I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 164

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 164

Chapter 164

Ethan also told Linda how he was humiliated by Tina, how Eric tracked him down,
and how he got two billion dollars from Eric.

“Ah? Just after one call and your dad gave you two billion dollars?” Linda
was shocked. She couldn’t believe how casual rich people handled money.

Ethan smiled and explained, “| think he had ways to form sure I’m really his son.
Probably because he knows that my mom still hates him, he told me to not tell her
about him.’

“But does your mom know that your dad is Eric Norman, the richest foreigner with
Chinese heritage?” Linda asked curiously.

Ethan scratched his head. He wasn’t sure about the solution . But considering that
Eric’s face and name were everywhere within the town, Ethan guessed that his mom
should have known a touch even she had been living during a village the entire time.

Anyhow, Ethan still didn’t skills his mom considered Eric.

And Ethan hadn’t found out how to inform his mom the thing between Eric and

His mom hated Eric such a lot . How could Ethan do to mitigate their intense
relationship and convince his mom to require Eric back again?

Ethan had tons happening in his mind. He didn’t know what he was getting to do.

Seeing that Ethan was during a daze, Linda added, “Ethan, have you ever had a thought of how
to invest the eight billion dollars? It’s an astronomical amount of cash . Please
use them wisely and build your future with them.’

Linda smiled and continued, “Your start line is far above many of us ,
so you want to achieve better. But do not feel stressed and do not worry. | will always be

your strongest support!”
Linda then held Ethan tightly.

The news came too sudden. At this moment, Linda still felt as if she was during a

Suddenly, her boyfriend was the son of the richest foreigner with Chinese heritage,
and he himself owned ten billion dollars.

Linda understood that the more you had, the greater your responsibility would be.
For Ethen, eight billion dollars meant greater expectation from Eric.

Eric’s huge desire to ascertain Ethan being a successful businessman gave Ethan

EBnOMmMous Pressure.

Most people would be stressed when facing an investment of many

thousands of dollars, including there was eight million in Ethan’s hands.

Linda could understand Ethan’s hardship. She wanted to face by his side to
support him.

After a short time of thinking, Linda asked, “Ethan, does one think your current major is
helpful to your career? engineering doesn’t appear as if something relevant to
conduct business. have you ever considered changing majors?”

Ethan was surprised at Linda’s question, “Change majors?”
Ethan had never thought of it,

“Yes, you’ll change to something that leans toward business or management. |
think it might be more helpful to you if you would like to be a businessman.’

Linda’s words made sense to Ethan. He scratched his head, brooding about the


Ethan was a sophomore at the time. He wasn’t sure if it had been still possible to
change majors.

“Well, I’ll believe it’ Ethan smiled at Linda. He stood up and said, “It’s pretty
late. Let me walk you back.”

They were walking toward the dorm.
Two days later, at the expressway toll gate of Buckeye City.

Ethan and Linda had been waiting nearby. They kept watching the cars coming
through the gate.

Before coming here, Ethan had asked Linda what percentage people were coming.
But Linda didn’t know either. She had called her aunt to ask but was scolded.

Her aunt told her with a righteous tone of voice, “Why does one care what percentage folks
are coming? you’re afraid that there are too many of us? What have you ever become?
You and your mom are staying in our places and eating our food for therefore
many years. Have we even said anything? you’re a university student, right? So you
think you’re so superior to all or any of us? I’m telling you, getting to college won’t make

you a successful person!”

Linda was confused at her aunt’s reaction. She just asked an easy harmless

Linda was surprised at how aggressive her aunt had become after these years.

She quickly explained, “No, aunt, that’s not what | mean. | just need the amount to
book hotel rooms. you think that an excessive amount of ..”

But Linda was interrupted rudely, “Knock it off. | know what you mean. You cant

fool me!”

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