiliate you.”

Ethan smiled and signaled Linda to prevent . He then said, “Don’t worry, |
know what I’m doing.”

Seeing that Ethan had made up his mind, Linda stopped persuading
him. She knew Ethan too well to understand that she couldn’t change Ethan’s
mind once the mind was made.

Pablo sighed and said, “Well, then Young Mater Ethan, I’m on it’
He then turned to go away .
Before Pablo stepping out of the space , Ethan called him.

“Mr. Owen, please wait a minute’ Ethan suddenly remembered the visit
of Linda’s relatives, “| have a prefer to ask”

Hearing this, Pablo smiled and said, “Just name it, Young Master Ethan.
It’s my honor to help you.”

Pablo’s ingratiating words made Ethan feel embarrassed to ask.

“Well…the thing is. Linda features a few relatives, and that they are coming
to town during a few days. | was wondering could you reserve rooms
for them within the Empire Hotel?”

Knowing it had been for Linda’s relatives, Pablo quickly nodded and
answered, “No problem. don’t be concerned , Young Master Ethan. I’ll lookout of

Just before Pablo’s leaving, he stopped. Pablo walked over to Ethan with
a smile and said, “Young Master Ethan, How about we do not do the
Empire Hotel?”

Ethan was surprised at Pablo’s words. He asked with embarrassment,
“What’s wrong, Mr. Owen… why are you taking back your word?”

Pablo shook his head during a hurry, “No, in fact not. That’s not what |
mean. | mentioned my new eco-friendly hotel on the east of Buckeye,
Cloud Covert Manor. it is a seven-star hotel and is much better than the
Empire Hotel. | was thinking, how about we let Miss Linda’s relatives
stay there? The traffic is best over there, to downtown or tourist

Ethan liked Pablo’s suggestion, “Well, Cloud Covert Manor it is! Thank
you for the difficulty , Mr. Owen.”

Pablo chuckled and said, “Don’t mention it. Not trouble in the least . don’t be concerned .
I’ll ask my staff tomorrow to order the simplest rooms within the hotel. Just
mention my name when the relatives are in town.”

Ethan nodded. Just when everything appeared to are decided,
Linda suddenly spoke.

“It’s an excessive amount of , Ethan. Any random place would be good. you do not need
to find them a flowery place to remain .”

Linda thought it had been unfair to treat her relatives that well, after the
hardship that they had put her mom and herself through.

The Empire Hotel was already too good for them. Why switched to
somewhere even better?

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