I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 165

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 165

Chapter 165

“I’m telling you. we’ve our own agendas, and we’ve made a affect your mom.
So you’ve got to simply accept our agendas regardless of what. Or we’ll offer you hard times!”
Linda’s aunt shouted on the phone.

“You wanna skills many of us? 4 hundred thousand people! You wanna book
hotel rooms? Book every single bedroom in Buckeye!”

The rude and nonsensical language upset Linda. She asked the question out of the
good invention, but her aunt twisted it and blamed her for being ungrateful.

After the call , Linda was in deep anxiety,

Linda was clear that her relatives wanted to require away their house in her
hometown. and that they wouldn’t leave until they got what they wanted.

What’s their agenda could possibly be aside from occupation of the house?
It was not the primary time for these relatives to covet this house.

Linda’s grandfather wrote down in his will that the house would tend to Linda’s

One reason was that Linda’s grandfather was deeply touched by the love for him of

Linda’s mom. the opposite reason was that he was pitiful for the poor living situation
of hers.

Even though Linda was very young, she could still remember how sick and feeble
her grandfather had been.

All her aunts and uncles tried to avoid taking care of him. The aunt on the phone,
and her husband even went missing.

When Linda’s grandfather was staying within the hospital for an entire month, these two
never visited him, and nobody could get a hold of them by phone calls.

It was the time Linda’s grandfather was in need of money for an operation that he
desperately needed.

Linda still remembered how this aunt told everyone that they didn’t want to
continue the treatment for Linda’s grandfather.

Linda’s mom decided to sell her small apartment to buy the operation for
Linda’s grandfather.

That’s the apartment Linda’s parents bought together once they got married.
After Linda’s dad left them behind, the apartment was the sole thing that they had .

Because Linda’s mom sold the apartment and got enough money for the operation
for Linda’s grandfather, his life was saved.

Since then, Linda’s grandfather had known the important characters of his sons and

Touched by the guts of Linda’s mam, and also for gratitude, Linda’s grandfather

left the house to Linda’s mom.

Linda’s aunts and uncles had tried very hard to prevent it. If it weren’t for the lawyer’s
intervention, they would not have left Linda’s mom in peace.

Ever since then, they saw Linda’s mom because the enemy.

By the time Linda’s mom was seriously sick, Linda’s aunts and uncles showed up in
their lives again once they were at the top of their rope.

Linda’s relatives first lent Linda’s mom some money, later held the cash as a
hostage, and made Linda’s mom to offer up the house.

It was the scheme of Linda’s aunts and uncles. They knew there is no way Linda’s
mom could pay them back. therefore the house was Linda’s mom’s only solution.

It wasn’t that Linda and her mom didn’t realize their scheme, but Linda and her

mom had run out of options.

The reason that Linda’s relatives came to Buckeye was to gather the house.
Therefore, Linda had been perturbed ever since she received the toll gate,
She didn’t skills to face what was getting to happen within the following days.

“What are you thinking about?” Ethan suddenly patted Linda on the shoulder and
asked, “Linda, why do | feel that you simply don’t look well?”

Linda forced a smile and shook her head, saying, “No, I’m fine…”
Ethan frowned. He had noticed that something was wrong with Linda.

From the instant Linda had told Ethan about her relatives’ visit, Ethan felt that
Linda began to act strangely. She seemed like she was expecting something bad to

Ethan had asked Linda about it, but Linda refused to inform him.

Waiting for Linda’s relatives, Ethan thought to himself, “I’m getting to determine very
soon why Linda looks upset.”

At this moment, a white Audi sedan drove through the toll gate.
The car drove towards Linda and Ethan and pulled over near them.

The door opened, and a slender leg stepped out first.

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