I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 161

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 161

Chapter 161

“Let’s find elsewhere for them to stay, Ethan” Linda grabbed
Ethan’s arm and pleaded, “Any ordinary hotel will do. | don’t need you to
spend an excessive amount of on them.

In fact, the expense wasn’t the thing that bothered Linda. She just didn’t
want her relatives to be treated too well.

However, Ethan thought Linda was concerned for him and didn’t want
him to spend an excessive amount of money.

“It’s okay!’ Ethan chuckled. “Don’t worry. | can afford a few of days’
hotel expenses.”

In Ethan’s eyes, he needed to treat Linda’s relatives well.

For one thing, Ethan genuinely wanted to be good to Linda and treat
Linda’s things more important than his own.

For another thing, Ethan wanted to form an honest impression on Linda’s
relatives and convince them he was an honest boyfriend to Linda.

However, Linda didn’t want her relatives to possess such an excellent time here.
She really wanted to inform Ethan about all the adversity they put her
mom and herself, though.

As kind and generous as Linda was, how could she hold such an enormous
grudge if they hadn’t behaved so horribly to Linda’s family?

But Linda couldn’t tell Ethan. She knew Ethan well. lf Ethan knew about
the history between her relatives and Linda, his anger would make him
behave recklessly.

And one thing Linda firmly believed. Ethan would definitely pay back all
her debts if he acknowledged about them.

Linda didn’t want that to happen.

She didn’t want to have Ethan an excessive amount of , or she wouldn’t be ready to repay
Ethan for the remainder of her life.

Another thing that worried Linda was the well-being of Ethan. Linda’s
relatives were greedy people. She was afraid they could be up for no
good to Ethan once they acknowledged how rich Ethan was.

Those relatives of Linda were mercenary and stony- hearted. Nothing
| ff
would substitute the way between them and therefore the money, nor family or

If they saw Ethan was a target for milking money, nobody could imagine
how far and the way terrible they might go.

Linda was afraid to bring bad things into Ethan’s life.

lf such things did happen, Linda would owe Ethan even more. She didn’t
want things to travel that way.

So Linda had to prevent Ethan from putting her relatives in one among those

fancy hotels. Otherwise, they might definitely find out that Ethan was
a rich person.

Linda shook her head and said, “Ethan, does one hear me or not? Do
you really want me to be upset?”

Linda couldn’t find a far better excuse to influence Ethan, and that is the sole
way she got.

Ethan was surprised at how determined Linda was at stopping her
relatives from staying at a far better place. He asked, “Linda, what’s got into
you? what is wrong with booking an honest hotel for your relatives? What
are you upset about?”

Linda had hoped Ethan to not ask any questions, for she did not have the

Linda hesitated for an extended time then said during a tough tone of voice,
“What’s wrong with you? Is it so hard to concentrate to me for once? If you continue to
insist, I’ll walk away”

Linda then placed on an angry appearance and was close to leave.
Ethan was stunned at Linda’s reaction.

He didn’t understand why Linda suddenly got angry. Ethan didn’t think he
had done anything wrong.

What he had done was to book the simplest hotel for Linda’s relatives.

And the reason he did that was for Linda to seem good among her

Ethan sighed. He couldn’t find out what Linda was thinking.
“Is she worried that I’m spending an excessive amount of money?”

Thinking of this, Ethan laughed.
How much an evening within the best room within the Empire Hotel?
Nine thousand and eight hundred dollars.

And how many of us were coming? Ethan thought it couldn’t possibly
be quite 100 people. If that is the case, Ethan had to shop for out
the entire hotel!

Even so, consistent with what Ethan had, he could easily buy them to
stay there for a year.

Ethan smiled and tried to comfort Linda, “Don’t worry. It won’t cost me

too much. | Know you do not want me to spend an excessive amount of . But they’re
your relatives. | don’t care what proportion | will spend on them.”

Linda was touched by Ethan’s words, especially the last sentence.

But what Ethan guessed was wrong. Linda wasn’t worried about how
much money Ethan could spend.

So Linda didn’t say anything to Ethan.

Pablo had been watching how things would develop. When he heard
Ethan talking about payment, Pablo suddenly stood up and said with a
smile on his face, “Young Master Ethan, you do not got to worry about
the expenses. How could | charge you? you’re humiliating me by
paying for our services. don’t be concerned . When the relatives of Miss Linda’s
come down here, I’ll get them the simplest room with the simplest services, free
of charge.”

Pablo really excelled at the art of speaking. His words made Ethan feel
very comfortable. it had been not about money. it had been about the state of
superiority Pablo bestowed on Ethan through his words.

Moreover, Ethan thought that Pablo’s words would stop Linda from

Ethan checked out Linda with a smile and said, “Linda, are you continue to worried?
Mr. Owen has promised…”

However, before Ethan could finish his words, Linda frowned and
pushed his hands away, “No, Ethan, not that. Just tell me if you’ll put
them into a flowery hotel or a standard one. If you enforce putting them
into the flamboyant hotel, | many thanks for your generosity, but | don’t need your
help anymore.’

Linda then stared at Ethan with a significant face, expecting his answer.

However, Ethan was completely dumbfounded.
“What’s going on? What does she mean?”

“Linda, what… what are you talking about? Tell me, you… |…” Ethan didn’t
understand why Linda reacted so dramatically.

Without getting a solution , Linda’s face dropped. She turned to go away .
Ethan was anxious. He grabbed Linda and said, ” Linda, don’t go!”

“You don’t even hear me. | need to go” Linda pulled back her hand
without looking back at Ethan.

Ethan was scared. He ran over and stood ahead of Linda. After taking a
look at Pablo in hesitation, Ethan said to Linda, ” Okay, | hear you. I’m
saying yes to whatever you’re asking!”

Ethan didn’t understand why Linda was so upset about which hotel her
relatives would stay in. But he ran out of ideas only to accept as true with Linda
for the nonce .

Finally, Linda appeared to be satisfied, and her face relaxed tons . She said
softly to Ethan, “I’m sorry, Ethan. | didn’t mean to throw a tantrum at you,
but there are things that I’m not able to tell you. Please hear me for
this once. many thanks so much!”

After the words, Linda made an apologetic expression to Ethan and
walked out of the space .

Looking at Linda’s leaving, Ethan was speechless. He smiled at Pablo in
embarrassment as if saying he didn’t understand what is going on on

“Then… Young Master Ethan, what should we do next?” Pablo asked

Ethan scratched his head. He did not have any idea.

After a flash of thought, Ethan said, “How about this, Mr. Owen, could
you put the rooms of Cloud Covert Manor within the reservation, and I’ll let
you know what to try to to with the rooms later?”

Pablo nodded and said, “Got it, Young Master Ethan. I’ll reserve the
rooms for you regardless of you mentioned it or not. Don’t worried. I’ll take
care of the items with the hotel. You attend catch up with Miss Linda:

Pablo switched to a way more relaxed face. He said to Ethan with a
smile, “Young girls, they often get upset for no reason. don’t be concerned .
You catch up together with her and say something nice. She’ll be fine very soon.”

Hearing this, Ethan smiled at Pablo and shook his head, helplessly, “The
wisdom does accompany age. Well, I’ll go first. Mr. Owen, many thanks so
much for all of your help!”

Pablo nodded and watched Ethan leave.

After stepping out of the space , Ethan rushed downstairs to run after
Linda. But Linda wasn’t deed . She was sitting on the steps
outside of the hotel.

“Linda, are you okay?” Ethan walked over. Seeing Linda sitting alone,
holding her shoulders, Ethan’s heart almost broke.

Linda was sobbing. Hearing Ethan’s voice, she wiped the tears off her
face and stood up. Still facing Ethan together with her back, Linda said, “I’m fine.’

“How are you able to be fine? Are you crying?” When Ethan walked ahead of
Linda, he saw Linda’s eyes were red, and there have been tears within the corner
of her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Linda crying, Ethan felt pity for her. He asked in
concern, “Linda, | know something is bothering you. Please tell me what
it is!”

“Nothing, Linda composed herself and squeezed out a smile at Ethan,
“I’m not lying to you. I’m fine”

Ethan knew Linda wasn’t fine, and things were bothering her. But Ethan
also knew if Linda didn’t want to inform him. Nothing he could do to vary
her mind.

Ethan sighed. He checked out Linda and said with deep affection, “Linda, if
you have something on your mind or meet with some difficulties, | hope
you can tell me”

Ethan wiped the tears from Linda’s eyes together with his hand and continued,
“We should trust one another and support one another regardless of what
happens. So do not be afraid, because whatever happens, you’ll always
have me standing behind you. Wherever and whenever, I’ll always be
your strongest support.’

Ethan then gently held Linda in his arms.

Buried in Ethan’s arms, Linda felt the heat and security she never felt

Before Ethan, battling living together with her mom, what Linda felt mostly
were fear and anxiety.

Linda and her mom only had one another . Sometimes they might hardly
feed themselves.

During those times, Linda felt she was during a fight with the remainder of the
world. She had been put in defense of everything round her .

And Linda would never imagine that she would be ready to find someone
she could believe .

But she was in his arms that day.

Linda raised her head and checked out Ethan affectionately. For the primary
time, she felt that the gap between Ethan and herself was closing.

Linda gently bit her lips. She prayed in her heart that she might be with
Ethan forever…

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