I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 162

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 162

Chapter 163

The two left the Empire Hotel and didn’t rush back to campus.
Ethan took Linda to possess a hot pot then went shopping.
Both Linda and Ethan had an excellent time together that day.

When he went back to campus within the evening, Ethan’s phone suddenly
rang. it had been from Maggie.

Ethan picked up the phone, “Hello, Maggie, what’s up?”
Ethan asked Maggie directly without small talks.

He heard that his father was performing on several major investments in
Buckeye, and Maggie was busy performing on them.

Ethan appreciated and admired Maggie for all the hard works she had
been doing.

In fact, the investments were meant for Ethan as a foundation to create
up his career. So it should be Ethan who was performing on the

But at the instant , Maggie was the one doing all the work. With her
original assignment of charging all of the Norman Family’s business in
Buckeye, she was hectic than ever.

Moreover, Ethan had heard from Maggie that one son of the Norman
Family from overseas would visit Buckeye. Maggie was also

responsible for the reception and settlement.

In a nutshell, Maggie was doing the workload of several people at the

Ethan had wanted to share some works with Maggie, but he gave up the
idea after some thought.

It wasn’t because he didn’t want to figure . Ethan thought that he knew
nothing about business and management.

And together with his position, he would be within the leader position once he was to
be involved the business. If that is the case, he not only wasn’t able
to help but would create a |ot of trouble for Maggie.

So Ethan thought that he’d better sit it out and left the business to
Maggie to handle.

But Ethan planned to sometimes participate in business operation and
management so he could learn from Maggie.

Ethan hoped he could eventually master the talents of business
management so he might be a capable boss.

“Yes, | have something to debate with you; Maggie asked, “Is it an honest
time? | can call you later if you’re not available to speak right now’

“| can talk, Ethan smiled and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Maggie said, “| mentioned before that Mr. Norman would allocate to you

a sum of cash from his personal fund. it is the start-up fund for your
own business. the cash is in your account immediately . consistent with Mr.

Norman, you ought to register a business license first then find out
how you want to take a position the fund”

Ethan remembered that Maggie had mentioned this to him, and
according to Maggie, the fund would be billions.

Ethan was excited. He asked, “Maggie, what proportion money my dad has
given me?”

Ethan was very interested by the quantity .

It was the cash for his investment. To Ethan, the quantity was a
measurement of what proportion his father cared about him.

Ethan wanted to ascertain what his worth in his father’s eyes.

Deep down, Ethan already had a prediction. He had assumed the
number to be two to 3 billion dollars at the most .

It was tons of cash for many of the people. many of us wouldn’t be
able to see that much money for his or her entire life. But Ethan could have
them only for a start-up fund.

Maggie said calmly as if nothing serious, “Eight billion.”

“Eight…” Ethan was surprised at the amount he was hearing, “How
much? Did you only say eight billion?”

Ethan was dumbfounded upon hearing the quantity .

Why should Ethan care about starting his own business when he had

eight billion dollars? most of the people couldn’t have that much money for
their entire life.

And Mr. Norman had given Ethan two billion dollars before. With the
eight billion dollars this point , Ethan had ten billion dollars in his bank

Most people couldn’t earn ten billion dollars in their entire life, and what
Ethan had done was checking out who his father was.

“Really? Maggie!” Ethan couldn’t believe his ears. He thought maybe
Maggie was kidding him.

But Ethan knew Maggie wouldn’t joke about something as serious as
this. He also didn’t think Maggie seemed like someone good at telling

“Of course, it’s true!” Maggie said affirmatively, “And… | think Mr. Norman
is thinking of letting you build a business empire in Buckeye. So my
guessing is that the eight billion dollars are just an early-stage fund”

Maggie paused. She appeared to hesitate about something.

After an extended time, Maggie said, “Young Master Ethan, there’s something |
cant tell you without Mr. Norman’s permission. But one thing | can tell
you is that do not underestimate the potential of Buckeye. Maybe it’s only
a third-tier city, but the town isn’t as simple because it seems. Anyway, let’s
meet and talk once we have time. I’ll handle the license and company
location, and I’ll keep you posted.’

Hearing this, Ethan nodded, “All right then. Thank you, Maggie.”

Maggie smiled, which was rare, “Not an enormous deal. Those are the roles
assigned by Mr. Norman, and that they are my responsibilities anymore. I’ll
leave you to what you were doing. ask you later.”

Ethan was perturbed after the call .

For one thing, Ethan was surprised at what proportion money his dad had
trusted him with.

For another thing, Maggie was hiding many things during their
conversation. It seemed that Ethan’s father and Maggie were planning
on something about Ethan without telling him.

“What on earth are they hiding from me? Why is Buckeye not like what it
seems?” Ethan wondered.

Maggie’s words made Ethan curious.

Seeing that Ethan was lost in thoughts, Linda frowned. She asked,
“Ethan, what’s wrong? Whose call was that?”

Ethan came to his senses and smiled, “It’s from Maggie”

“It’s so late. Did she need something from you?”

Ethan nodded, “She told me that my dad had transferred the fund on behalf of me
to start my very own business’

Hearing this, Linda smiled happily. “That’s wonderful. Why don’t you look
excited? what proportion your dad has given you?”

Ethan checked out Linda, and his face turned red, “Eight…”

“Eight hundred thousand dollars?” Maggie didn’t see a confirmed
expression from Ethan. She took a sip of water to calm her nerves,
“Eight million dollar? That much?”

Ethan shook his head with a bitter smile, “No, eight billion dollars!”

Linda spat out a mouthful of water and checked out Ethan with an
extremely complicated expression. She was stunned. Linda stammered,
“Eight…how much? Eight… eight billion?”

Linda was shocked. She stared at Ethan for an extended time as if her soul
had escaped from her body.

Linda’s reaction scared Ethan. He patted Linda on the rear and asked
nervously, “What’s wrong with you, Linda? Are you okay?”

The pat on the rear brought Linda back to reality. She asked in disbelief,
“Ethan, are you kidding me? Eight billion dollars? does one still got to
start your own business? you’ll have an excellent life just by doing

Linda hoped Ethan could say that he was telling a joke.
But instead, Ethan looked more serious.

“I’m telling the reality ,’ Ethan checked out Linda and said, “Linda, my father
really gave me eight billion dollars.’

Linda was stunned and perturbed. She couldn’t believe that the cash
Ethan’s father gave him would be counted within the unit of billion.

It was way beyond Linda’s wildest dream.
Linda couldn’t help but wonder about Ethan’s identity.

Linda only Knew that Ethan’s father was wealthy. As for a way rich and
how the family need to where it had been , Linda knew nothing about them.

Linda once thought Ethan’s father could be just a standard business

owner. He could be rich, but his asset couldn’t be quite a few of
hundreds of millions.

But Linda realized that she was wrong. Ethan’s father couldn’t give
everything to Ethan only for him to start out his own business.

Lina had never been so interested by Ethan’s identity. She sized Ethan
up and down. After a flash of hesitation, Linda asked, “Ethan, who is
your father”

Hearing the question, Ethan fell into silence.

He had promised his father that he would never tell outsiders about his

However, Ethan didn’t see Linda as an outsider. He thought it shouldn’t
be a drag telling Linda about his identity. After all, Linda was the love
of his life.

At this point , they sat within the campus stadium. the surface street was just
on the opposite side of the stadium wall.

On the road , there was an enormous billboard.

Staring at his father’s face on the billboard, Ethan asked Linda with a
serious look on his face, “Linda, are you able to guess who my father is?”

Linda frowned. The answers she could consider were a few of the
richest people within the country.

Examing Ethan’s face, Linda didn’t think any of her answers were right.
Linda shook her head and asked curiously, “| do not know . Ethan, who is
your father?”

Ethan smiled and pointed at the person on the billboard, saying
seriously, “My father is Eric Norman:

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