I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 163

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 163

Chapter 163

Linda looked toward where Ethan was pointing and saw Eric Norman’s image on
the billboard.

She was stunned. Even after an extended while, Linda still looked surprised.
“For real? Ethan…your dad…your dad is Eric Norman?” Linda stammered.

Ethan nodded and said, “Yes, my dad is Eric Norman, the richest man who’s now
living overseas.”

Hearing Ethan’s confirmation, Linda was perturbed.
She could never imagine that Ethan’s dad was such an upscale and superstar .
In Buckeye, Everyone knew Eric Norman, from the elderlies to toddlers.

But most of the people only knew that Eric was a really successful businessman
originally from Buckeye. nobody knew what Eric was before he left Buckeye.

Rumer had it that the Norman Family was the descendants of Wansan Norman, the
richest person within the 14th century. Most of them had immigrated overseas to
escape a disaster that would cause family extermination.

Eric Norman belonged to the family that stayed behind, and he was the direct
descendant of Wansan Norman.

The Norman Family had made a fortune for themselves overseas, but they didnt
have a correct descendent to inherit their family empire.

So they searched out Eric Norman and asked him came to visit to require over the
Norman Family empire.

But all of these were just hearsays. Only the core relations of the Norman
Family knew the important story.

There were many versions of Eric’s biography . a number of them were nonsensical
fairytales that were created to draw in attention.

For example, someone said that Eric was born with a superpower, so he was
invited to require over the closed corporation .

Stories like this didn’t hold credits. They were only served as gossips for people’s

Any news about Eric Norman would be viral in Buckeye. Especially after learning
that the Norman Family would make huge investments here, Eric Norman had
become a reputation that’s on everyone’s lips.

And Eric Norman’s face started appearing on all types of billboards and


The chambers of commerce and personal companies in Buckeye were all prepared
to welcome Eric Norman.

Everyone knew that the wealth of the Norman Family could compete with alittle
country. If they might form business partnerships with the family, they might have a
lot of business opportunities.

Most of the business projects of the Norman Family were huge. Anyone involved
could gain large profits.

Therefore, in Buckeye, Eric Norman was the synonym of the God of Fortune.

Many people were relying on Eric Norman to supply them with fortune and

Linda couldn’t believe that Ethan’s dad was that legend that everybody was talking
about. The news scared her.

“You sure, Ethan?” Linda asked in surprise, “Why… why didn’t you tell me this
before? And why have | never heard you mention your dad?”

It was difficult for Linda to process the news.
Linda was getting very interested by Ethan’s story.

Ethan could see that Linda wanted to understand more. Because he already saw Linda as
part of the family, Ethan decided to inform her the entire story of himself.

Ethan said, “The reason that | didn’t tell you is that | have promised my dad that |
wouldnt tell anyone.’

Ethan held Linda’s hand and continued, “I’ve only acknowledged about my true identity
not long ago. | didn’t know Eric Norman was my dad, and | didn’t even know my
dad was still alive.”

‘Ah?” Linda cried call at surprise, “How is that this possible? You…You didn’t know who
your dad was? Did you actually think he was dead?”

Ethan nodded and commenced to inform Linda about his biography .

Ethan only had his mom as far as he could remember. They were living in poverty
in their hometown within the countryside.

Ethan’s mom had been telling Ethan that his dad had died before he was born. And
Ethan could tell from his mom’s eyes whenever she mentioned his dad that she
hated him.

So Ethan had firmly believed that his dad had gave up the ghost an extended ago. Also, he
used his mom’s surname , Humphrey.

Ethan then sighed and continued, “It wasn’t until that day that my dad called me!”

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